Monday, September 30, 2013

What Time Is It????

Have I told you ALL lately..........That your friendship Blesses my heart!  I have been amazed at how many WONDERFUL friends that I have made in my journey of blogging.  Some of you know more about me than many of my friends around here.   I truly cherish our friendships!!

Wouldn't you know it.....I was to call the eye doctor this morning so that I could set up my appointment to see them today.   I spoke with one of the doctors that was on call this past weekend, and she told me to be sure and call, first thing Monday morning in order for them to be able to work me in.   My symptoms were similar to those of a torn retina.

My first call was made at 8:00 A.M.  ..........  a woman answered and said that I needed to call back at 8:00.   What??   According to my cell phone, it was now......8:01 and my cell clock in never wrong.
I politely said that I would.   Second call was made at 8:15 and again, the answering service picked up.   I apologized and went on to inquire as to what time the eye clinic opened.   The lady told me that it opened at 8:00 and, could I please call back at that time!!!!!

Listen y' this point, I wasn't sure if it was my EYE or my MIND that was needing to be checked.  I called again at 8:30, only to hear the same voice that I heard the first time I called.
This lady informed me that the clinic did not open until 8:00.........I looked at the clock in the kitchen, then I looked back down at the clock on my phone........YES was 8:32.  I ask the dear soul if she had looked at the clock lately, and if there was ever going to be someone from the office, answer the phone today.

Her reply:  "The phones are not working at the eye clinic right now."   And my brain was thinking..... Duh!!! I think I can tell that by now, but why don't you just say, the phones are not working, instead of saying the office opens at 8:00.      I'm thinking to myself......PATIENCE, Nelly.   I have to somehow maintain an order of patience here. 

I went ahead and got dressed and decided to drive on over to the eye care office.   I am so thankful that I did, because when I got there, the phones were still not working.   I had stressed all weekend over the unusual lightning flashes that I was seeing in the corner of my eye, so it was on my (Determined) list to see a doctor today.

Seems,...... that my memory was playing tricks on me when the lady at the desk ask me how long it had been since I had had my eyes examined.  I was thinking maybe 3 years .......But lets try 8 years or so.   This meant that I had to fill out new paper work!!!!   I just love writing my name a dozen times and marking on each piece of paper that I am married, I'm Caucasian, and that I do not smoke, drink, or chew tobacco!!

All griping aside........I am thankful that I did get to see a doctor and that my eye does not have a torn or detached retina.   A portion of the gel has lifted and this is what is causing me to see the flashing lights.   I have two floaters in the corner of my eye, and hopefully, in time......they too will go away.

I walked out of the place with my eyes dilated BIG TIME.   Funny thing is.... the girls (Trista and Shan) and I saw a Halloween mask at Targets yesterday that was so creepy looking because the eyes looked just about the way mine felt.  I was kinda scared to take a look in the mirror, so I didn't. 

Whew......I'm glad to be back home, where I have TONS of laundry to get done....

Wherever you go......scatter seeds of Blessings...

Shug ~

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What are you Expecting?

Year by year, the complexities of this spinning world grow more bewildering, and so each year we need to all the more, seek peace and comfort in the joyful simplicities.  

What are you expecting from  your tomorrow?  Have you allowed yourself the time to fellowship with the Lord, or have you AGAIN......Overloaded your day?


I love to open my door each morning to find, that God has so sweetly prepared  a unique day for me to enjoy.   Sometimes I develop a somewhat selfish attitude, and I begin to plan out my day as if  God intended for the day to be about ME ONLY!!  Should I give myself a pat on the back?  Because, after all,  I did open the door and say "Thank you Lord for this gorgeous day?"  

When I overload my day and I fail to spend quality time with God, I usually find myself becoming very weary and tired!  Who am I to think that I can walk through any given day, without strength from the Lord?  This world that we live in is a busy place!!! It is very easy to get so caught up in the  things of the world and if we are not careful, we can easily find ourselves spinning much faster than we had ever intended. 

