Sunday, May 16, 2021

Everyday, surround yourself with Beauty!!

I know that for me, I have been so encouraged by the beauty of all the gorgeous flowers I have planted this year!  I have been able to find great contentment just sitting on my back porch, in the rocking chair, and glancing around our backyard.


Even the metal bugs in my yard, make me smile!!

This cutie adds so much to this little area.........

The truth is:   There is beauty all around us!  We only need to look deep and appreciate the Blessings that are before us. 



  1. I love the cute bug, and the Mama and baby Flamingo! Everyone who passes your yard must have a huge smile.

  2. You are so right, beauty is everywhere. We just need to take the time and look! Love seeing that cute bug.

  3. I love a yard full of flowers. Unfortunately, this year I am very limited as we are ina. Sought and have severe restrictions on water use.


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