Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hey Friends......

I sure hope your day has been just as beautiful as the one we have had here.    The sun was shining and the temps were perfect.   We went to the ballpark and watched Mylee play a couple of softball games!!!   I had to fight off several BEES.....but besides that, it was a FAN-TAST-IC kind of day.    

This old picture showed up on Facebook today.   This was taken during my early high school years....   One of my dear friends, (pictured 2nd to the left on the front row) passed away this past week.   One of her family members posted this photo.   I have so many great memories of my sweet friend (Sonyia).   We shared a wonderful friendship.   I spent so many nights/weekends at her house.   Please pray for her family....   

Can any of you guess which one of these beauties is ME???   HINT:  Front the middle.....with the blonde hair.  
About this picture!!!!

This was taken last week while we were on our trip to Branson.  One of my MOST favorite things to do, is wading in clear rivers!  Sam knows it....and all of my friends know it as well......they also know that I am a very happy camper when I can stick my feet in a gorgeous flowing river.   This is exactly what I was doing here.   They stopped and let me dip my feet in.   It was VERY, super COLD.   But, I loved every single moment of my time there.     


When your grandchildren want to lay on your bed and watch TV......AND, eat chips!!  Guess what the Best Shug in the world does?   She lets them!!!


I saw this on FB today and I immediately thought.....

"I need this!!"

Oh my.....I would stay out on this porch all the time if I had it in my back yard.    


What could be more fun than staying home on a Saturday evening, and carving a pumpkin???   Nothing!!!  This is some of our grands....Carving the most exciting pumpkin ever!!!


                                                               Tyler, Keelan, and Tucker!!!

Guess who is home on Military leave? oldest grandson!   He came in for a few days so that he and his Bride to be (Emalee) could get a few wedding details taken care of.   Looks like he is having too much fun playing at the pumpkin patch "Yesterland."
I sure hope that he is helping her get those plans all ironed out!!!!

Ummmmm......I'm thinking Tyler may have outgrown this little ride. I'm pretty sure that Keelan was insistent that Tyler ride too!!!

It's been a Fabulous day.....

Sending Blessings your way....



  1. I am glad to see Tyler home for a visit and having fun! I have two guesses on the picture. You are either front and center, or second from the right on the back row. But maybe I'm wrong! I adore this porch! So calming and beautiful.

  2. Great Post... I think that may be you on the top row on the left.... Great picture of the grandchildren. AND --I love that picture of you walking in the water..


  3. Great fun all the way around! Sorry about your friend, I actually thought that was you in the middle, it's your eyes!!! Those are some happy grandkids too. And that porch is awesome, but definitely couldn't be used much of the year here... Have a wonderful week, Shug!

  4. Hi Shug!

    Fun post, looks like those cute grands of yours are going to have to keep up with their "Shug"! I especially love that you let them eat chips in your bed, and I love that you like to get your feet wet!

    Hugs and Love,

  5. So sorry on the loss of your friend. Many prayers for you and her family.
    Love the pic and I see your daughters in you.

    Fun times at the patch.

    Take care.

    M : )


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