There are days, when I have to go back to that door at the back of our home, and start the day all over again.  I have to take time to reboot my spiritual soul!  I have to ask God to forgive me for being in such a hurry and for placing HIM on the back burner for the day.

 I've grown to realize that happiness begins with a grateful heart!  I am at my happy place when I take my daily stroll with the Lord and allow HIM to direct my steps and guide me through my day!!

What am I expecting from my tomorrow?  I'm expecting Blessings that I never knew would be mine!
I'm expecting a good report from the eye doctor.  Sure....I have some lightning flashes in my left eye right now, but God is in the business of healing and for this reason, I am expecting good news.
I'm expecting my loved one to be saved, I'm expecting to be used by God, for HIS glory.     Expecting is Believing!



Friday, September 27, 2013

I love the Stars, but do they really know??

I have to tell you the truth......I AM NOT A BELIEVER IN HOROSCOPES!  A lot of magazines have articles on horoscopes, and it's easy to see where some folks could easily get hung up in reading them on a daily basis.  Curiosity draws us to read the silly things, because......if we know our future, then we believe that we can do something about it.     

I'll admit that I have actually read the crazy things before...... but.... according to my Zodiac Sign.....from years ago.....I was suppose to gain a WHOLE LOT of money........and I'm still waiting on it!!!!!!

I also have been close to a break up in the Romance Department! (According to my Horoscope)  Hmmmmm.....this would have certainly been a shocker to me!!!!!  I've been with the love of my life for going on 42 years of marriage, plus 5 years prior to that. 

During my visit to the grocery store the other day, I overheard a couple of young girls talking about their horoscopes.  One of them was super excited because, according to her zodiac sign, she would soon have that relationship with the guy she has waited so long for.  

The other girl was not at all happy with her reading.....apparently, her sign said that she had been full of luck for the past couple of months, but now.... her luck was being TRIMMED!

I had to let out a little chuckle!  She was saying that she hasn't had ANY luck and if she hasn't had any and it gets trimmed, then that was going to leave her in a pickle!!  Do you suppose that this poor soul will go around for the next few weeks, looking for no luck at all?

I've read where this is the year of the snake for the Chinese and even perhaps the Vietnamese.   Heck.....I don't know!  I have no clue what this means and I really don't care to research it either.   Whatever it means, it doesn't sound good to me.   Who would want to celebrate the year of the snake?

Now......if here in America, they said it was the year of the Alligator, I would be more likely to believe this.   Reason being.....This has been one of those years that I feel like I have been wrestling with a gator and he is about to get the best of me!!  I would have good cause to believe that he has even chewed on me from time to time.

But, thank goodness.....I don't have to believe like this.   There is a song that says: "In the good times and the bad times Lord, I've learned to lean on you."

This is all that we have to do........Lean on God!!   I can quickly tell you, that I don't  believe in Luck!!  So, if I don't believe in luck, then I can clearly know that I don't have to expect BAD luck along the way.   This young girl is not going to see bad luck.......She may experience so hard times along the way, but it's not bad luck.   God is the one who guides her days and I do not believe that HE writes what is going to happen to her.....IN THE STARS!

Here are some more words to that good ol' song......" I lean on you."

It says:  "I've been on the mountain, when the sun was shining bright"   (We all love these kind of days....

"I've been in the valley's when the clouds were black as night"  (It's so easy to allow fear to grip our souls when we are in the valley's)

"I've been betrayed like Jesus, by a friend who wasn't true"  ( A lot of us have been here)

"But in the good times and the bad times Lord, I've learned to lean on you"
(and this is what we are suppose to do.....God longs for us to lean on HIM)

And......I love this part..

"You know, I've heard the battle raging, then I prayed till Victory came"
"There's been times I really thought Lord, you don't even know my name"
"But I've been Blessed and I've been down where I didn't know what to do"
"But in the time of Joy or sorrow, Lord, I've learned to lean on you"
"That's why I'm leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarm"
"Leaning, leaning, but in the good times or the bad times, Lord"
"I've learned to lean on you"

Isn't this wonderful?  We do not have to depend on the words in a Horoscope to tell us what to do.....After all......just like I said yesterday, I know who holds my tomorrows!!
All we need to do is to Trust God and learn to lean on HIM...

