Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Great News.....

Most of you may remember my past post on "Free Throws for Souls."

This is a ministry that our son-in-law started 5 years ago.  He shoots free throws for 24 straight hours and raises money based on how many free throws he MAKES.

This years event was held on March 27th.....and as you can see on the chart below....Tom shot over 22,000 free throws.

Tom....Made 14,597 of those free throws.   That is 66.2 percent.

While Tom is the one shooting the free throws....He certainly could not do this by himself.   He has a lot of help from many people in our community.  It takes people who are willing to stand with rebound the ball and to help in various other ways.

People pledge money towards the number of shots that Tom makes...
AND....Donations are made on behalf of this event.

The money has come in.....and I am very happy to announce that...

$29,000.00   is what was raised!

This is more than wonderful.....

$3,000.00 dollars will go toward scholarships for three graduating seniors who meet the criteria for this scholarship.

The rest of the money will go toward "GOD's OPEN HANDS" and "Project Transformation."

As I have said before.....God's Open Hands, feeds thousands of people each year.   

Project Transformation.....

The youth from the local Churches come together, along with the leaders....and they build wheel chair ramps, porches, steps and other projects...for those in need.  


is an amazing amount of money!

Thank you Tom Booth...
Thank you to our community and to those who were a part of this event!

Shug ~


Laurie said...

What an awesome ministry! Congratulations Tom! To throw and make that many free throws is certainly impressive, but what's more impressive is his heart and how he sacrificed his time and talent for others. You've got a great boy there, Shug.

Ginny said...

Wow, this is wonderful! He does not just talk about things, he actually goes out and does something to effect positive changes!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh wow, that is impressive. Congratulations!!!!!!

Pam said...

Woo hoo! Way to go, Tom, and the ones who helped him; that's a lot of $$$ raised for great causes! What an asset to the community!

Michelle said...

That is so wonderful!!

Linda Kay said...

Congrats to Tom for the achievement, but to all the people who donated to a worthy cause.

Betsy Adams said...

What a wonderful son-in-law you have... I know how proud you are of him. Does he practice this all during the year so that he can do THAT many???? WOW---I'm impressed.

I'm impressed also at the amount of money raised---to help others. God Bless Tom Booth.


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