Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hey Friends......

I sure hope your day has been just as beautiful as the one we have had here.    The sun was shining and the temps were perfect.   We went to the ballpark and watched Mylee play a couple of softball games!!!   I had to fight off several BEES.....but besides that, it was a FAN-TAST-IC kind of day.    

This old picture showed up on Facebook today.   This was taken during my early high school years....   One of my dear friends, (pictured 2nd to the left on the front row) passed away this past week.   One of her family members posted this photo.   I have so many great memories of my sweet friend (Sonyia).   We shared a wonderful friendship.   I spent so many nights/weekends at her house.   Please pray for her family....   

Can any of you guess which one of these beauties is ME???   HINT:  Front the middle.....with the blonde hair.  
About this picture!!!!

This was taken last week while we were on our trip to Branson.  One of my MOST favorite things to do, is wading in clear rivers!  Sam knows it....and all of my friends know it as well......they also know that I am a very happy camper when I can stick my feet in a gorgeous flowing river.   This is exactly what I was doing here.   They stopped and let me dip my feet in.   It was VERY, super COLD.   But, I loved every single moment of my time there.     


When your grandchildren want to lay on your bed and watch TV......AND, eat chips!!  Guess what the Best Shug in the world does?   She lets them!!!


I saw this on FB today and I immediately thought.....

"I need this!!"

Oh my.....I would stay out on this porch all the time if I had it in my back yard.    


What could be more fun than staying home on a Saturday evening, and carving a pumpkin???   Nothing!!!  This is some of our grands....Carving the most exciting pumpkin ever!!!


                                                               Tyler, Keelan, and Tucker!!!

Guess who is home on Military leave? oldest grandson!   He came in for a few days so that he and his Bride to be (Emalee) could get a few wedding details taken care of.   Looks like he is having too much fun playing at the pumpkin patch "Yesterland."
I sure hope that he is helping her get those plans all ironed out!!!!

Ummmmm......I'm thinking Tyler may have outgrown this little ride. I'm pretty sure that Keelan was insistent that Tyler ride too!!!

It's been a Fabulous day.....

Sending Blessings your way....


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Well's another rainy day here in East Texas!  ☔☔☔

I thankfully escaped the 10 inches of rain that we got last week.  It still rained here at the home place, but I just wasn't there to see my yard fully soaked in water.   

It was Sunday a week ago, that Sam and I....along with 5 wonderful friends, set out for a trip to Branson, Mo.   I woke up this morning thinking "wow...just last Wednesday, I was walking up and down the steep hills of Silver Dollar City."

being a kid again is really a lot of fun, and this is exactly what we did.   

We even stopped and took a "Hillbilly" picture.   Before I show you this have to promise not to share it!!  lol.     My grandkids almost fell out when they saw I was holding a whiskey bottle.  We all were a little shy about all the props, but then we decided that it's just a fun picture and if you're gonna pretend to be a hillbilly, then you have to be spot on, even it calls for picking your nose, holding dynamite, shooting guns, or holding a whiskey bottle.  

Like I said....our trip began on Sunday, October 14th.   It's about an 8 hour drive from East Texas to Branson Mo.   It took us, let's see, about 13 hours to get there.   Restroom breaks, snack breaks, antiquing and sight seeing kinda kept us behind on our travels.

Just one of the stops we made.....

On Monday.....we went to Dogwood Canyon, and I must say, if you have never been there need to add it to your bucket list.   This place was awesome.   We braved the Cool temps and road the tram car anyways.   Not before making a stop at Walmart to buy gloves and jackets...

It was a COLD day......

 This place was absolutely beautiful and fun.   The treehouse, the waterfalls, the food, the views all around us.   I loved it!!

Do I have your attention yet, with all of these great tasting desserts?

We saw the "Presley's" later that evening......

Next day.....we visited the downtown area of Branson and even made a stop at the Salvation Army Store....

A 3:30 show at the Sight and Sound Theater, to see 
"Samson" was such a wonderful event.   The show was Amazing...

Spending time with friends and seeing so many beautiful things, was the highlight of my trip......


