Thursday, October 21, 2021

 October is here and is almost gone!  I may have been missing in action, but I have several things to blog about.   First on my list is the TEXAS homecoming mums!!

This Funny picture is as true as ever.  Everything is BIG in Texas....including Homecoming mums!

I have posted about these things before, but if you missed that post, you need to know what this is all about..
As per the web......Homecoming mums are said to have appeared in Texas during the 1930's.  Originally, Fresh mums were used and then this tradition transitioned into using artificial mums and lots of glitter.  

I have made hundreds of these things in the past 20 years, and none of them are ever alike!

Homecoming mums range in cost any where from $35.00 upwards to $500.00 or so.

These mums are usually only worn the day of the Homecoming game.....a few girls wear them maybe the day before as well.   

Do you dare use the same Mum year after year???

NO!  Just not the thing to do!!!

Ribbons with the girls name (and usually her boyfriends's name) are most definitely on the mum, along with MANY trinkets and lots of cow bells.  

This year....the one that I made for Mylee had a feather boa, her volleyball #31, FFA, our mascot name (Bruno) since Mylee is the JH mascot, our school name, many Blue, gold, white and silver ribbons and about 8 cowbells.   Got to have that noise!!!

Looks like we have at least 4 more years of Homecoming and Homecoming Mums for Mylee Jo.  Hope I survive!!!

Big hugs


Blogs to come:   50th HS Class reunion
                          Branson trip with friends
            Pow Wow 2021
     New Dogs 
                    Birthday Celebrations


  1. It's good to see a post from you! This is a very cool, and pretty, tradition.

  2. Not surprised at all that Texas uses powerful helicopters to transport giant mums to Homecoming games. Of course they do!

    I love Texas.


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