Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marshmallows and Pumpkins...

Money can't buy happiness......
But, it can buy lots of Marshmallows and Pumpkins!

Which..... =  Happiness!!

Eye See You!!

Isn't this a cool pumpkin?  Wish you could have been here, last see us carving our pumpkins!

We had Ooey Gooey pumpkin guts.....everywhere!

You see.....this is what FUN is all about!

I love to see the creative side come out in people and last night was no exception.   Tori....she wanted to carve the typical kind of face on her pumpkin.   Tyler....he chose to carve the lovable eye, of Monster Ink.

Tucker....he chose to attend a meeting for his FFA class, so he will carve his pumpkin this evening.   Hmmm.  wonder what it will be?  Deer Antlers, I am sure.

Hoping Carson and Trey will be able to carve pumpkins well.  Carson's will more than likely be some kind of sports theme, and Trey...he's a hunter too, so he might carve a few antlers of his own.

Miss Mylee Jo......well, lets just say that she was a bit busy last evening....

No need to stop with the fun at this point....
Let's move on to the marshmallows.

Come on now.....Who doesn't LOVE  
squishy, fluffy and extremely sweet tasting 
things.......?   The things that we call


Check this out!!   They're really simple and delicious.

Dip the end of a stick into melted candy (we used chocolate and white)

Insert the stick, into one end of the marshmallow.  (This keeps the stick from slipping out of the mallow)

We then turned them upside down, until the chocolate had time to get a little hard.

Then, you dip the other end of the marshmallow into the melted chocolates....half way down, and immediately, dip into your choice of sprinkles or crushed up cookies.   

When finished, push the stick into a piece of Styrofoam and let sit until dried.  

We had a great, happy time....doing this together..

And afterwards.....we couldn't let the left over melted chocolate go to waste...


The chocolate war was on.........

A little on my face.....a little on theirs!!!!

and who do you think started this chocolate fight? 

(and by the way....Tucker does have his t-shirt on...wrong side outwards)

Make life great......Have FUN!!

Shug ~

Monday, October 28, 2013

Most Important Part...

Geez.......I left out one of the most important matters of our Zoo Day.   Senior moment, I suppose!!

After deciding to go to the Zoo, Tyler came up with a very clever learning adventure for all of us to do......and this was to take place, AFTER we left the Zoo.

Each person was suppose to study each of the animals that we would see, and at the end of visit......we would have to tell what our favorite animal was......Why and tell some interesting facts about the animal.

Much to my amazement, this was the very first thing that they wanted to do, as we left the zoo.

I was first.....(guess it was an age thing, or else....they figured I might forget, if I were to be the last one)

My favorite animal was the Giraffe.   If I had to be an animal at the zoo, it would be this tall, beautiful creature.   Why?  because kids and adults, alike.....get SOOOO EXCITED when they see the giraffes.     

Did you know that a Giraffe sleeps for less than 30 minutes a day?  How strange is that?
A Giraffes tongue is SO LONG, that it uses it to clean out their ears.  YIKES!
They consume about 75 lbs of foliage per day.....Giraffes have excellent eye sight and they even can see in color.

Tyler's animal was the Elephant.... Why:  because they are huge!  These animals are very smart and they are the largest living land mammal.  Elephants walk an average of 4 miles per hour and despite their size, they are silent walkers.   Elephants have an incredible memory and they can laugh, cry and even grieve.

Carson chose the Lion....   Just exactly what I figured he would choose.   Why did he choose the Lion?  Because it rules!!    Carson says that the lion is the "King of the Jungle."   The lion is associated with strength, royalty, and courage!

Tori's animal was the Mountain Lion.   Why?  Because she has always admired their beauty.  Tori said that the mountain lion is very skilled.....and indeed they are.  They have a keen sense of hearing and sight.   These animals like to be by themselves.

And last but not least, was Mylee Jo.    Her favorite animal was the MONKEY.   Imagine that!
They do funny things with their faces and they swing in trees.   Monkeys also like to eat Bananas.   

Interesting facts!!

Have a Blessed Day.

shug ~

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Zoo

Oh me.....Oh my......   take a look at what the kids and I found at the zoo this past Saturday.   It was a gorgeous day and the temps were absolutely, we decided to take a trip to our local zoo.
It has been years since I had gone, and really could not believe all of the magnificent changes that have taken place, since I was last there.

This was our very first photo of the day.  We are standing in front of the Flamingo area, and I must tell you.....the smell was not very delightful!!  It was Mylee Jo, Tori, Carson, Tyler and of course...I was taking the picture.   (all photos were taken on my iPhone)

Me and Mr. Pot Head!   Isn't he adorable?

Mylee needed a little help in order to see the Rhino!   It's great to have a STRONG cousin near by, that can lift you up to see!