I love y'all....


Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Know Who Holds Our Tomorrows!

Oh Yes......we have experienced one more pothole in the road as we are traveling through this journey of life!  We have to ask...."Will we ever reach a path that is concrete solid ?"   Of course, even concrete can crack or break into pieces......can't it?

What our family has come to realize is that all holes are not the same.  Some can be really deep and dry, while others are shallow, but yet filled with harmful debris.  A lot of the debris is filled with sharp edges for which can tear you to pieces if we allow it to do so.  For those potholes that are deep, it sure takes a lot of energy and Faith to climb to the top.

Sometimes, things can go seriously wrong and even though we want to choose another path to travel down (in order to make life a little easier) we must continue.....marching on, in the direction in which God leads.

I can not tell you how many times I have wondered if I missed God's direction, only to later find that when I was confused......HE was picking my feet up and putting them down every step of the way.....for me!

The road that my family is on right now, has me blundering down one more path that seems to be full of darkness and just ahead,  all I can see is a sign that reads "NO OUTLET"

BUT.......I cannot allow myself to fall into the trap of traveling down a road with negative side rails.  I won't do it!  I refuse to wander to and fro, in and out of thoughts that deliver split second feelings of depression.  I am more than a conqueror.    Romans 8:37  

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us"

There are many different levels of pain!  A lot of times, when we go to see a Doctor, He/She may hold up a pain chart that has different faces, with numbers out beside the face.  If we are in a lot of pain, the face shows that we are in a lot of pain and the number is usually the number 10.  If we feel nothing at all, then the face beside will more than likely have a number 1 beside it. This face, is quite often a face with a smile on it. 

Right now, my pain level would more than likely be off of the chart.  As a matter of fact, I doubt seriously if there is a chart when it comes to measuring one's level of heartache.  

My close friends already know what I am referring to, as I have shared with some of them the heartache that this grandmother feels.  I understand that I am probably an (Overboard) grandmother, but this is my Happy Place and I'm pretty sure that this is where I will remain.  

I was not privileged enough to be able to have a close relationship with my grandparents, as I was growing up.....  (due to their early deaths and sorrows)
Perhaps, this is the reason that I would have to give myself a grandmother rating of more than a 100 percent.

Here is the thing......I am all about family and I love our children and grandchildren more than one could possibly imagine.  When one has troubles or is in pain, then I am going to do whatever is necessary to help them.  Bottom line....It's just my nature to go the extra mile/miles to assure that they are taken care of!

We know what it means to battle for a loved one.  When Tucker was diagnosed with was as if Sam and I were being given extra doses of adrenaline each day to help us stand strong in the fight (along with Tucker) in order to beat this cancer.  This was GOD!  HE was helping us to do everything that we needed to do in order to help Tuck.  Our Strength was from the Lord!!

Tucker is healed of Leukemia and he is a SURVIVOR!  Thank you Lord!!  I give God ALL of the glory.  

However.....We learned, just this week, that we all (as a family) will be fighting another battle.  Tucker has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  To a young teenage boy, who has just been dealt another blow to his health, you can only imagine his sorrow.  

His faith in God is what got him through the battle with Leukemia, and he does love the Lord with all his heart, BUT....there does come a time when each of us reach a point of NOT being able to understand!    Tucker's love for God is so strong, however......his question to all of us was WHY?   Why Me?  

And to be honest, I would have to say that in the back of my head, I have asked the same question!    We do not know the answer to this question and 
our only hope is that someday, when God lays the whole plan out before us, we will be able to see the way HE has used (NOT ONLY TUCKER) but the rest of us to help others along the way.  We will be able to see the good in what has happened.....We will be able to see the Glory that has been given to God through each of these pain staking ordeals.

Yes indeed.....there could be worse things.  I am thankful that we are a close family and that we have each other to lean on.  Most of all, we are a strong Christian family and we know who holds our tomorrows!

Blessings to you all....

Shug ~

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pucker Up Baby!

