Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Hidden Asset

Every morning when I wake up, I pray that God will give me an "Optimistic" outlook for the day...

Who in their right mind would wake up and ask God to give them a day full of negative people or negative thoughts?

Not me for sure!!  I want to see all the rainbows that life has to offer...I want to feel every fresh wind that blows against my face...not only do I want to smell the fragrance of a flower, but I want to let the same sweetness follow me throughout the day.

We all have the choice of allowing this hidden asset to be seen in us....I know that for me, optimism gives me the opportunity to create an aura of positive vibrations that will hopefully benefit the lives of those around me.  It is up to me as to whether or not I want to make the effort of being used by God to be cheerful in this world.

Optimism is having the power to believe, to expect, and to have HOPE that all things will turn out good.

With All My Heart!!
Shug ~

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Tumbleweed

When I think of Tumbleweeds, I think of West Texas.....and I think of the "Son's of the Pioneers" singing "The Tumbling Tumbleweeds."

I'm a roaming cowboy riding all day long,
Tumbleweeds around me sing their lonely song.
Nights underneath the prairie moon,
I ride along and sing this tune.

See them tumbling down
Pledging their love to the ground
Lonely but free I'll be found
ifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.

Cares of the past are behind
Nowhere to go but I'll find

Just where the trail will wind
Drifting along
with the tumbling tumbleweeds.

I know when night has gone
That a new world's born at dawn.

I'll keep rolling along
Deep in my heart is a song
Here on the range I belong
Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.

I really did not know that we had tumbleweeds around here, in East Texas...But, on our trip to the farm this past weekend, Sam showed me one of the fields that has several of the big ol' rolling weeds....

He said that he first noticed them a couple of years ago....and each year, there seems to be more and more....

Look at this one.  My sweetie stands about 6'1" in height, so I figure this tumbleweed must be a little over 4 feet in width.

I was holding the TW on it's side, and for a moment there, I thought the thing was gonna be taller than me...

I'm holding the thing like an umbrella....It was so light and airy....It did cast a shadow on me, but the big mass of a weed just felt empty and light.

It so reminded me of life!!!!

In one sense, we as humans are much like tumbleweeds....We spend much of our time tossing and turning as we walk day by day. We are being blown by the wind down the road of life......

When a troubling wind blows, we sometimes feel dried up, with no hope, often, tossed to and fro, not knowing where we might end up....

BUT.....if we are rooted in the word of God and we are trusting God to lead us, we can rest assured that Gods love will never turn loose and that the Holy Spirit will guide us and direct us.

I enjoyed seeing the big TW and I am happy to be able to share them with all of you!

Walk in Faith...

shug ~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Field Trip

Today, I am engaged in a big fight!
A fight against the dose of Nyquil that I took last night....all I took was the normal dose that is recommended on the bottle, but my body is not being able to shake it today...I have been soooo sleepy!
The day has been way to pretty to be in the house sleeping...

           ~ ~ ~ ~
Boy howdy....Sam and I had a super terrific day on our Saturday Field Trip....

Earlier in the week, Sam spotted this patch of flowers at the farm.  They were growing around the area of an old home place.  Whose?  I don't know.... The house is no longer standing, but the surrounding trees and flowers are still living...

Naturally, I was so excited when Sam suggested that we drive out to the farm so I could take pictures..
The bare trees and all of the old fallen leaves, were the perfect backdrop for this scene.  The yellow on each flower was bursting with brightness, and could be seen almost immediately after we entered the gate.

I really did not want to leave the area because there was such a sweet fragrance that filled the air...this little bunch of flowers smelled heavenly.  I would have loved to have bottled the fragrance and brought it home with me.

Aren't they just beautiful?

On the opposite side of the sandy old road, was this beautiful sight..   A tree that was hit by lightning, a long time ago....

We drove on around to the other farm, and as we entered the gate, this was the very first thing that caught my eye....A "Road Runner."

The "Chaparral" Bird is actually the state bird of New Mexico, but I sure enjoy seeing them right here in the beautiful state of Texas.  I can remember as a child, seeing these birds, but I really have not seen one in quite a while  (until Yesterday)

It was great to just get out into the country and enjoy all that nature has to offer....

Many more pictures to come later this week...!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last night ended the 2011/2012 basketball season for the Brownsboro Bears! A great season, is exactly what it was.

The Bears made it to the playoffs, but they were defeated last evening by Waco Connely

Losing is hard, but to lose by two measly points, really hurts.....

NOW, I'm ready for some BASEBALL!


I am posting today from my iPad and I must say.....I really need to use this thing more often.
It is quite different from my laptop....

Sam took me out for breakfast this morning. we went to a place called "The Egg and I."

Great breakfast and super great company!

Our day is packed with all kinds of things. Little Dribblers games for Tori, Trey, and Carson. I guess one might say that we are a sports family.