"Help me Sugar"......"This big ol' spider has a hold of me, and it won't let me go!"

Break Time!!!!!

The Elephants......It's always interesting to watch them.

My favorite of the day......Harold, the Giraffe.
I think he likes having his picture taken.....

He was a BIG flirt....

Do you see what I see?   A big monkey, in a tree!  This girl (Miss Tori Lynn) loves to climb trees.
I think she just may have gotten this from me.  I too was a tree climber.

The kids found them a friend.   He was so sweet!!

Have you ever hugged a mummy?   He was sooo  nice!

We hurried past this area as fast as we could go........The witches were out.....

and this one was brewing up ...... SOMETHING!! was Bird time!    The kids loved this area...

and......the birds did too!!!!!!

Carson.......Guess I snapped the picture when he had his eyes closed....

Mylee, fed a bird too....

This guy had the right idea.     

We had a terrific day!!!  I may have enjoyed it even more than the kids.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Travels..... has already been a very fast morning!  I'm praying traveling mercy's over these three good looking guys, who will be traveling today, to West Texas to get ready hunt a few deer.

Goodness, your wouldn't believe how much stuff has to be packed, just to go and hang out at a deer camp.   I'm hoping they have a great time and that they come home with enough meat to fill my freezer!!

My family will actually be scattered this weekend......from West Texas, to Vegas, to Colorado, to Trinity Mother Frances Hospital.

A few weeks ago, Tom (Shanda's husband/our son-in-law) had surgery on his Achilles' Tendon.  He was doing great and then suddenly, his heel turned red.....INFECTION!!   Yesterday afternoon, the Doctor had to go back in and open up his incision in order to flush out the infection.  He is in the hospital and will continue on intravenous antibiotics for a few days.  

Trista is flying out today to Vegas, with her MIL and SIL to attend a wedding for a relative of theirs.   Josh and his family have lived out in that area for several years now and I know that they will be so super excited to see their Texas relatives, as they arrive today.

Ty is in Colorado......the state that I would love to be visiting right now!  I know the colors of the Aspens are absolutely gorgeous!!

We are having some cooler temps right now, so for that reason, tomorrow just may be the perfect day to take "Sugar Baby" and "Sassy" to the zoo!    BTW.....Sugar Baby is Tori's nickname and Sassy is Miss Mylee Jo's nickname...

One thing is for sure......I see some well needed  R & R in my weekend.   Other than the possible trip to the weekend is going to be stress free and full of time for ME!!

Happy Hunting to my guys......Happy Celebrating to Trista and her other family.....and Happy weekend to each of you!!

May we all find a meaningful need today and do our best to lend a hand....

shug ~

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Choosing A Color for the Day....

                                                                               ( Shug's........ Photo for the Day)

The true harvest of my life is in knowing that I have obeyed God and I have done my very BEST.

Waking up to a new day is wonderful.  For me, it is complete joy!  God has given me a new day...a new opportunity to do my best....and I want to be a POSITIVE

influence on someone today.

There are many Blessings out there, that have my name written on them.  It is up to me, to be open to receive them.  It doesn't stop I reap my blessings, I need to be open to blessing others.  

Oh world.....I am aware that there are many people waking up this morning who are dreading the day.  They have no  HOPE!   Their FAITH is weak.....and their day is already broken.  

Others are waking up with no thoughts about the day....the only thing on their mind is.....I need a drink...I need a pill....I need a HIGH!   

My heart feels for those who are not able to wake up in the morning and color their day with happiness!  For some....the only colors that they see are black and Grey.

Today.....I choose to saturate my day with vibrant oranges that will bring me passion for the things that are on my (To Do) list.   I want to paint my day with gorgeous colors of bring me much happiness.  

I greet this day with an open heart and an open mind.....And, I look forward to the immense JOY and the empowering affirmations that I see in this day....

May your day be illuminated!

Shug ~

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fountain of Youth.....??

Wishing my very BEST the whole wide world.....    A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED BIRTHDAY!!   I love you Sam Pollard.....Forever and a day!!


Is there really such a thing as "The Fountain of Youth?"

If so.....not only would I love to nourish my entire body, in the depths of it's refreshing water......BUT, I'D LOVE TO OWN THE THING!!!

Almost every single day, I see some kind of advertisement for products that are suppose to initiate some kind of magic formula for reducing wrinkles.  There are other ads that are trying to sell products that melt away pounds and they each have ingredients that will "Change your life forever."

I must admit, that I (myself) have fallen into the category of needing to wear a dunce hat, and this is simply because I didn't learn the first time that results only happen if you make permanent life style changes when using such products.