How many of you know what this little thing is?    It's an American Persimmon and until it becomes RIPE, the thing is very astringent.
Once they turn orange and ripen, it really has a sweet taste. 

 Persimmon trees grow very well in our area and this particular kind is wild to our area.  I took this photo at our City Park.  There are several of them all around, and I must say.....they do make for some pretty good shade.

A couple of weeks ago, we were at the park, watching Trey play baseball.  While we were sitting there, Mylee walked up with one of the green fruits in here hand.  She wanted to know if she could eat it.  I immediately saw her "Pops" get excited about this question.  Sometimes, he can really be a joker and this was the perfect opportunity for this character to come alive in him.

Sam's response:  "Oh sure's really sweet....go ahead and taste it!"  Of course....he knew full well that it was going to make her mouth pucker, and it did!

Bless her heart.....she wasn't sure what to do!   

After several sips of water, she finally decided to 

she would forgive her Pops and give him a big kiss.

I'm not sure that I would have able to do the same!!

Have a happy day and stay away from green persimmons.

Shug ~

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peek A Boo!

Hey Everyone....Peek a Boo!

My feet were sweating, just watching Tori and Tyler as they climbed the rafters....reaching the highest point of roof on their families new home that is under construction!

It's exciting to see how each piece of wood fits together in building a home.

I grew up around construction....My dad has built several homes in our area, and both of my brothers have followed in his footsteps. 

My oldest brother (David) is a building contractor and he has several projects going on right now....One of those is a new home for my nephew, and another is a huge convenient store/What-A-Burger, that is located right here in downtown Chandler!  

My youngest brother (Joe) is so super talented! He is more like an artist, but rather than using paints, he uses building materials.  He Trims homes or businesses. For those of you who might not know what that means.....Lets just say, he adds the beautiful character to a home by adding layers of crown mold and the finish work to cabinets and fireplaces!  

 This will be the view, looking out the breakfast area window of Ty and Trista's home.

Here is a side view of the property.

 and....a Front view.  

4 more months and this will be the place that three of our grandchildren will call HOME. And let me tell you.....they are extremely excited.   

I am happy and excited for them as well!  I'll be updating this project as the work progresses...

Happy Day Y'all..


Monday, September 23, 2013

Purple Glitter and Lots of Junk.......

I do a whole lot of talking about how we all need to make better choices in life..... I must admit that my index finger is pointed right back at me as well.  As a matter of fact, my finger is so close to my face, that I look a tad bit like Pinocchio, right about now.

Small things count here as well.  Like, for example.....the color of nail polish that we wear.  I don't have this figured out yet, but it certainly seems that when I get myself a pedicure....I always seem to choose the wrong datgum color.  Why? Just me I suppose.  

On this particular visit,  I look down at my feet and then I look back up at the huge display of nail colors.  I glance back down at my perfectly formed piggies, and suddenly....I can just see it.......(The gorgeous color of purple glitter, which I recently saw in a teenage fashion magazine).....Instantly, I know that I have chosen the crowning color for my toes!!

Now, here is where that word "CHOICE" becomes a big deal.   First of all.....purple glitter is not as fun as I thought it was going to be.  Second of all.....There's not a single outfit in my closet that would in any way look good with PG nail polish!!  Did I make a good choice?   I think not!  (BUT IT WAS FUN)

If you're still reading, let me present to you another "CHOICE" scenario.  MY PURSE!!!   Choosing just the Right purse is very time consuming for me.  It has to look right, it has to feel right and the price has to be right.

After making a decision about a purse that I'm extremely excited about.......It's now time for another super important choice!   WHAT AM I GOING TO PUT IN THIS PURSE OF MINE?

If the rest of you are anything like me, then you know that a woman has to be prepared for all kinds of things.  There are all of the necessities that you need such as a wallet for DL and of course money, and then there are all the other kinds of things that normally hang out in the medicine cabinet.   Things like.....Band aids, Q-tips, Chap Stick, Allergy Pills, Neosporin, and so forth.  And then you have things like nail files, bobby pins, make-up, paper clips, pens and a notepad, safety pins, extra keys, mints, gum, READING GLASSES,......AND my PHONE!