Later, Sam is taking me out to capture some new photos of things going on down at the farm. Trees are blooming, the water is up from all the rain, and the turtles are out sunning.
I get carried away when I see all these things happening. New life is starting to pop out all around us and I love to capture these wonderful blessings, by taking photos.

Of course, after my weekend last week, I am still feeing a little ill to what they call "Antique Fever." If we run across any antique shops today, I feel certain we will need to stop in order for me to reduce my fever.

Here is to wishing you all a nice weekend...

Hugs to all of you and warm hugs to those of you that are snowed in!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Peachy Afternoon

Do you ever have those kind of days?  The kind that starts out crazy and as the minutes tick away, things get even crazier.....

What I have just described to you, was my kind of yesterday!  No kidding....

It started around 5:00 A.M.   While I was sleeping, I could faintly hear Sam laughing...He finds a lot of humor in my snoring for some reason....
Needless to say, I did not get to continue my beauty sleep!

Shanda dropped Mylee off around 7:15 and bad mood does not even come close to describing the actions of this precious little doll...It was school day, but all she wanted to do was sleep!  I don't blame her, I wanted to sleep too.

Grumpy, frumpy, is what I called her...It was a gigantic struggle to dress a lifeless angel, and it was even harder to fix her hair...

Finally, I got her loaded up in the car...Seat belt was too tight...made the adjustments....and then the sun was too bright.  I then let her use my sunshades, while I stared into the bright sun for the next 15 miles.

I was about three miles from her school when I felt this thought slap me in the face!  It was so true...I had gone off and left Mylee's lunch and backpack sitting on the table...AT HOME!

This is when my quick thinking shifted into high gear.  Thank goodness, Chick-fil-a..... was on a nearby corner...I whipped my car into that drive thru and ordered up the best lunch that any child could ask for....Whew...
all was good....

You had better believe all was good, until...
And I said: until: 
My elbow knocked over a LARGE glass of iced tea....
Right before my eyes, ever bit of my 
special ordered, extra ice tea, was running out all over the floor mat... (and Sam thought I had suddenly gained this enormous burst of energy...enough, to completely wash and clean out my car yesterday)   What he doesn't know won't hurt him!!

It was now time to pick Mylee up from school...It was going to be smooth sailing from here on out!  A huge Negative on those thoughts....   Hey folks, it was almost 80 degrees yesterday, and do you know what happens to a piece of thrown out gum when it gets warm?  Well, this piece just happened to attach itself to my left shoe.. I suddenly found myself doing the chicken scratch and muttering a few words of wisdom for those folks that do not know how to dispose of their (over-chewed) gum properly.

Then, like a news flash, it hit me!  We are studying "The Fruits of the Spirit" at church....
Was I showing "Self-control?"  Was I allowing myself to be filled with "Joy, Patience and Gentleness?"    I needed  some quick mending and modifications in my attitude.

I am happy to tell you, that I pulled it all together and had a "Peachy" afternoon!!

Walking In Faith by HIS Amazing Grace!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stretched Economy

Hey Y'all....yesterday was a gorgeous day and today is suppose to be just as beautiful....Warmer, but beautiful! Sure brings about a lot of some excitement of  Spring  being on it's way.....
                                       ~ ~ ~

Is it just me, or does the financial outlook in today's world look a wee bit grim or what?  Many people are completely jobless, and yet on the other hand, some people are having to work two or more jobs, just to make ends meet...

Utility bills are getting Higher, Groceries are most definitely costing More, and now gasoline is reaching an 
all time High in our area.......

The economy is stretched  way beyond what most people can deal with.

  These times are very hard on so many families.....both parents working....trying to provide a good decent home and life for their children.   It usually takes both incomes just to pay the monthly bills and this leaves (ZILCH) to put back for college funds...

What money is there to put back?    Not much if any!  Living expenses are HIGH...
Not to mention the cost of HEALTH INSURANCE....

Sure seems to me like we are all on a fast moving roller coaster and the track ahead looks like it has been sawed off.....One can only imagine the chaos and catastrophes that this brings about.

Even though the finances of our daily living seem way too bleak to think about, we can find joy in knowing that "God is still in Control."  Praise the Lord!

And we know that in all things God works

for the good of those who love him, who

have been called according to his purpose.

 For those God foreknew he also

predestined to be conformed to the likeness

of his Son…. Romans 8:28-29 (NIV)

together for our good - by using every strength and weakness 

(including our sins), every joy and sorrow, every 

disappointment and pleasure, every failure and success, every 

painful thing and every comforting thing; and of course He is 

using our financial situation.    Remember becoming like Jesus 

is a lifelong process, so don’t be too hard on yourself! We 

should  remember, that even when we mess up, when times are

 tough, when life gets us down,  we can still take all of our 

burdens to the Lord....He Loves us so much!


