Friday, November 19, 2021

 Here I am almost 8 weeks out from when I lasted posted.  

This evening, I'm posting a few pictures from our "Friend" trip to Branson, Mo ...... back in October.  

There were 7 of us that left on a Wednesday at noon and traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas.   We checked in to our hotel and then ventured out for dinner at "The Purple Monkey."   Our food was GREAT and the company was totally awesome!

The next day, we ate lunch at the "Skylark Cafe" in Leslie Arkansas.   Oh my goodness....the food was so yummy and the PIE was even better.   I had a blueberry cheesecake pie, but it was not your typical cheesecake.  It was BETTER!!

The first evening we were in Branson, Sam found him a lady!  Just look at the grin on his face!!

My friends......Susie and Marsha, as we waited over an hour to eat at an Italian restaurant.  Yes...over an hour.

just one of the beautiful waterfalls that we saw as we rode golf carts at "Top of the Rock."

It was the perfect day to be riding up and down hills while viewing a lot of gorgeous scenery.   This was very Peaceful.....

Me and my sweetheart.....riding the golf cart.

Other things we did.......   Ate, saw "Jesus" at the sight and sound theater, shopped, rode a zip line, went to the Amish store, ate at some great places, stayed at a hotel on the "Landing"........Watched the water and fire dance at the Landing, laughed and had a fabulous time.   

We also wore our shirts that we had made....."Old Friends are the Best Friends!"   

We had a fun time and are already looking forward to our next trip....

Shug 💗


  1. The lady on the first bench made me jump. Yikes!

    The ladies on the second bench were much nicer!

    Fabulous waterfall. 💙

  2. Wow, your trip was really packed with so many fun things! Is the cute little blue house the cafe? It is adorable. You are looking so good, it is great to see a post from you!

  3. No better way to enjoy life, then with good friends.

  4. Looks like such a fun trip, and I have always wanted to go to Branson MO. Your pictures are juast wonderful! I love the tee shirts.


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