But then...... I have JUNK too...LOTS OF JUNK!  I am known as the Queen of receipts.  I never throw a receipt away!  Makes me madder than a stripped spider if I need to return an item to a store and the very first thing they say is: "This may have gone on sale since your purchase, if so....we can't refund the entire amount, unless you have your receipt."   NOT HAPPENING HERE!!  You can bet, I'm gonna have the receipt!

(Of course, the last time I took something back, I presented the manager with my receipt, and he said:  "Mam...this is a Target receipt!   You are at Macy's!")   Senior moment for me, I suppose!

 I actually believe that there must be some kind of hidden magnet stuffed in the lining of my purse that attracts all kinds of  objects.   Shoot....there is no way that all this stuff could all belong to me.  I do believe that ever once in a while,  items that must belong to other good folks, somehow jump into my bag.  My JUNK is probably inviting everyone Else's junk to come to the party!  Treats are the main ingredient for any party and my purse always has treats in it!!

At the end of any given week, my purse is so jammed with all kinds of garbage and yet....I just keep on cramming it in.   I can choose to keep pushing everything in, which makes it very difficult for me to find anything in my purse, OR.....I can say:  "Enough is Enough" and clean the thing out!
You see....I have a choice!  I could also.....choose to keep the thing organized on a daily basis, if only I would.

In the same way that my purse gets cluttered with junk, our lives can become cluttered as well.  There's  gossip, bad decisions, material madness, bitterness, selfishness,  and this list could go on and on!  What we must do is to clean our heart.  STOP....throw out the bad stuff before it gets packed in, and give it all to God.  HE is the master of Clean and HE longs for us to throw away all of the JUNK that we keep stored inside us.

Oh Yes....that word CHOICE is mighty big and in order for me to keep my nose from growing bigger than Pinocchio's, I had better make good choices so that I can turn, my pointer finger back around.

Your friendship Blesses Me!
Enjoy this day Dear Friends.....


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Do you see the word "EXPAND" anywhere?

Oh what a day!  Today,  I've been doing a little antique shopping with my Honeyboo (Sam) and two of our fabulous friends, Joe and Mo!

What a GREAT day it has been.....  First of all......I always enjoy shopping for antiques! comrades are more fun than a huge barrel of monkeys.....and Third.....the weather was fabulushious!!

Not only did we find a few antiques, but we also found the "Collin Street Bakery!"

Not only is the "Collin Street Bakery" famous for their delicious "Fruit Cakes," but honestly speaking.......It's one of those places that you can't pass by without stopping in to taste their huge selection of cookies!!  
They are Fabulous!!

Speaking of goodies.....    You all know how much I love the Lord.   I do....I really, really, really do!

But here's the thing.......I must not have used the word "EXPAND" exactly right when I ask God to expand a few things in my life!!

What I had in mind was for HIM to expand my spiritual expand my walk with expand my trust!

What I meant to say was "Expand the vision in my Eyes" so that I can see more clearly, but now I wondering if I didn't somehow get my words mixed up and ask him to "EXPAND my THIGHS!"

Give me a little help here......Do you see the word EXPAND anywhere in this phrase?
"I'll have a LARGE Dr. Pepper"  or how about this phrase:   "Can I please have a burger with extra fries" 

I don't see it either!!!!!!

OH.......I haven't gained any weight......but I haven't lost any either!!

Goodies are my weakness and can you guess what season it is that has the BEST of the BEST kinds of foods?  That's right.......FALL!     Me oh my oh......there are all kinds of great tasting things that come along with the season of FALL.  

I'm guessing that what I really need to do is to make better choices, not only with the things that I choose to eat, but I need to have a better understanding of the words I speak!!   Lol....

Hey y'all......I'm hoping to be a Blessing to someone!

Big Hugs,
Shug ~

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pure-D Nothing Day!

I have to tell has been one of those pure-D Nothing days!  We have had rain, rain, and more rain!  Like over 5 inches just today.  I love it!!  Rain has most definitely been on my prayer list.   Thank you Lord for every single raindrop.

