Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday Night Review

Friday Night Review for the Brownsboro Bears.....

It was a definite WIN for our Bears last night.  The final score
ended up being 40 for the BEARS and 20 for Palestine.  

Oh my goodness.....the weather was perfect!  What I call "GREAT Football Weather."   70 degree temps with a slight breeze.

Yep....Grandson, Tyler.....scored the first touchdown of the evening, and it was a beautiful catch.  Have I mentioned that I love watching this kid play ball?  Well, I do and I am extremely proud of him.

                                                                   Coach Ty Thomison

I'm also proud of our school's Head Football Coach and
Athletic Director.......who, happens to be our Son-in-love!
Way to go Coach Thomison!!  Congratulations on the big

Aside from Football and the wins, I am thankful for the Christian examples that both my son-in-love and my grandson live by.  Ty works very hard to be a Christian leader for these young men on his team.  This is what is needed all across our Country...More men, dedicated to making a difference in the lives our young people.

Tyler wants to see others achieve their goals, and he has determined in his mind to be the kind of friend that wants the best for each of his teammates.  He is not afraid to pray for them or to share his faith with them.

It was a great evening!  Thank you Lord!

Hey y'all ....make this weekend good for somebody!  You'll be glad you did!

Shug ~


  1. Such a neat family you have, Shug. The world could definitely use more men of faith. :) Congrats on the big win! Enjoy the weekend. :)

  2. What a great football family you have!

  3. Gotta love Friday night football!

    Sounds like a wonderful team.

    M :)


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