Monday, April 20, 2015

Precious Memories.....

You know.....This world that we live in is ever changing.   We all know this, don't we?

My oh it has changed since my childhood days...not to mention the change since my dad was just a kid.

For the past six months, I've been visiting my dad all most every day at the nursing home.  I guess you could say that I visit all fourteen of the men who live in the memory care unit, each day.  

They all have Alzheimer's and each one lives in their own little world.   One thing that they have in common, is the memories of their childhood days.

My heart is touched, because the words that I hear them speak, are the memories that they have about the days gone by. They are not in tune to the happenings of's their lives as a child that have remained so alive in their minds. 

My dad remembers the days of plowing in the fields with his old mule, and shucking corn under the cottonwood tree.  He also remembers riding his horse down the dirt roads and playing on the banks of the shallow creeks.

Most of all....he remembers the home cooked meals that his mom prepared each day.  The hot biscuits and fried chicken must have been a favorite. I've heard many stories of catching chickens and frying them up. 

Dad feels comfort when he sees the photo of his mom and dad, which hangs on the wall, across from his bed.   He has sweet remembrances of the days long ago.  

There are many days when he spends all day long playing with his brothers and the old home place or down at the creek bed.

  We (me and dad) visit that old home place almost every day!! Of's only in his memory, that we walk the grounds together...taking a moment every now and then to skip rocks across the pond like we did yesterday.

While visiting this past week....I had a thought that crossed my mind. What about those who are yet to come?

I pray that there is a quick cure for Alzheimer's....but until that day, my mind thinks to the young people of today?  

I pray not....but what if in later years..there are those they are stricken with this horrible disease?  What kind of childhood memories will sustain them?

Will it be.. Picking up a biscuit at a drive thru?  Will it be the letters on a iPhone as the memory of texting comes around?  Perhaps there will be a memory of occasionally getting to bed before mid-night, only to wake again in the early morning to head out the door again.

What about their PLAY TIME?  What play time???

I suppose this could be a memory....  Cramming a hundred activities into any given day! Having the feeling of total exhaustion as there is only one more thing to do.

Do you get what I'm saying here?

  From picking up a biscuit at a drive thru, to cramming a hundred activities into a day....these things...DO NOT ....sound very delightful to me.

I'm happy that my dad (and all of the other residents at the memory care unit) have their precious memories that fill their days!

Just some deep thoughts here....

Shug ~


  1. I guess I had never really thought about the memories some of todays children will have when they grow old. thinks.

  2. You bring up a very good point! Before computers and video games there were bicycles, walking to the corner store for an icee, playing tag, hide and seek. When my kids and grandkids visit we are all about the outdoors, kayaking or studying nature in some way. The simple things. How I wish we could return to those days.

    Cherish these days with your dad, as I know you do. It might be nice to record some of his stories for future generations. Maybe you already are.

    Nice and thought-provoking post!

  3. Alzheimer's is a horrible thing. It steals your very personhood. Because we ARE our memories. I was told that the most recent things are forgotten first because they have not been in the brain as long, have not had a chance to embed in the mind like our memories of long ago. I know how hard it is, I went through it with my grandmother. It was unbearable for me. But Shug, you are a strong woman! And Alzheimers is getting so much publicity now, surely a cure is on the horizon.

  4. Shug, you have made a very important point here. It sounds like your Dad had a wonderful childhood that he receives so much comfort from in these trying days. What will our current generation look back on during their later years?

  5. It's a terrible disease. I'm so glad you spend time with him and make him feel at ease. It's upsetting when others try to bring them 'up to date'. We should cherish our good memories no matter what. Sending you extra hugs and saying a prayer for you too. Hugs, Diane

  6. Such a nice story. It is a BAD disease for sure! Being able to put a positive spin on it is helpful I bet.
    Hopefully today's kids and youth will have good memories of growing up but
    they will be ALOT different than ours because the world is a differnt place than where we grew up.

    M : )

  7. Your dad's memories are priceless. What a blessing to share them with him. And, I sure do agree with you. Today's youth spend so much time indoors on electronics. My husband and I make sure that our grandchildren spend their time with us, outdoors. They are fishing, swimming in wetsuits (last weekend), building campfires and cooking on it, get the idea. Grant it, their mother is a nurse and very busy so we count it our duty and privilege to pick up where she can't. Thank you for bringing this topic to so many. God bless you and your dad.

  8. I can't imagine, Shug.
    I have often thought of the memories my kids would have in later years. That is one reason we moved to the country! We wanted them to have a simpler life.
    Having my grandkids here-- making memories with them; warms my heart too.
    Watching my grand-daughter with delight on her face tell me she found two eggs in the coop! Learning to ride a bike-- or swim.
    I'm all about making memories.
    I don't have anyone that I'm close to who had Alzheimers-- but my mother had mental illness, and it robbed her of her memories from time to time. I knew they were locked away in there; sometimes. Other times-- when she was well-- she shared them, some of them jumbled. But I listened anyway.
    I'm glad you go and visit your dad and listen to his stories. Would it be possible to record them...for future generations?
    have a blessed week.

  9. Very deep thoughts, Shug... What will they remember? Hmmm... I'm so glad you are there with your Dad... and the other men, too. You are their angel.

    Congratulations to Tom! Awesome job on fundraising! blessings ~ tanna


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