Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, September 27, 2013

I love the Stars, but do they really know??

I have to tell you the truth......I AM NOT A BELIEVER IN HOROSCOPES!  A lot of magazines have articles on horoscopes, and it's easy to see where some folks could easily get hung up in reading them on a daily basis.  Curiosity draws us to read the silly things, because......if we know our future, then we believe that we can do something about it.     

I'll admit that I have actually read the crazy things before...... but.... according to my Zodiac Sign.....from years ago.....I was suppose to gain a WHOLE LOT of money........and I'm still waiting on it!!!!!!

I also have been close to a break up in the Romance Department! (According to my Horoscope)  Hmmmmm.....this would have certainly been a shocker to me!!!!!  I've been with the love of my life for going on 42 years of marriage, plus 5 years prior to that. 

During my visit to the grocery store the other day, I overheard a couple of young girls talking about their horoscopes.  One of them was super excited because, according to her zodiac sign, she would soon have that relationship with the guy she has waited so long for.  

The other girl was not at all happy with her reading.....apparently, her sign said that she had been full of luck for the past couple of months, but now.... her luck was being TRIMMED!

I had to let out a little chuckle!  She was saying that she hasn't had ANY luck and if she hasn't had any and it gets trimmed, then that was going to leave her in a pickle!!  Do you suppose that this poor soul will go around for the next few weeks, looking for no luck at all?

I've read where this is the year of the snake for the Chinese and even perhaps the Vietnamese.   Heck.....I don't know!  I have no clue what this means and I really don't care to research it either.   Whatever it means, it doesn't sound good to me.   Who would want to celebrate the year of the snake?

Now......if here in America, they said it was the year of the Alligator, I would be more likely to believe this.   Reason being.....This has been one of those years that I feel like I have been wrestling with a gator and he is about to get the best of me!!  I would have good cause to believe that he has even chewed on me from time to time.

But, thank goodness.....I don't have to believe like this.   There is a song that says: "In the good times and the bad times Lord, I've learned to lean on you."

This is all that we have to do........Lean on God!!   I can quickly tell you, that I don't  believe in Luck!!  So, if I don't believe in luck, then I can clearly know that I don't have to expect BAD luck along the way.   This young girl is not going to see bad luck.......She may experience so hard times along the way, but it's not bad luck.   God is the one who guides her days and I do not believe that HE writes what is going to happen to her.....IN THE STARS!

Here are some more words to that good ol' song......" I lean on you."

It says:  "I've been on the mountain, when the sun was shining bright"   (We all love these kind of days....

"I've been in the valley's when the clouds were black as night"  (It's so easy to allow fear to grip our souls when we are in the valley's)

"I've been betrayed like Jesus, by a friend who wasn't true"  ( A lot of us have been here)

"But in the good times and the bad times Lord, I've learned to lean on you"
(and this is what we are suppose to do.....God longs for us to lean on HIM)

And......I love this part..

"You know, I've heard the battle raging, then I prayed till Victory came"
"There's been times I really thought Lord, you don't even know my name"
"But I've been Blessed and I've been down where I didn't know what to do"
"But in the time of Joy or sorrow, Lord, I've learned to lean on you"
"That's why I'm leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarm"
"Leaning, leaning, but in the good times or the bad times, Lord"
"I've learned to lean on you"

Isn't this wonderful?  We do not have to depend on the words in a Horoscope to tell us what to do.....After all......just like I said yesterday, I know who holds my tomorrows!!
All we need to do is to Trust God and learn to lean on HIM...

I love y'all....



Lea said...

Wonderful post and truth filled. Horoscopes were the "be all, do all" when I was a teenager and my parents quickly got me away from any thoughts concerning them. Of course, my Dad was a minister and he didn't want me having any part of that. Happy weekend!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Leaning on Jesus,that is the only way to live.I don't even want to think where I might be without my Lord. said...

You have such a way with words and I think you are a special grandma with a special love for all of them. I know with Tuckers amazing way to cope, he will adjust and be fine. I think when we get to heaven we will be so praising God we will forget our questions - Love ya girl!

Ginny said...

The bible has some really bad things to say about people who follow horoscopes. And Shug, I know you would agree with me that it is such a blessing that we do not know the future. God want us to take one day at a time, knowing our whole future would be to much! I do not want to know about the future for sure!! It is hidden from us for a very good reason.

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

Once I discovered in the bible that it's wrong to consult with fortune tellers or those who look to the stars for counsel, I've not even been tempted to go there again. Great reminder, Shug!

Gert said...

Oh Shug, I too believe as you do! No year of the "snake" for me or Horoscopes! We all must trust in The Lord!


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