Friday, October 19, 2018

Hey Y'all........Just in case you've been wondering where I've been, well.....let me take just a moment to tell you.   I have been on ANOTHER wonderful friends trip.   I'll tell you all about it next week.   I think I'm a little too exhausted right mind is still in GO mode.    Can't wait to share with you,  all of the FUN things we did.   

It was a wee bit cold for my friends....but not for me!  

See you all Monday!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What time is it?   Past my bedtime for sure!  I'm not one of those people who stays up late at night.  Going to bed around 9:00 seems 
to be the "In" thing around here, and has been for quite some time.

I actually prefer to stay up until around 10:30.....but my sleepy eyes just keep getting heavier and heavier.   

For about a week or so, I have had some pretty restless nights.  Any of you ever have "Restless Leg Syndrome?"  I don't always have it, but when I do, it seems to last for a few weeks.  The constant moving of my legs after I go to bed, drives me nuts.  

I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has anything that will help with RLS.


I saw this sign at an antique store that we recently visited.....

I thought.....How "PERFECT" this sign would be, hanging in my bathroom.  I could see it each morning and it would remind me that things are not perfect!  

I'm certainly not a perfectionist.....but I would say that I'm pretty close to it.  Not about all things....but there are many times in my life when I have to stop and say...."It's OK!!  Things do not have to be perfect!"

Even when I think they do.....guess what?  They're NOT.

It's OK to want the things in your life to be greater than what you expect....but I truly have never met a perfect person or perfect situation.   

~~~~~~ many of you may have seen on my FaceBook page, Our John Deere Gator was stolen this past weekend.   Needless to say, Sam is not a happy camper right now!!!  The Thieves and I say thieves, because there were more than one set of footprints, CUT the LOCK on the gate, going into the farm!!  AND....completely ignored the NO TRESPASSING signs.   

I've tried to put the loss of this expensive piece of equipment aside and  just pray for these people who felt the need to take something that was not theirs........BUT...I must confess, this is a very difficult thing to do.   My heart is sad that there are people in this world, who are either strung out on drugs, or... are just too lazy to work, so they rely on stealing to meet their needs.'s gone and truthfully, there isn't much that can be done.  


Regardless of imperfections.....Regardless of losses.....
Life is still good and I am extremely thankful for God's Blessings.   I'm thankful for God's
His mercies are NEW every morning!!



Monday, October 1, 2018

Good is going to be a BEAUTIFUL day!!!   Don't you just love how each NEW morning brings us a NEW day to write a Positive NEW story in our lives?  


I'm celebrating this day for my parents, who are now in Heaven!
My parents married on October 1, would be their 
69th Anniversary.   I sure miss them both!!!  💓💓💓💓


This is a great month for Apple eating!!

I must admit....Apples are not my favorite fruit, but I do occasionally have a hunger for a good, crisp apple.   AND...who doesn't love a Candied Apple? of my favorite ways to eat this fruit.  Speaking of Candied Apples...the East Texas Fair was this past week.   Some of our kiddos visited the fair on Saturday!

Carson, Tori and Mylee Jo!  I remember the old glass house from when I was a child.  This was the scariest thing for me!  I always had a difficult time making my way through the glass doors.  

I asked Mylee if it was scary for her and she quickly responded to me with a "What" kind of question!  Evidently, the glass house was not near as traumatizing for her as what it was for me.  


Check out this "Chicken Mansion."     Does your chicken house have a Chandelier hanging in the middle of it?    This chicken house was on display, and for sell, at First Monday in Canton, Texas.    

This past weekend, we spent a day walking all over the grounds of First Monday.   This place is huge....and I was VERY tired when we left.   SO MUCH TO SEE!   

I made a couple of purchases and Sam got to eat his "Footlong Corn dog" it was a Great day!


Hope you will all walk in the Power of the Holy Spirt today!
Feel the Fresh wind and allow yourself to experience the Fresh Air which can only come from the Holy Spirit....

God is Refreshing .... and I am excited about the NEW story that HE has planned for my life today!


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