Monday, May 17, 2021

 Many times, on our social media pages, we have a tendency to make our post look as if we live an almost perfect life.   Sometimes it can become a little depressing when you read what others post, and something in the back of your mind, causes you to think...."Gosh, I sure wish my life was that good!"

I'm pretty sure that most of you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It is easy to complain and say "God, why haven't you given me the things I want?"  "Why don't you do for me like you do for others?"

I am so thankful for every Blessing the Lord gives me.  I am so thankful that He has given me the ability to Trust in HIM.  He grants me Peace in my soul to be satisfied and He watches over me when I do stumble on thoughts of needing worldly things.   God simply has a way of getting my attention when I allow my thoughts to go into the self-pity PIT!

I really do like social media, because it allows me the opportunity to keep up with friends and I enjoy learning about growing plants, gathering new recipes, praying for others or with them.  There is so much good that can be done through our social media pages, but I truly pray that I never post things that would cause anyone to feel bad or to question God about their own Blessings.   

I just felt the need to post this today....I don't have any idea why this has been on my mind, but it has been and I thought I would share!


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Everyday, surround yourself with Beauty!!

I know that for me, I have been so encouraged by the beauty of all the gorgeous flowers I have planted this year!  I have been able to find great contentment just sitting on my back porch, in the rocking chair, and glancing around our backyard.


Even the metal bugs in my yard, make me smile!!

This cutie adds so much to this little area.........

The truth is:   There is beauty all around us!  We only need to look deep and appreciate the Blessings that are before us. 


Sunday, May 9, 2021

 Is this not the cutest?  Our pool was completed last October, so this is the first year for us to really be able to enjoy the pool.   

We were so surprised when I walked out and saw this baby duck swimming in the pool.  The little thing was having himself a wonderful time.....swimming and diving down.

We determined it was a Wood Duck.  Not sure where the little fellow came from, but he was sure having himself a great time.

After catching him with the net, we let him go out in the field.  Surely momma duck found her baby.  This is what I'm going to believe...

Happy Mother's Day Friends..


Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Best Wrap

Today has been such a great day.........Nothing big going on, just a good ol' work day.   I've been working out in the flower beds!!  

My header picture is a "Wrap" that I happened to see on one of the electrical boxes in town!  The city of Tyler has wrapped all of the electrical boxes in all kinds of different pictures!  They really dress up the old metal boxes and it makes the city look great!! 

What I like about this particular one, is the positive writings on it.   'Create Positivity". " Be Kind". "Pay it Forward"

"Love Others". "Make Someone's Day Special". "We rise by lifting others."  "Have Compassion"

These are all things that we can all do.....everyday!!

Such a great Wrap!!


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