Monday, March 31, 2014

One Happy Gal

If you have never been to Round Top sure need to add this to your bucket list.  

This past weekend was a first for Sam and I.   We traveled with our long time friends {Joe and Marsha} down to the little country towns of Warrenton and Round Top.   I would venture to say that the population of farm animals, way exceeds 77.......which is the exact count on the Round Top population sign. {people count you know}  

Each year in the Spring and in the Fall......this small community is the host to two BIG "Antique Festivals."

Now....lets get straight to my finds!!

This my friends is just one of my favorite finds.   It's a "Homer Laughlin - Virginia Rose" bowl.   This particular pattern is what my grandmother for this reason, I love it too.   

Sam purchased a couple of cute "Cruet's" to add to our collection of 11.  This small one makes a total of 12 that we now have.   {Watch for my post on Cruet's}

Two fabulous finds here!!  Sam was able to negotiate a fabulous price on the "Liberty Blue" soup terrain and I purchased 16 of the green and pink plates for a cheap, cheap price!

And now it's time to show you my all time favorite find!   This is something that I've been looking for since 2010 and ......I found one!!

A  small "Shopping Cart"

In my search....I have only found two of the boogers, and both of them were marked way too high!!!!

I am in Love!!!!

This one find was well worth the very low price that I paid for the thing..... $$

Just imagine all of the things that one can do with an old (small) grocery cart!!  Fill it with a fruit basket, put all your extra utensils in a huge crock and store them in the cart, fill it with dish towels, oh my.....the uses are MANY!!  And...the thing is so stinking cute!!

......change the look of your room just by parking this princess in various places....

This trip was well worth the many miles we traveled to get there.....We laughed until we almost cried {Several Times}....We ate a lot of gooooood food......The weather was GREAT.....We saw some gorgeous fields of Bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes......


I found my buggy!!

Woo hoo.....I'm one happy gal

I have a lot of catching up to do on each of your blogs..
shug ~

Sunday, March 30, 2014

fabulous weekend...

Hi Y'all.......

what a fabulous weekend it has been......   Is it ok if I just give you a few snapshots of what my weekend has been like?  I promise, I'll complete this post tomorrow........But for now....these photos will have to do!!!

See you tomorrow!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ingenious way of thinking!

Happy Thursday......!! energy button was stuck in the fast mode.  I got up and was determined to get all of the dresser drawers cleaned out and organized.    Great goodness, how on earth do these things get so messy at times?

I kid you not 4:oo yesterday afternoon....I was completely zonked.   I thought...."a little nap is all I need."
I dozed off to sleep on the sofa and it was two hours later before I woke up.

Spring cleaning has hit around this place....Including the yard.   Hector (the guy who takes care of our yard) is here this morning....

And this my friends is how it's done!!  This is how you clean out from behind the big shrubs.   I certainly would have never thought of doing this.   You just take a water hose or a rope and gently pull the shrubs out away from the house....

Wa La.....Plenty of room to get back there and get all of the old foliage and winter leaves cleaned out!!   An ingenious way of thinking....
Who knows what today's cleaning will be about!!  We shall see!!

Loving life!!
Shug ~

Monday, March 24, 2014

Voice or NO Voice.....

 I'm sitting here listening to the "Voice" and wondering to myself.....why I didn't sing more as a child.   Was this another one of those things that I was way too shy to do?  

I sure wish that I would have been one of those kids that strongly developed a voice for singing and desired to learn music.  Oh, I did play in the school band (the clarinet) but, this really was not my thing.....way back then!

Speaking of way back then......

I miss these things......I'm talking about the good ol' telephones that we all had at home!!  

Most of us had at least one......later on, maybe two!!

I remember the old party line days as well...

Oh yes, when I was a teenager, we were on the same party line of some older ladies that were the town gossips!!
What fun that was....

In today's lot of homes (including ours) a phone is a thing of the past.   We all have cell phones!!
Everything is wireless.

I miss phone conversations!  Never thought I'd say that....but honestly, I'd rather have a REAL conversation as to text!  It's nice to be able to hear the real expressions in a conversation.    

How many of you prefer texting?  

Praying Blessings for each of you,

Shug ~

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Unexpected.....

Welcome to Shug's place......

It is my desire to write something that will make you happy that you visited here today!!!, I'll just write from my heart.   

Yesterday was just like any other day......the only exception was that I woke up with great anticipation of going shopping  all by my {happy} self.     {and I did}

Needless to say, after about 30 min of intense looking.....I found myself very discouraged!  "Why have I gained so much weight?"  I think I even said to myself...."This is pure ignorance!"

I was totally MAD.....all because....the twenty-five pounds that I have gained, was preventing me from being able to find the new clothes that I had intended to purchase.  

Dress pants, tops, Capri pants, even casual wear......None of it was working!!  It's not that the clothes were not working, it was all the extra bulges that was causing the problem.

