Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I did it......

I sure did.......I completed 48 (long) hours
of not opening my computer!  

This past Saturday, my girls were giving me a hard time about being addicted to my computer and to facebook!!

I had to prove them wrong!!!!!

I decided that I would challenge myself.....No Camera, No Computer, and No facebook or safari on my phone for the full 48 hours.

I would have included talking on the phone, but I have to have it nearby, just in case I get a call from my dad.

Has anyone out there missed me???

I'm happy to be back, but just to set the record straight.....
I am not addicted to technological devices!!



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I don't think you are addicted,you just love connecting with your friends.That's the way I see it. Good to have you back.

Betsy Adams said...

Well---I'm mad.. Why did you pick my birthday and my special birthday trip to MISS all of my fun????? Dang.... I love FB and Blogger --and hate to miss anything... You'll have to go on my Timeline in FB and see what all we have done this week.. SO MUCH FUN...

P.S I agree with Ruth... Connecting with friends is just so much fun.. It only gets addictive when you can't live from one minute to the next without it. I didn't blog all week--and only was on FB at nights.. During the daytime, it was OFF... It's just a matter of balance...

Gail Dixon said...

Shug, I WAS wondering where you were! I knew it wasn't like you to skip two days posting. Glad you proved to yourself and to your girls that you are not an addict. lol I often wonder how long I could go without getting on my ipad. I'm sure it'd be less than 48 hrs. A lot less!

What I'd like to know from your experiment was how did you feel? Were you just itching to get on the computer? Was it harder or easier than you thought? Just curious!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I missed seeing you blog... but I get so behind in answering my emails; that by the time answer and feel all caught up...that I almost didn't miss you.
Make sense?


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