My day started out with me grabbing an extra 20 minutes worth of shut eye (this was after all the kids left for school)
Shhhhh....none of them know this.......Not Even Sam!!

When I did get up.......I looked around to see if the house was messy enough for me to bother cleaning, and I quickly made a decision to ignore the floors, ignore the dust and to pretend that this house was clean enough to pass the white glove test!!  

The rest of the day.......I have done nothing!!  This is rare for me, but I sure might be able to get used to it!

Believe it or not, I didn't even go to the Football game this evening.   It's still sprinkling outside, so I decided that I would just listen to the game on the radio.    And, guess who made the very first touchdown??  That is exactly right.......Tyler Thomison!   I'm kinda mad at myself for not going!

Since this has been one of those Lazy kind of days......I think it would only be fitting for me to finish the day by dishing me up a little ice cream while I continue listening to the game on Bear Radio!

You can never have too much Happy in a day!!


Shug ~

Intensely Excited....

Oh mercy me!  My day was so busy yesterday......
My brother and I visited several nursing homes in hopes of finding the right place for dad.   This is not an easy process!

We are now waiting on medical records to be sent and details to be worked out!  In the mean time, we have my dad secured!!

Thank you all for your many prayers!  This is just one of  great things about having blogging friends, near and far.
I so appreciate each of you.


"We don't get mad"........this is a phrase that my sweet Sam repeats to me OFTEN.  His nature is calmness.  Mine is a little
different!   I don't have a temper, but I am a good judge of when it's time to be mad about something!  

There are several different kinds of MAD.   I looked this word up in the dictionary, and two of the definitions were 
"intense anger"   or  "intensely excited."

I am guessing that I get intensely excited about situations that I visualize as needing to have a different outcome!!

I say all of this to SAY, that I am MAD at myself right now.
Why???   Because I (knowing full well that I shouldn't) messed around with my blogging template and now I can't seem to get everything back.

What I'm looking for is a template that allows me to have my header in the center and for it to be large enough to look like a HEADER.   I want to be able to include my own photos and dress them up a bit.  Right now I am using "Simple Template" by blogger....but I'm not happy with the look.

I have the widths all messed up and it seems like the more that I do.....the worse it gets!  

Perhaps, some of you may have some suggestions.  I really want to also have a left or right column that allows me to display family photos!   

Suggestions of all kinds are welcome!   I've got to get my mess fixed real soon!!

Hugs to each of you today!! It's raining here and this makes it a great day.

Shug ~

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank You to the Local Police!!


how often do you hear of the local "Police" picking up your 83 year old dad at 2:30 in the morning???

Hey y'all.....I need your prayers!  Some very hard decisions are going to have to be made Soon about the care of my dad.....

His Alzheimer's is progressing and it is so very heartbreaking.    The sad thing is, during the daytime hours, he does fairly well.  It's the night time hours that causes him so much confusion.

Last night, one of our local police officers picked him up about a mile from his house.  He was wearing only his underwear and T-shirt, with NO shoes on.

Who knows, what he could have been thinking of!!  He knocked on a door and when the lady came to the door, he wanted to know if there was a bed that he could sleep in for the night!   

Of course, she told him NO and told him to go down the road to another house.   The police got there before he got to the next house.    Thankfully, they put him in the car and let him rest, until they could figure out where he belonged.  

  He didn't exactly know where he lived, so the police phoned a guy that works with my brother and he came and helped get him back in the house.  

I knew nothing of this until early this morning!!

My niece (who lives with my dad) did not hear him open the door.   She was sleeping and he just opened that door and out he went.    So, as you can, we will be making some decisions that will assure us that he is safe.  

I have replayed several scenarios that could have happened, but I must not go there.  I just have to move forward and do what we have to do to prevent something like this from happening again.

I thank the Lord that my dad is safe this morning..

I do ask for your prayers.......

shug ~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wonderfully Made.

I love who I am!  I honestly do......   

after all, I have been wonderfully made by the precious hands of God.  