                                                 ~  ~~ ~ ~ ~

It's gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day!



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our trip to Oklahoma paid off well for me....I found a couple of old things that I have been looking to find for quite a while    now....Like this old gum ball machine!  The very minute that my eyes caught a glimpse of this beauty, I knew it was calling my name....Did I pay too much for it?  I certainly hope not!  I do know that Sam got them to come off of the original price about twenty dollars....

I love, love, love the feet of this sweet little GBM....

My precious grandchildren can not believe that this machine requires 5 cents in order for them to get a piece of gum...
The way I see it is....5 cents x 6 = 30 cents a day...
30 cents x 365 =  $109.50 a year....
Just a $109.50 a year, but it will make for a great contribution to some organization at the end of the year.
And the best part....they are making a sacrifice as well as receiving a small treat....

Next Item.....Scales!  Just have always wanted some scales!
This is a temporary spot for now....I have to wait for my cabinet top to be put on before  I  know exactly where to hang them.

Speaking of having the counter tops changed....My contractors are back this morning....We are almost finished with the re-model.  Woo hoo!

My wonderful brother (JOE)

This was Sam's purchase....A decanter that holds a salt and pepper shaker along with a couple of other bottles...It came with three bottles, and he just so happened to find another container at a different antique shop...He just needs to find one more to make the set complete.  But hey, this calls for another trip to some antique shops!!

Another purchase of Sam's....Not sure what this is. 
Does anyone know?  Needs some polish and a some cleaning up, but I really do think it is a gorgeous piece...

It is going to be a beautiful day here with the expected temps reaching into the upper 70's......For now, I suppose I had better get outside and make sure these contractors are doing their job.  

More antiques to show you later...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walk In The Light

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures....
Pops and Tori....walking hand in hand through the pasture.

No cares....no worries....just the simple building of a relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter....

This is really how easy it is for us to have an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.  
God eagerly awaits to hold our hand each morning.  He longs for us to walk with Him, to talk to Him and to grow in our relationship with Him.

So simple, and so rewarding!

~ ~ ~

Walk in the Light, beautiful light..
come where the dew drops of mercy 
shine bright.
shine all around us by day and by night,
JESUS, the light of the world...


Monday, February 20, 2012

Our New Home!!

It was an interesting and fun weekend, so why not share it with others?

The picture above was taken outside  our balcony...I'm not sure what this building is, but I know it is part of the lodge where we were staying...

Seems that someone did not want their picture taken...

The rooms were very comfortable and the colors were very inviting!!  The decor was rustic, while the flooring and pictures held a flair for the old Indian heritage.

Snow in the bar ditches...and here is a picture of Sam (getting ready to throw a snowball at me)   

The old Jail House!!............
I really could  not believe that BJ opened the
door and stepped into the place....seems that 
"Rattle Snakes" are big in this area!!

One reason, that you will never find me visiting
this area any other time other than the Winter 

Is this not just beautiful??  But, to tell you the truth,
it makes me very sad...
This old home,  inch by inch is falling to pieces...
Seems that age and weather are doing quite a job on this old home place.....I have no idea who it belongs to, and I have no idea who holds the memories to the place, but
it is sad to see it fall to pieces...

Another gorgeous view that surrounds the resort....
BTW....this lake is about 28 feet below it's normal

Check this fella out.....He was standing
in the park area along with about 10 of his
lady friends...

And Now, I have saved the Best for last....Seems that 
Sam found us a new home ....I assured him that I would
not be moving to Oklahoma.  You see, I am in love with the beautiful pine trees here in East Texas.....

Sam told me not to worry....this home could easily
be moved to East Texas....let me show you a picture and you can tell me what you think....

A wing-LESS airplane!  Sam has it all figured out...
After we get it back here, we can fix up the inside to be a state of the art  AIRPLANE HOME!

I do not know how he manages to come up with all the things he thinks about!!  I guess they just pop into that cute head of his....

~ ~ ~ ~

Whenever  you look to the future, be bold!

Hope you enjoyed taking this trip with me....
Later this week......I'll display my trip treasures!

Shug ~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Headed to Texas!

We are up early this morning, heading back to TEXAS.  Let me tell you, it was COLD last night.
The wind chill factor made this girl have a few chill bumps.

We have enjoyed two wonderful days of riding, antique shopping, and chowing down on some delicious foods.  Speaking of antiques....hey, we all made some great purchases....Marsha and I have a couple of projects that we are going to be working on in the near future...We had to shop for the perfect glassware for one of the projects and I think we came away with some beautiful pieces.

I love shopping for antiques and I love bargains....I actually found one piece of glassware for 99 cents.  I toted it around for a long while, and then talked myself out of it....I later found the very same glass for 6.95!!   I could now kick myself for not buying the cheaper one.