Just as I was about at my wits end......a quick thought came to this wonderful mind of mine.   The "Woman's Dept." Yes, this would be the answer!   {NOT}

Really now....... Was I being to picky?   Or, did the pants that gathered up like a pair of baggy sweat pants look too hideous? know what?  God's timing was totally, smack-dab in the middle of my adventure.   I was suppose to be in that dept. of the store at that exact time!!

As I was shopping, a sweet lady was shopping at the same rack that I was preoccupied with.   I heard her make a comment about how she had gained about 30 extra pounds and was having a difficult time finding clothes to wear.  She then proceeded to tell me that she had gained her weight all within the last year, after the death of her son......her only son!  

My heart immediately ached!!  At this point a door for an unexpected conversation opened wide.   It's as if I could feel the pain in her heart and I knew that I had to somehow speak words of encouragement to this lady.   

At the end of our conversation, she told me that the anniversary date of her son's death is coming up... next week.  I could only encourage her to pray for strength and to focus on the beautiful memories that she had of her only son.    I assured her that she and her husband would be in my prayers.  I will be praying for their comfort and peace.

What God showed me was that here I was complaining about my weight gain and feeling all frustrated and mad.
I gained my weight by having the pleasure of cooking delicious meals for my family every day for the past 10 months.   

This lady had a totally different and justifiable reason to gain the weight that she had gained.  Do you get what I'm saying here?  Even though I'm not happy about my weight gain, I do have so much to be happy about!!  Much to be thankful for!!

Thank you Lord for this opportunity that you placed before me!!

Shug ~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring......

Can you believe that Spring is here?  Our weather today is going to be Sunny!!  80 degree weather....yep, I can handle that!!

Wishing you all a beautiful day......full of happiness!

Shug ~

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Results of Spring Break!!

I have certainly enjoyed a much needed blogging break.  Not that I don't HEART's just that sometimes we (I) experience a little brain fog and a break is all I need to clear my mind.

Last week was definitely a busy week.....The kids moved into their new home....Shanda had surgery....and it was Spring Break!   SB means we had kids going here and, the Golf course, baseball games, overnight stays with friends, shopping.....and so on!! can see that I had a full plate last week!  Thank the Lord....we all survived!!

I've also had to put my house back in order.......which caused me to do a little extra cleaning around here.   (still have much more to do.)    Of course, with cleaning .....  comes a little furniture moving.  

My sweetheart (Sam)....along with the grandsons, moved this super heavy piece for me.  I'm loving the new placement.   

A touch of Spring has found it's way into my decor....I have much more to do, but I just couldn't resist this sweet little bird.

And....every kitchen needs a sunflower or 2 to brighten up the place.....

As you can see.....I do love cookbooks!!  

My sweethearts favorite spot......the coffee bar!!

    A perfect spot for a few herbs and an old cruet......we actually have a collection of cruets.  

I'm now looking for the perfect little picture to go behind this setting.....  I'm thinking I'd love to see a framed picture of an old church hanging in this area....

Has your heart ever pounded with excitement  when you start new projects?  I simply can not wait to finish with my 
Spring Decorating!!

More to come!!

Hugs to all my friends....

Shug ~

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Joy Comes From........

Happy St. Paddy's day.........Make it a beautiful day!!     Sweet Blessings to each of you!

My joy comes from your friendship!!
Shug ~

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog the Blog

Good Monday morning.....It is extremely foggy here!  Way too foggy to be outdoors.

Believe me.....I have PLENTY to do inside today!!  I won't go there though., I was visiting with Sam the other day about my blog.  Who of us are not looking for an honest answer when we ask our spouse a question?

like...I'm always asking Sam..."Do you think I look better with longer hair, or should I cut it?"

His answer is ALWAYS...."Whatever makes you happy!"   NO....this is not the answer that I want to hear!  I want the TRUTH about what he really thinks!!

I think you get my point here.  So, back to the Blog conversation.   I ask him {Sam} if he had read my blog and he answered yes.  I then ask what he thought about it.....His answer was definitely an honest answer!!

His reply was:  "I think you write very well, BUT.....I believe that you need to find some different topics!"  WHAT????

I need to explore a bit more!!

Hey...what is it that they always say?  If you don't want to know the truth...then don't ask!

He informed me that I needed to find topics away from FAMILY.
I think that his exact words were..
"Readers probably get tired of hearing about your family."

Hmmmmmm......I went back and reviewed several of my post and YEP...he is right!!  I need to veer away from family topics.

I need to get back to my inspirational writings and I need to include points that interest others.  

I need to learn to Blog the Blog!!!!

I need to do some research and then I need to take more of an initiative in delivering material which is interesting to read.

We are having Spring Break around here, so I think I'll take a week off from blogging and hopefully, when I come back.....I'll be able to bring some new writing material (and photos) to my blog!

