Wednesday, September 25, 2019

About Texas Homecoming Mums:  

When I was young and in elementary school, there was nothing sweeter than the smell of Homecoming Mums.  

Homecoming is always set for a special week during football season.  A long time ago, homecoming was a time when the alumni of years past, would come to that particular weeks football game.  It was a time, not only to watch the "Bears" play some football, but it was a time when you would come back to visit with friends that you had not seen in a year or more.   

Everyone, dressed up for Homecoming!!  It was kind like a holiday, because you had to go buy something NEW to wear for Homecoming!   

Not only did the school students wear mums, but moms wore them as well....

Source: Pineterest

The sweet smell of all the "Real" mums, filled the air and even today when I smell a mum, it reminds me of Homecoming.

The smell of those mums meant Fall was finally here.  

I can remember hanging each year's mum, up on a bulletin board in my bedroom.  What once was royal blue ribbons, would soon turn a faded purple, but it didn't matter....they would stay up on the wall for me to see!  Can you imagine having anywhere from 4 to 10 homecoming mums hanging up in your bedroom?

These things meant a whole lot to us girls.

Both of our girls, were Homecoming Queens!  First Trista and two years later, Shanda was Queen.  This was a special time during their  Senior years in High School.   I wanted to dig out the pictures of them with their crowns and homecoming mums....but I'm too lazy to do it.   Maybe some time I will.  

It is really very interesting to see some of the gigantic Mums that have been made across this great state of Texas.   If you get a chance, google Texas Homecoming Mums.   

You would not believe how many trinkets and bells can fit on a homecoming mum.  The more the better!!

Anyways.....just some interesting news about HCM's.


Monday, September 23, 2019

It's that time of year again!!   What time is it????

HOMECOMING   MUM  time!!    

Texas Homecoming Mums are a BIG thing......

Here in Texas.....There is no limit to the size of a Homecoming Mum.   Some of them are ridiculously HUGE!   And these things are not cheap!!!   On an average....the price is between $65.00 - $125.00 dollars   However,  $150.00 and UP ↑  is nothing for some of those gigantic mums.

I have had a whole lot of experience in making these things....something like 47 years of experience!!   I made mums when I had my flower shop....I made mums for my girls....Mums for grandson's girlfriends.....Mums for granddaughters....Mums for nieces....LOTS OF MUMS!!

Long ones....short ones....garter mums.....lighted mums....double mums....triple mums......  You name it, and I'm sure I have made it.

It can be a lot of fun making them, can also be very time consuming!!

a few supplies are needed.....and lots of ribbons.....

Fun......Fun....and more Fun!

Question:   Are Homecoming Mums popular in your area???   I'd like to know!  


HAPPY   FALL ........... everyone!

Bring on the cooler weather.   

Have a Blessed day, sweet friends..


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Ready or not...... the pumpkins are coming out!  Yes....I'm seeing them everywhere!   I even have a few myself that I need to put out, but just haven't quite been in the mood to do so.

I was sitting here this afternoon, thinking,  I really need to get busy with Fall decorating.'s almost a 100 degrees outside and with these kind of temps, I really can't get very excited to decorate.

I usually get right into the flow of things and already have the "Orange" color running throughout the house.  Just a little behind this year!! 

 I've never really thought about it before, but it looks like FALL decorations get to stay out longer than most other Holiday/Seasonal decorations.  From the 1st of September through the last weekend in November, is certainly a long time to get to hang around.   

The truth the end of Summer, I am looking forward to FALL and too all of the FUN things that accompanies this particular season.   

Even if it is a 100 degrees.....I say, lets crank down the air conditioner and bring out those pumpkins!  Looks like my day tomorrow will be spend DECORATING!!

Hope you all are enjoying this Day that the Lord has made...

I know I am!!


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I am thankful for Answered prayers.   We have a grandson that travels quite a bit with his job.   I pray for his protection every single day.   I pray for God to surround each of our kids and grandchildren with a huge hedge of protection.   

Tucker has been out in Odessa, Texas, working this week.   On Saturday, Sam got a call from Tuck, asking what was going on out there.  Sam could tell by the sound of his voice, that he was very uncomfortable....not stressed....but uneasy!!  Tucker was called out on a run going to Carlsbad, NM......and as he was traveling down I-20 he could see vehicles with windows shot out as well as bullet holes through some of the cars.  He also saw MANY highway patrol cars as well as police, and heard many sirens.

Seems that Tucker was called out within a very short time after the Odessa/Midland shooter began his shooting spree on that exact highway.   

I am extremely sad for the lives that were taken.  We need to pray for the families, whose loved ones loss their lives.  We need to pray for this area of our Country.  We need to pray for our Country.

I am EXTREMELY  thankful for God's protection upon our grandson.  

After making his trip to Carlsbad, Tucker had to come back through Odessa, Midland and Big Springs.   These are the exact areas that law enforcement was telling people to avoid.   I appreciate all who worked so hard to end this situation.    It was a very long night for Tucker, and one that was filled with many uneasy feelings....

Just this one of our local Walmart stores, a man was arrested for pulling a gun out and threatening to shoot people.  He was upset at the cashier and when she went to get the manager, the guy pulled the gun out.  

I'm not posting about these instances to get political replies, as I don't prefer to express politics on my blog......   Many of us have different opinions about the gun laws.     I enjoy all of my friends, and for this reason, I will not publish political responses.  

It is very sad that we now live in a world where we have to be extremely watchful of the areas we go to......this includes, the grocery store, shopping, restaurants, and even church.   Makes me sad!   

Amazon Prime looks better and better each day.   Order what you need, have it delivered  and stay home.    

We are not to live in FEAR, but we do need to use great wisdom when we are out and about.  

Blessings to all.

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