Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kids will be Kids...??

This is baseball/softball season.   One of my favorite sports....I love sitting out in the warm sunshine, relaxing in my lawn chair, with a nice glass full of lemon water.....watching my favorite kiddos play ball.  

So....last night, Sam and I went to watch Mylee Jo play one of her softball games.   They didn't win, but it was a good game!

If any of you have been to any of the small city baseball complexes lately, you may have noticed that there can be multiple fields in an area and you can actually watch two games or more, at one time.  

In our case last evening, Mylee was on one field (facing the Sun) and on the field right behind us was a t-ball game going on.  It was a (Little) girls game.   I want to say that the ages on the t-ball field ranged to be 4-5-6 year olds.  

At one point, there was a lot of noise on that field, so I turn around and look.   What I see, is this little RED HEADED girl with a big pony tail and a big pink bow, climbing over the fence.  

Now mind you, her team was in the out-field, but I just assumed that she must have had to go to the restroom and that was why she was climbing over the fence.  But no....she was on the run!!!!

As the game went on....I noticed this same little girl running around the outside fence of the ball-field, and behind her was her mother.  Each time the mom got close to her, she would take off running faster.  This must have gone on through at least 4 of the innings.  Not only would she run around the field, she would take off up to the concession stand and try to hide from the mom and anyone else trying to catch her. 

All the while, her teammates were either in the out field, or batting.  
After all, they were trying to play a game!!!! 😁

I guess you could say, this was a game with a player on the run!!!!  lol.

About the end of the 5th inning, the Mom finally caught the little girl.  Now, can you imagine coming out to a game to watch your child play ball, and you spending the entire time trying to chase her and make her get in the dugout???   Child out of control?  I do believe so.    

Needless to say, the mom put her in that dugout and she sat there with her arms crossed, with a big pouty face, for the rest of the game.

I had a hard time staying focused on Mylee's game, because I was too busy laughing at the little RED HEADED girl.  She was putting on a show!! There was no charge to get in the game, but I just might have paid a few dollars to see all of this action unfold.

I can guarantee you that the mom was give out by the time she got home.   She definitely got herself a little workout!!

Oh yes.....Kids will be kids and then more!!



  1. Too funny! I love baseball too and miss those days when the boys played, back then it was just one field, not like they are now. Our grandson plays baseball but he's way out in Arizona.
    The little red head must've been a sight to watch. I can't imagine having to keep up with her every day! Glad you had some great entertainment at watching Mylee Jo and the little red head!

  2. I go twice a week to watch ours play all, and I feel the same way you do. What could be better than sitting outside watching them play? My goodness, what a scene! Take it or leave it, here is my opinion. If she did not get any attention, the little girl would have stopped running. I think the mom should have just let her run. At least that way, people may have watched the game more.

  3. I can visualize this whole scenario.Yes,kids will be kids and some day they do grow up.

  4. I know how you love baseball in USA, must be so fun to watch kids playing! In Europe we love soccer almost the same way☺ Have a lovely weekend ☺

  5. Hey Shug. I'm so glad you visited my blog, and thank you for following. You really do have two beautiful daughters. Your family looks beautiful, all of them. Funny story about the little girl running; I probably would not have seen any of the ball game for watching her and her mom. Makes me tired to think about it. :) I'm following you too.


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