Our vehicle is full....As a matter of fact, we were afraid that we might have to ship our luggage back home.  We made it though...luggage and all the purchases are now riding safely in the back part of the car.

Who knows what we might find today!!

Hey Y'all....enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made..

Shug ~

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good morning from the Ozark mountain range, located in the South-Western part of Oklahoma....

Huge, mountains of rocks is what surrounds the beautiful resort here.  And, there is a gorgeous lake, that looks to be about 20 feet below it's normal level!

Here is part of the dried up lake bed.....Just take a look at the picture above.   Those are rocks!  The way I see it, either a space ship carrying aliens landed her and left their sign, OR some kids/adults sure were having some fun while making this piece of art!

More of the dried up lake bed.....can you see the trail of old tires that are usually covered by several feet of water....
These were placed in the lake on purpose....Seems that the trout are fond of this area!

I had to take this picture for everyone to see....The biggest chicken fried steak I have ever seen...and it was delicious!!

Our reservations came with two free breakfast meals  and a free dinner meal for two....Hey, this is quite a deal!
The dinner meal also came with a decadent chocolate dessert that was "Ooooo la la...out of this world good."

We have stopped at several antique shops and have seen some very interesting items....Can't wait to get home and find a sweet place for the things I have purchased...

This is a great trip and I love spending time with my sweetheart and good friends...
Who knows what we might find today...
Old stuff, new things, and lots of food!!!

Wishing for each of you to have a fabulous Saturday...
Warm hugs...
Shug ~

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where are we Going??

Road Trip.....  Sam, myself, and two fantastic friends (Joe and Marsha)left town, around 5ish yesterday afternoon, for an extended weekend road trip!

Where are we going???  I really do not know!  All I know is that my bags were packed and I was ready to go....Spent the night somewhere last night, but I don't even know what city we were in.  I'm just along for the ride and the antique shopping!  The only thing they told me was that I was limited on my luggage...they didn't say what the weight limit was for my bag, SO...I have at least a hundred pounds of stuff packed into my one bag!!!

We are back on the road this morning and I see NW in the upper right hand corner of the rear view mirror.  This is kinda like a mystery trip for me...

I'll be sure to post pictures as we travel along...

Picture #1....Somewhere in Oklahoma...

Picture #2.....Near Quartz Mountain resort in Oklahoma....

Keep smiling!!
Shug ~ 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roping and Riding.....

Who doesn't love a good rodeo, especially if you live in TEXAS.

Yesterday morning, I was in charge of the biggest rodeo of the day.....Oh yes, a lot of roping and riding was sure taking place.....

As of late last week, my 81 year old dad {Who is battling dementia / Alzheimer's} is no longer suppose to drive.....This is so very difficult for him to understand.  After all, in his mind, he drives better now than he ever has!!!

Now, for the rest of the story.....

February 14th....Valentines day, but also my nieces birthday....She (Tammy) had an early morning Doctors appointment yesterday morning and since she and now my dad  are unable to drive, it was up to me to make sure that she got to her appointment.

At the same time, I was to have Mylee at her school, which was located on the other side of town....I worked on this and had it all figured out...I would take Tammy the doctor's office, drop her off, drive across town, drop Mylee off and then come back to pick Tammy up!  Hey, this would work for all of us.

AND THEN.....I had this wonderful thought....I would ask my dad to join us for the ride!!  Little did I know that the "Rodeo" was fixing to begin.....

He decided that he would go along for the ride, and mind you, I had already told him that it would be 1:30 before we would get home.  

My intentions were.....to take the two of them (my dad and my niece) to lunch, in order to celebrate Tammy's birthday.  The timing would have worked out great for us to grab something to eat and then be back to pick Mylee up from school....

After the 10th time of my dads constant looking at his watch and commenting that he should have stayed home, I gently placed my hand on his arm and explained to him, that he had already shared those feelings with me 10 times and that he just needed to enjoy the company and the ride....In the mean time, I was very busy trying to keep a rope wrapped around my tongue, if you know what I mean!  

It takes a lot of patience and a big rope wrapped around my tongue to keep me from having any outburst or screaming fits, when dealing with repeated questions....

Honestly speaking here, within 2 minutes, we were engaged in the same conversation again....At this point, I decided that perhaps it would be best if I took him home.....Back to Chandler we came and I had him home in time to watch "The Price Is Right!"

He was just as happy as could be!

This morning....I have already had a call from him ....seems he needs a haircut TODAY!

Oh yea.....I see many more Rodeo's ahead of me, and I'm sure there will be a lot of roping and riding!

I am thankful that God is allowing me the time to walk side by side with my dad....It is my job to look for the daily joys in this journey....

Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your 
way, let it be an opportunity for joy. 
For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a 
chance to grow.  
James 1: 2-3

Let's all have a great day....

Shug ~

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