I am truly thankful for Sam's honest answer.....The best writer's all have critics!!

No....he is NEVER critical of anything I do...Sam is my biggest FAN in all phases of my life...
He is truly the BEST and I love him for this honest answer....

Enjoy your Blessings today and every other day as well
Shug ~

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward....and Much More...

Good Sunday morning friends......  did you Spring your clocks forward?    

Confessions first!   Looks like I'll be missing Church Service today!!     Not because of the time change....Our clocks were changed and all is good in that area.

The Reason for missing church:

Because......yesterday was moving day for Trista and her family!!

                               Photos taken during the building stage.....

Yes....all of the furniture has been moved along with most all of the clothes...  Now, it's just the small stuff {which can be the hardest}

Not only do we have to get their house in order, but ours is pretty chaotic right now.    So much to do!....and, I really need to have everything organized before Tuesday morning.  

Can't wait to show you the finished photos of their new home!     {Later this week}

Youngest daughter {Shanda} will be having surgery this coming Tuesday morning, which means that Shug will certainly be busy the rest of next week, cooking and tending to the Booth children.     Gonna be a busy week and for this reason.....I have to get our home back in order!

Hope your Sunday is GREAT.
shug ~

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oh What a Night....

Friday, March 7th.......was a super busy day for the Booth family!  AND....Oh what a night it was!!!

        It was   "Free Throws for Souls" event day and night!!

Even though Tom (our son-in-law) does the hard work of shooting Free Throws for 24 straight hours.......His entire family rallies behind him and supports him in many various ways.    

Shanda and the kids are his main support group, followed by the Church and our Community.

Tom began shooting free throws at 6:00 A.M. Friday morning and he finished up this morning at 6:00 A.M.

He made a total of 15750 free throws out of 24575 shot.  This is a 64.1 percent shooting average.

Here's the good GREAT thing.........Money raised will again go to "God's open Hands" and to missionary, John Williamson.
God's Open Hands is located in Chandler and it helps supply food and clothing to the less fortunate.  John Williamson is a missionary to Ukraine.     Last year .... $20,000.00 dollars was raised, which gave GOH and Mr. Williamson $10,000.00  each, for their mission....... Tom's goal for this year was to raise at least $30,000.00.

Totals of money raised will not be final for a couple of weeks as many people are still sending in checks for pledges made.

Tom is very tired this morning, so I'm asking for your prayers that he will feel revived quickly....

Blessings on this beautiful Sat. morning...


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kid....I mean Young Man

Happy 18th Birthday to our Grandson......  Tyler Samuel

Love this kid.......I mean young man!!


Thank you Lord for safe travels.....   We are home!   The first 30 miles were SLOW going, but soon after....the roads were clear.   

While in Deep South Texas, we experienced another wave of sleet mixed with rain......however, the temps were in the mid thirties and there were NO accumulations of frozen parcipatation anywhere!

I'm happy to be home!    

It's party Time.........Tyler turned 18 today!    Happy Birthday to our oldest grandson.....  {more on this later today}

Stay warm!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Icy Road Trip

Good Morning from New Braunfels, Texas!!   Sam and I left on a business trip yesterday morning.....We drove about 10 miles and had to turn around and come back home!   The roads were packed with ice!!

This looks like snow.....but it is solid ice.  Can you imagine four hours later with sleet heavily falling?

It took us an hour to drive that 10 miles and to return home.

After lunch.....we tried it again....    The roads were still bad, but we made it out!!

Drove to New Braunfels last night and wouldn't you know......the forecast was calling for icy conditions down here.

We still have about 175 miles to go to reach our destination, so hopefully we will be out of the ice soon.   It's the trip back home tonight that worries me!!!!!!  

Our schools at home are CLOSED again today and the road conditions are still treacherous.

Prayers for our safety please!!

Hope you all are warm.....have a Blessed Tuesday!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Ice Anyone??

Too cold to be outside this morning.....way too icy as well.

The tree outside our bedroom window....

Our driveway.....

Our Virginia Pine tree.....

The Road Way.........

Another close up of the Virginia Pine........'s cold here in East Texas and we are "Iced" in....

Looks like it's gonna be a great day to clean house!

Shug ~

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flip Flops and Sleet......

Just yesterday.....I was wearing flip flops and a short sleeve top.....  {Well, I had jeans on too}
I was thrilled to see the near 80 temps and the bright sunshine.....

Today.....a completely different kind of story to tell...
In just a short time {today} the temps dropped significantly and sleet has been falling ALL evening.

One just never knows what to expect......especially in TEXAS!

Enjoy your Sunday evening and stay warm!!


  Isn't she lovely?  I gave a broken piece from my cactus to Trista in order for her to start one for herself.   Here is my OLD cactus! ...