Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, October 14, 2013

Zoey's Place....

Most of my readers may remember our baby Zoey...... I requested prayers for this precious baby girl, many times and each of you were so faithful to stand in the gap for this child.

It was a year ago on July 3rd, 2012.....when God called Zoey home,  to be with Him.....   She was just a few days over a year old.  

But.....God had BIG plans in the works.  I would like to share what is being done....thousands of miles another baby Zoey's name.

It all starts right here with these Malawi, Africa.    What you see here are the footprints of little children.  

 And those footprints belong to some of these children.

These two men.....Brother Robert, Pastor of Rock Hill Baptist Church.....and Jim Hughes, a member of RHBC, have recently returned from Malawi, where they purchased the land for the building of "Zoey's Place."

Zoey's Place is an orphan feeding center in Malawi, Africa that is being started by Rock Hill Baptist Church.

Their Mission Statement is:  Zoey's Place seeks to provide the basic necessities that might be missing from a vulnerable orphan's life, primarily being the gospel of Jesus Christ and proper nutrition.


Who could have imagined that God was use this child to touch the lives of children....thousands of miles away?

Zoey's earthly parents are witnessing the awesome works of God....even, through the loss of their baby girl.  

I have chills....just thinking about the awesome power and love of our Heavenly Father....

Thanks for letting me share.....Please be in prayer for the building of "Zoey's Place."

Shug ~


Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

Shug, I do remember lifting baby Zoey in prayer. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that her life would affect needy children from so far away. How awesome is our God! This post is so beautiful and such a testament to the power of love and prayers.

Betsy Adams said...

That is absolutely AWESOME, Shug... Brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure that Zoey knows --from her little pink cloud in the sky---what is going on in her name... That is so so so so NEAT.


A Primitive Homestead said...

I have not been keeping up with reading blogs since last July when my son was killed. I am so sorry to read Zoey is gone.

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