My life story is quite different from yours and yours and yours!   .....and the same holds true for each of you...We each are unique and the chapters of our lives, all have  different kinds of headings.   

Well....there is one that I hope we all have in common and that is "SAVED by Grace."   For me, this is a special chapter in my life story!!   Thank you Lord for my salvation!!  I am saved by Grace!

                Saying something simple today, yet it's so Big!


I can't wait to share this next part with all of you!  

It's not even 3:00 yet, and my dinner is almost all prepared!

Crock pot steak......

Soon to be......sauteed carrots

Soon to be...sauteed Fresh green beans!

and of course, some of my famous

creamed potatoes, that are on the stove right now!

When it's all done, I'll pour each of us a glass of

Southern, sweet, iced tea!

I'm thinking that perhaps.......I just might have time to throw a "Skillet Apple Pie" together...

what ya think?

See ya tomorrow..

Got it done!!

Shug ~

Monday, September 16, 2013

Contagious Attitudes

You..... Know......What??

Attitudes  are contagious and I'm guessing that anyone who catches mine is going to find themselves full of Happiness right now, ready and waiting for the season of Fall.

I am so excited to see all of the Fall decor, everywhere!

Pumpkins....apples....glitter Pumpkins.....
Fall place mats and napkins.....fixings for pumpkin pies...mums and pansies.....the color of Orange!

I'm telling you, All of these things make me  happy, happy and more happy!

I am one of those that gets extremely excited about such things as  Fairs, Fall festivals, and anything fun that is happening during this time of the year.

See what I'm talking about?  I'm guessing that just by reading too are ready for Fall.   I've probably made you hungry for Apply pie and perhaps a scoop of ice-cream to top it off.

Attitudes are contagious and it's so very important for us to make sure that people see plenty of happiness in us. 

How about you?  do you like to dance?? to dance!!   It sure makes it easier to dance in the rain when we are connected to others who love doing the same....

YOU HAVE AN ATTITUDE!   These are not the normal words that we hear when we have an attitude that is pleasing................ Usually, these words are spoken when one exhibits unfavorable expressions in themselves.                    

Have you ever been around some one who is grumpy and irritable?  This kind of attitude can sometimes cause us to want to lash back at those who act this way.

Before long, it becomes way too easy for us to unfold actions that are not pleasing and it can bring out the worst in us.

Our attitude can make us or break us!, let me make your day by sharing a delicious recipe with you!

1 cup vegetable oil                                           1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp. baking soda                                           2 cups raw apple, chopped
2 cups granulated sugar                               1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
3 eggs
1 tsp baking powder                                     
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour                  
1 cup pecans, chopped

Caramel Frosting:

1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
1  1/2 to 2 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   Combine all cake ingredients in order given.  Mix well and bake in a greased, floured tube pan about 1 hour.  While cake is baking, start the frosting.  Cook and stir butter and sugar over low heat
until sugar melts.  Add milk.  Cool mixture, beat in powdered sugar and vanilla until frosting is smooth and thick enough to spread.  Frost cake when thoroughly cooled.

Happy day....
shug ~

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It Mirrors Defeat......

"A Selfish Heart MIRRORS SELF Defeat..."

Does this mean defeat for the one who is being singled out, or does it mean Defeat for the selfish person???

I BELIEVE ...... that He who has a selfish spirit in their heart, will only move forward to face DEFEAT staring them directly in the face!

I don't know about the rest of you, but to me....Selfishness is just one of those things that I despise seeing in others.  It is so unbecoming and speaks loud and clear to me about the character of an individual who feels that the world owes them something!   

You know.....I sometimes believe that I must be a bit naive about this world that we live in today.  Where is all the selfishness coming from???

I was raised during a time when we were given things out of necessity rather than out of want!  To have a closet full of clothes was un-heard of.....unless you were WEALTHY!    To have your own vehicle while in High School was one of those things that most of us did not expect, and few had.  There certainly were NO hand outs of any sort. my family, we all SHARED most things.   I promise....if it wasn't against the school rules, I probably would have had to share clothes with my brothers as well!!  Nj     Can't you just see it now?  Me, wearing a pair of Levi jeans, a button up shirt and some cowboy boots!  NOT!!

