Sunday, September 25, 2016

more pics.

A few more pictures of trip to Plya Del Carmen....

Sam and I standing in front of one of the eating places at the resort....All kinds of food!

Sam coming in from snorkeling

Eating on the beach in Cozumel.....

All four of us with the parrots...

Small storm coming in while we were on the catamaran.

After the storm passed by....

Susie....playing with the dolphins..

My Poblano pepper meal...   Awesome!

Vicki and I.....not wanting to go home..

Our gorgeous view!!   

We all had a really great time on this trip.   Ready to go back!!


Monday, September 19, 2016

I love Vacations!

How many more days until Fall?   Two More Days!!

I sure wish that meant that cooler weather would be here in just two more days!  It was hot today and according to the weather is still going to be HOT the rest of the week.


Don't you just love vacation time?  I do!  Sam and I, along with two of our dear friends, left on the 10th for a 6 day trip to Cancun, Cozumel, and Plya Del Carmen.  

Can you imagine, Sam and three ladies on this trip.  He was a trooper and he was the one that kept us all organized.   He also speaks Spanish.....self taught, so he doesn't know all of the language, but he knew enough to keep us out of trouble.

This picture was taken on Sunday...the 11th.   We took a private tour around the island of Cozumel and what a great tour it was.   Our driver was Roger...and he did an excellent job at showing us so many of the hidden treasures around the island.   It was an awesome day!

A portion of our room!  So very nice!!

Just one of the many desserts that we enjoyed.    This was called......Key Lime Pie.   Oh was delicious!!!

This is a photo of our guide on the Catamaran.  He saw the Star Fish in the crystal clear water.....jumped in and brought these to the surface for us to see.   They were so big!!

We snorkeled ......(well...I tried to snorkel)  Sam and Susie were great at this.   Vicki and I put on the gear, but we mostly hung out at the back of the catamaran!  LOL.

Waiting on the Ferry to take us from Cozumel to Plya Del Carmen.    

Our view as we ate lunch....before going to swim with the Dolphins!   Can you believe that I actually did this?   I swam with the Dolphins!!!  Thanks to a nice life jacket.   So much fun!!

A selfie of myself on our porch.....that was only feet away from the pool.     Oh my goodness.....So relaxing!!

A evening view from our room and porch.

Sam and I with the Parrots.

We had such a GREAT time.    We are already planning for next year!!!     I Love vacations!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

                           Ok.....So there's this AIRMAN
                               He kinda stole my heart

                               He calls me Shug.........

Totally loving my new T-shirt!!!

Our Airman has graduated and now it is on to New and Exciting things.   During the past few months....while away at Basics.... he met two of the sweetest friends!  I already love them both!!  

I wrote to both of them while they were in basics, and then...I finally got to meet them at graduation..    Both of them have  families that are so precious!!!

And....I must tell you that while Tyler was away, I wrote him everyday....sometimes twice a day!!  YIKES!!

Love this picture of him.......   It was VERY HOT the day of graduation!!

At the end of the ceremony.....the planes flew over!!


Isn't this Beautiful......     My heart melts!!

And my favorite......hugging his mom with his dad in the background!!

This is happiness my friends!!

After graduation.....we went into the big city to have some pizza...

Big Lou's Pizza

A 42" Pizza!!!!

There were 10 of us there to celebrate.......and we were not able to eat all of this Huge round Pizza!!

The coin ceremony, The Airman's run, and the graduation were all so awesome!    Made me Proud to be an American.   

Very Emotional experience......

Loving my Airman.....and my other two adopted Airman!!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Wearing White

This Labor Day weekend is nearing an end.   We still have a family cookout to go to.   Yum.....Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, chips, dips, relish trays, desserts and best of all,  SWEET ICED TEA!   

After Labor Day:

Now....there is that dilemma!!  Do you know the one I'm talking about?   It's the "Can't wear white" mental thing!!

When I was growing up....the rule was:  No White in your wardrobe after Labor day.    Where do you think this crazy rule came from?  I have no idea myself.  This is a topic that I need to investigate for my own knowledge.

In Texas....we wear BOOTS any time of the year!  Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  

This summer, I've seen lots of women and girls wearing those cute little booties with the complete their outfit of shorts or a sundress!  

And you know me....I wear my cute flip flops with jeans in the Winter time!!   So....I suppose the old rules have all been broken.

I intend to wear my white when I want to.   How bout you??


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Happy Saturday Morning to each of you...

Today is a wonderful day to sit back and count your Blessings!

At the end of a hard long week, our minds are fixed on the many hardships that the past week delivered.  Thoughts race through our minds.....such as:

"Did I earn enough money to pay the bills?"
"How are we going to pay taxes?"
"Why did the battery on the car die?"
"Why didn't I get the raise I was expecting to get?"

We spend way too much time worrying and trying to work out all the details of our lives, and we are constantly pushing  our panic buttons, until they break us!

I's time for us to start spending all this time...."COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS!"

God has richly Blessed each of us in so many ways.  We need to stop focusing only on those BIG packages of Blessings...for we all know that our Blessings come in ALL sizes.

Count your Blessing and your problems.....If your problems out number your Blessings, Count AGAIN!!!!

Chances are, the things you take for granted were not added...Once you start counting your Blessings, you won't know where to stop.


  Isn't she lovely?  I gave a broken piece from my cactus to Trista in order for her to start one for herself.   Here is my OLD cactus! ...