Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dysfunctional Travelers...

Oh wow.....It's Saturday.....where have I been??  Sam and I got home from our trip, the past Monday night, and the rest of the week has been one big blur!  So much to do, every day of the week.

I'm definitely not complaining though.   I've always heard it said that an active life style....keeps you young!!

We traveled through 10 different states in a 5 day period and let me tell you.....we put SEVERAL miles on the truck!!  I loved every minute of it.....even ALL the times that we were LOST,and that was a whole lot of the time!!

Here is the issue with us being lost....  I need to be the driver and Sam needs to be the map reader!! O
OR ELSE......we need to go back to using the old paper maps when we travel.  Another issue is the fact that I don't have a good "Maps" App on my iPhone 5.   Sam has a great App for his Droid, but I just can not use the thing.

Why....because number one....I Can't see the thing!!  Even with my reader glasses on.  Oh, and Sam loves to travel down roads that he has never traveled before!  Good Grief, those little roads have the tiniest of tiny numbers on them and I can never find the stinking road number signs!

By the time I get through looking up one single route, my eyes are squinted so tight that I can't get em' to open back up for hours.   Sounds like we are dysfunctional in the traveling department.....doesn't it?

I think I drove a total of 50 straight miles this time.  Why?  The truth is.....I didn't want to!!!
I road with my feet propped up, my pillow at my side and "Candy Crush" in my hand.....(Gosh, that game is addicting)..(I'm gonna quit it....I think)

This is what I was enjoying doing........Looking at the scenery!!  Isn't it gorgeous? you blame me for not wanting to drive???  Too much to see!!

Happy Saturday Y'all....

Shug ~


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

One definitely sees more from the passenger seat.As for a maps app. I use Google maps and so far it seems to work,but then I don't go very far.

Betsy Adams said...

Can't believe you two tech savvy people don't have a really good GPS... We couldn't exist without one these days... I can relax and enjoy the scenery --and not have to constantly check a map or something on my phone/computer....

BUT--sometimes going on the back roads when you are lost is WONDERFUL....

Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Lea said...

I'm with Betsy, I can't believe that you all do not have a GPS system of some sort. Maps from the App Store on the IPhone is one of the all time best navagation systems. You should get it on your phone.

Pretty scenery though, and you sure might have missed some of that if you had gone the more direct route.

Happy new week!

Michelle said...

I always enjoy being the passenger too!

Gert said...

I know what you mean about the blur of a week..mine are like that too often!! ha..ha.. Also, I get us lost from the side seat too, even with our GPS! Yikes...give me the old paper

Glad you're back!


Terri Buster said...

I have to drive...I am a terrible passenger! We didn't get to take our trip this year and I am so upset about it. We may have to try for a quick jaunt to somewhere or I will never make it to next summer!

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