I hear kids say......"Well, times have changed?"    WELL...yes time have changed!!  But....what everyone also needs to know is that along with ALL the change, it has also brought about disrespect for others......Disrespect for individuals.

It is God's desire for us to LOVE one another.   Love does not hold back, and it sure does not hold back the giving of things that can benefit and help others!!!!! puts others before ourselves.

I'm telling you......Selfishness is one of those things that sets my insides on fire.   I don't like to see it in adults and I don't like seeing it in young kids.
I have to ask......WHERE IS ALL OF THIS COMING FROM???


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mums The Word.....

It's Mum time again!   Homecoming is already here......way too early if anyone is asking me!  And....of course, no one has!!!

Third football game of the season and it's Homecoming!!  I would prefer to have this big event, sometime during the month of October. just got started and we need a few weeks to get past all the hype of school supplies, school clothes, and new beginnings.

This picture is a tad bit blurry, because I failed to look back at the picture after I snapped the thing.

Oh well....I think you can see how it turned out..

Our school colors are Royal Blue and Gold......BUT, it seems that our local Hobby Lobby and Michael's was not prepared for the 14 East Texas Schools that decided to have Homecoming early this year!  

This is what happens when you try to avoid the hustle and bustle of
Homecoming Week.   The isles at the craft stores are so crowded and it's almost impossible to find what you need.   In this case, I didn't find what I needed!!

I ended up not using the picture frame that I thought would have been so stinking cute.
Instead, I used the crown along with the initials K and T,  which stand for Kelsey and Tyler.
I decided on the crown, because Kelsey (Tyler's long time girlfriend) is a Homecoming Representative of the Jr. Class.

When I think of our High School Homecoming.......this is what comes to my mind!
When I was in school, there were NO silk mums!!!!!!!
Our MUMS were made using the real thing.   I love the smell of Mums....

This year, Kelsey is also getting a "Lighted" garter.......I think it will be sooooo cute to see the lights in the mum...especially after it gets dark outside...

The most important thing is.....Homecoming is all about enjoying those youthful years.

The game....The Homecoming Royalty....The parade....The DANCE....


The Memories!!!

I hope the kids have a wonderful Homecoming and I'm especially Hoping for a 


More photos later......and my fingers are crossed for Kelsey to be elected "Princess."

Hugs Ya'll........Shug ~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Never a Dull Moment.....

Never a dull moment......These four little words BEST describe our home!!  I promise you....we made a huge mistake by not installing  revolving doors at this house.   I never know who will be walking in the door next!   I never know who will be staying for dinner.

I was busy doing something this afternoon and to my amazement, I look up and see the face of a kid that I have never seen before.  But, this is nothing NEW.     I love for the kids to invite their friends over!   Tucker introduced me to his friend and the first thing that his friend said was:  "I love your cooking."     

Of course, I'm thinking......"I've never seen you do you know anything about my cooking?"     Seems that Tucker is always sharing his goodies with his friends at school.   Yay for this!!

If you will take a moment to notice my header picture, you will see, none other than Tyler and Shanda.   Wrestling is just what happens around here!  It appears that Shanda is under to assumption that she can stand strong with Tyler.........Hmmm, lets take a look and see!!

It's not looking Good!!     Sister (this is what the kids call her) has gotten herself in quite a predicament!!

YES.........indeed she has!!

When the wrestling starts around this place, one can usually find ME......standing back saying "Oooooooo, Ooooooooo, Ooooooooo......Ya'll stop now!"

Do they listen to me????    NOT!!

Mylee Jo has come to the rescue of her mom!!    Not sure she was able to stop these two, but at least she was trying.

I've always heard it said that "A happy home is full of laughter and love."   We definitely have lots of laughter and TONS of Love around this place.....

Laughter and Love to each of you!!


  Isn't she lovely?  I gave a broken piece from my cactus to Trista in order for her to start one for herself.   Here is my OLD cactus! ...