Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Choosing A Color for the Day....

                                                                               ( Shug's........ Photo for the Day)

The true harvest of my life is in knowing that I have obeyed God and I have done my very BEST.

Waking up to a new day is wonderful.  For me, it is complete joy!  God has given me a new day...a new opportunity to do my best....and I want to be a POSITIVE

influence on someone today.

There are many Blessings out there, that have my name written on them.  It is up to me, to be open to receive them.  It doesn't stop I reap my blessings, I need to be open to blessing others.  

Oh world.....I am aware that there are many people waking up this morning who are dreading the day.  They have no  HOPE!   Their FAITH is weak.....and their day is already broken.  

Others are waking up with no thoughts about the day....the only thing on their mind is.....I need a drink...I need a pill....I need a HIGH!   

My heart feels for those who are not able to wake up in the morning and color their day with happiness!  For some....the only colors that they see are black and Grey.

Today.....I choose to saturate my day with vibrant oranges that will bring me passion for the things that are on my (To Do) list.   I want to paint my day with gorgeous colors of bring me much happiness.  

I greet this day with an open heart and an open mind.....And, I look forward to the immense JOY and the empowering affirmations that I see in this day....

May your day be illuminated!

Shug ~


Mary Callan said...

You're always an inspiration Shug - many thanks!
Mary x

Ginny said...

Shug!!!! You are so uplifting! You are really a bright spot in blogland! And orange is so YOU!! bright and cheerful!!! I would just love to visit with you one afternoon and we could chat, we are so alike in many ways. My job as a deacon is to lift people up and make them feel better and not so defeated. I always view each morning like New Year's Day, a brand new opportunity with everything waiting for US!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is so true that we can set the tone or colour for each day. Even during the darkest days of our lives we can still choose to be thankful and praise God.

Michelle said...

I needed those inspiring words!

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Somehow, you always make me feel so good about life!! Thank you for your testimony of good things and of God!

I love your warm colors today!


Cutella said...

Very inspirational!

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

This is one of your most profound posts yet! Praying you (and all Christians) will have the opportunity to be a blessing to others. By God's grace.

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