The truth is......we have access to many fountains of youth!!
Our mind.....our creativity....our happiness....and how we choose to use these things can make a huge difference in our youthfulness.   

It is up to each of us to TAP into these sources and let them be a benefit to our health and our aging process....

The foods we choose to eat are what makes our "Brain Gym"
work the way it was meant to work.   In other words, our brain needs the right kinds of foods to be a healthy working brain.

Food's such as:   Fish, Water, Veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, Kale, and an assortment of greens)
Grains, Nuts and even Green Tea!!

And last but most definitely not LEAST, is our relationship with the Lord.   To have a personal relationship with the Lord is the "Breath of Life."

A quite place where we can be alone with the Lord is Life changing....By doing so, we can meditate upon God's word, we can fellowship with HIM, and we can be silent in His presence, in order to hear Him guiding us!   

Oh yes......there are many ways to enjoy the "Fountain of Youth."   Does it promise a wrinkle free face and body??  NO!  Does it promise that we will be able to swim the ocean blue?  No, it does not.    But, what it will do is allow us to climb to places that we would never have believed we could go!

It can make us a better person on the inside, as well as on the outside and by doing so.....we get to live a happy life and help others along the way!

Life is good.....let the magic, of the fountain of for you!!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Day of Messing Around....

This has been a weekend of doing nothing but Messing Around.

Most of you know how much I love to go to I love to go shopping (window shopping that is)....and this is exactly what I did this weekend....and More!

Saturday morning....Trista, Tori and I headed out to a big sale at one of the local furniture stores. This was a 10:00 A.M. till midnight sale!!!  Woo Hoo!!

I'm guessing that we spent about 2 hours, shopping for new bedroom furniture for the boys.  After looking at every bedroom set in that store, Trista went right back to the very first one she saw, for Tyler!  I know one 17 year old guy that is just going to love sleeping in his new King size bed!!

We went to another furniture store to find Tucker's bedroom set, but left that particular store..DISAPOINTED!! 

 Let me get ahead of myself the end of the day, around 10:00 at night, Trista and I headed back to Tyler to purchase a bedroom set for Tucker.  She purchased the one that she first picked out, at the same store where she got Tyler's furniture!!  Go figure!!!!   Yep, we didn't get home until around 11:45.  

Now, back to the other part of our day...

We found ourselves having a little fun!!

What fun it was....trying on all kinds of fabulous mask!!  

We kind of felt like we were in some kind of fairy tale land.

Next, it was on to the mall....

I think these two guys are cute!! 

 I would say to the store manager...."Forget the manikins...hire these two guys to model at the store, and your sales will surely soar!"

And then last on our list of (To Do's) was this....

(I can't believe that I'm posting this horrible picture of MYSELF)  

What do you think this photo could be about???

Call me crazy.....BUT.....I got pierced!

I sure did.... Tyler and Tucker held my hands while the young lady pierced my ears.

In the above photo, Tyler was celebrating with me for not crying!!  lol

My ears were pierced MANY years ago, but the holes had grown up and I couldn't wear pierced earrings...   NOW I CAN!!

This has been a full weekend and I've loved ever minute of it!!  

The one thing that I loved the most was being able to attend Church today and to FREELY Worship GOD!!

It was more than wonderful....

What was your weekend like???

I'm Happy

shug ~  

Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm At It Again.......????

I'm at it again!!!  I love this painting thing.....I honestly do.

This time......I joined several of my high school classmates for a girl's night out!  (Don't we look young?)

Interesting painting.....isn't it?

Let me introduce you to my long time girlfriends...

From left to right: 


Second row:

Marsha....Alowa....Vicki....and Charlotte

Far Back:

Carol and Mary Alice

Some pretty good painting for a bunch of of Young chicks!!
We had soooo much Fun!!!!!  It's wonderful to be able to go out with friends and to be able to relax and just have ton's of fun......laughing, and acting pure-D crazy!   

We've been good friends for some 47 years.  My family moved back to our home town of Brownsboro (From the Dallas area) at the beginning of my 4th grade year.   This means that I have known about 5 of these beautiful ladies for some 52 years of my life.  (The others moved to Brownsboro at the beginning of our Freshman year in school)

I was actually born in the small town of Brownsboro and then my parents moved to the Dallas area, where I attended Duncanville Elementary for my First, Second, and Third grade..... school years.

I feel very Blessed to have each of these very special friends in my life....    I love you all....big time!!!

Now.....let me go check out the see what I'm gonna paint next!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photographer's.....Do You Have An Answer?

Hey.....all you professional photographers out there....Can you help me?  

I've never had this happen before.....

Can you see what it is that I'm talking about?   I so loved these gorgeous flowers....and taking a picture of them was going to be the perfect way for me to share the scene.   However....something went wrong!!

