Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Do you see the word "EXPAND" anywhere?

Oh what a day!  Today,  I've been doing a little antique shopping with my Honeyboo (Sam) and two of our fabulous friends, Joe and Mo!

What a GREAT day it has been.....  First of all......I always enjoy shopping for antiques! comrades are more fun than a huge barrel of monkeys.....and Third.....the weather was fabulushious!!

Not only did we find a few antiques, but we also found the "Collin Street Bakery!"

Not only is the "Collin Street Bakery" famous for their delicious "Fruit Cakes," but honestly speaking.......It's one of those places that you can't pass by without stopping in to taste their huge selection of cookies!!  
They are Fabulous!!

Speaking of goodies.....    You all know how much I love the Lord.   I do....I really, really, really do!

But here's the thing.......I must not have used the word "EXPAND" exactly right when I ask God to expand a few things in my life!!

What I had in mind was for HIM to expand my spiritual expand my walk with expand my trust!

What I meant to say was "Expand the vision in my Eyes" so that I can see more clearly, but now I wondering if I didn't somehow get my words mixed up and ask him to "EXPAND my THIGHS!"

Give me a little help here......Do you see the word EXPAND anywhere in this phrase?
"I'll have a LARGE Dr. Pepper"  or how about this phrase:   "Can I please have a burger with extra fries" 

I don't see it either!!!!!!

OH.......I haven't gained any weight......but I haven't lost any either!!

Goodies are my weakness and can you guess what season it is that has the BEST of the BEST kinds of foods?  That's right.......FALL!     Me oh my oh......there are all kinds of great tasting things that come along with the season of FALL.  

I'm guessing that what I really need to do is to make better choices, not only with the things that I choose to eat, but I need to have a better understanding of the words I speak!!   Lol....

Hey y'all......I'm hoping to be a Blessing to someone!

Big Hugs,
Shug ~


Anonymous said...

I know exactly of which you speak ( write, lol), treats are my weakness as well, but you are beautiful and I suppose I am too, lets be happy and maybe the few extra pounds will leave us, but not miss out on life by worrying over it, life is too short,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You are a blessing,not only today but every day. Maybe that's my problem,I have not used the right words in my prayers.You see,I only need to look at a cookbook and I can feel my clothes getting tighter.Perhaps if I didn't make the goodies that wouldn't happen. LOL Have a blessed Lord's day.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I have to confess that when I saw "expand" I immediately thought that is what I am doing... not is a good way, but a girth way. LOL! Sounds like you had a great day, Shug. Here's to each of us making some better choices. blessings ~ tanna

Michelle said...

We all need a cookie every now and again ;)

must love junk said...

Ha! Shug, I can relate! I have such a sweet tooth...I wouldn't be able to pass by that bakery, either! :)

Debbie said...

For awhile after moving to Illinois from Texas, Collins was a connection. I finally pulled out my mom's recipe and make fruitcakes each year at Thanksgiving to have for Christmas. Now many of my friends have developed a love for my fruitcake and I'm making a double batch. THis year, I have some young women coming over to learn how to make the oldworld confections, and I'm tickled to death to prove that fruitcakes are not the 'doorstops' that people joke they are. :D

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