Same thing happened here!  A perfect shot, now ruined by who knows what!!

photographers......I need your help!!   I took several pictures on this one disk and most of them turned out PERFECT.  I have no clue as to what could have happened to the others.   I'm guessing that I had about 6 or 7 photos that had a portion of the picture that did not take????

I'm not afraid to use this (costly) disk.......should I or shouldn't I?

Has this ever happened to any of you??

shug  ~

Monday, October 14, 2013

Zoey's Place....

Most of my readers may remember our baby Zoey...... I requested prayers for this precious baby girl, many times and each of you were so faithful to stand in the gap for this child.

It was a year ago on July 3rd, 2012.....when God called Zoey home,  to be with Him.....   She was just a few days over a year old.  

But.....God had BIG plans in the works.  I would like to share what is being done....thousands of miles another baby Zoey's name.

It all starts right here with these Malawi, Africa.    What you see here are the footprints of little children.  

 And those footprints belong to some of these children.

These two men.....Brother Robert, Pastor of Rock Hill Baptist Church.....and Jim Hughes, a member of RHBC, have recently returned from Malawi, where they purchased the land for the building of "Zoey's Place."

Zoey's Place is an orphan feeding center in Malawi, Africa that is being started by Rock Hill Baptist Church.

Their Mission Statement is:  Zoey's Place seeks to provide the basic necessities that might be missing from a vulnerable orphan's life, primarily being the gospel of Jesus Christ and proper nutrition.


Who could have imagined that God was use this child to touch the lives of children....thousands of miles away?

Zoey's earthly parents are witnessing the awesome works of God....even, through the loss of their baby girl.  

I have chills....just thinking about the awesome power and love of our Heavenly Father....

Thanks for letting me share.....Please be in prayer for the building of "Zoey's Place."

Shug ~

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dysfunctional Travelers...

Oh wow.....It's Saturday.....where have I been??  Sam and I got home from our trip, the past Monday night, and the rest of the week has been one big blur!  So much to do, every day of the week.

I'm definitely not complaining though.   I've always heard it said that an active life style....keeps you young!!

We traveled through 10 different states in a 5 day period and let me tell you.....we put SEVERAL miles on the truck!!  I loved every minute of it.....even ALL the times that we were LOST,and that was a whole lot of the time!!

Here is the issue with us being lost....  I need to be the driver and Sam needs to be the map reader!! O
OR ELSE......we need to go back to using the old paper maps when we travel.  Another issue is the fact that I don't have a good "Maps" App on my iPhone 5.   Sam has a great App for his Droid, but I just can not use the thing.

Why....because number one....I Can't see the thing!!  Even with my reader glasses on.  Oh, and Sam loves to travel down roads that he has never traveled before!  Good Grief, those little roads have the tiniest of tiny numbers on them and I can never find the stinking road number signs!

By the time I get through looking up one single route, my eyes are squinted so tight that I can't get em' to open back up for hours.   Sounds like we are dysfunctional in the traveling department.....doesn't it?

I think I drove a total of 50 straight miles this time.  Why?  The truth is.....I didn't want to!!!
I road with my feet propped up, my pillow at my side and "Candy Crush" in my hand.....(Gosh, that game is addicting)..(I'm gonna quit it....I think)

This is what I was enjoying doing........Looking at the scenery!!  Isn't it gorgeous? you blame me for not wanting to drive???  Too much to see!!

Happy Saturday Y'all....

Shug ~

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Shoe Store

Shoes...  Purses.... Jewelry...

In my last post, I talked about my love for shoes.  What I didn't tell you is:  I also love purses, and I am very fond of jewelry...My favorite jewelry item would most definitely, have to be bracelets. 

Bracelets of all kinds!  Gold bracelets, silver bracelets, Pearl bracelets, even bracelets made of yarn.  

As requested, I thought I would go ahead and show some pictures of my favorite shoes.  Of course, I've already packed up a huge box of my "Wild" summer shoes.

Bright Yellow....  Believe it or not, yellow shoes can be worn with many different colors.  

How about a HOT PINK pair of shoes?  The heal, really isn't's silver!  I guess it was the camera angle that brought up this gorgeous tangerine color!!

These shoes were very cheap, but very comfortable!!   I think they are fun!

Any one can be in style with this particular pair of shoes!!  I love how they SPARKLE!!!

Talking about comfort....this pair is super comfortable!!

And of course....A girls got to have a few pairs of gorgeous flip-flops!

My favorite pair of all!!!!

Jeans....or dress....these shoes go with everything.

For when I want to be TALL...

I promise I'll post photos of my funky shoes....when I get them un-packed (next Spring)

I love fun shoes!!

Happy Day Y'all.

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