Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, September 30, 2013

What Time Is It????

Have I told you ALL lately..........That your friendship Blesses my heart!  I have been amazed at how many WONDERFUL friends that I have made in my journey of blogging.  Some of you know more about me than many of my friends around here.   I truly cherish our friendships!!

Wouldn't you know it.....I was to call the eye doctor this morning so that I could set up my appointment to see them today.   I spoke with one of the doctors that was on call this past weekend, and she told me to be sure and call, first thing Monday morning in order for them to be able to work me in.   My symptoms were similar to those of a torn retina.

My first call was made at 8:00 A.M.  ..........  a woman answered and said that I needed to call back at 8:00.   What??   According to my cell phone, it was now......8:01 and my cell clock in never wrong.
I politely said that I would.   Second call was made at 8:15 and again, the answering service picked up.   I apologized and went on to inquire as to what time the eye clinic opened.   The lady told me that it opened at 8:00 and, could I please call back at that time!!!!!

Listen y' this point, I wasn't sure if it was my EYE or my MIND that was needing to be checked.  I called again at 8:30, only to hear the same voice that I heard the first time I called.
This lady informed me that the clinic did not open until 8:00.........I looked at the clock in the kitchen, then I looked back down at the clock on my phone........YES was 8:32.  I ask the dear soul if she had looked at the clock lately, and if there was ever going to be someone from the office, answer the phone today.

Her reply:  "The phones are not working at the eye clinic right now."   And my brain was thinking..... Duh!!! I think I can tell that by now, but why don't you just say, the phones are not working, instead of saying the office opens at 8:00.      I'm thinking to myself......PATIENCE, Nelly.   I have to somehow maintain an order of patience here. 

I went ahead and got dressed and decided to drive on over to the eye care office.   I am so thankful that I did, because when I got there, the phones were still not working.   I had stressed all weekend over the unusual lightning flashes that I was seeing in the corner of my eye, so it was on my (Determined) list to see a doctor today.

Seems,...... that my memory was playing tricks on me when the lady at the desk ask me how long it had been since I had had my eyes examined.  I was thinking maybe 3 years .......But lets try 8 years or so.   This meant that I had to fill out new paper work!!!!   I just love writing my name a dozen times and marking on each piece of paper that I am married, I'm Caucasian, and that I do not smoke, drink, or chew tobacco!!

All griping aside........I am thankful that I did get to see a doctor and that my eye does not have a torn or detached retina.   A portion of the gel has lifted and this is what is causing me to see the flashing lights.   I have two floaters in the corner of my eye, and hopefully, in time......they too will go away.

I walked out of the place with my eyes dilated BIG TIME.   Funny thing is.... the girls (Trista and Shan) and I saw a Halloween mask at Targets yesterday that was so creepy looking because the eyes looked just about the way mine felt.  I was kinda scared to take a look in the mirror, so I didn't. 

Whew......I'm glad to be back home, where I have TONS of laundry to get done....

Wherever you go......scatter seeds of Blessings...

Shug ~


Anonymous said...

it was such a good thing you went a head in to see the doctor! Nothing to fool around with for sure, I'm so glad that it was not too serious,
annoying but not the worse case scenario that could have been, thank goodness!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good thing you drove over to the clinic. Some of the people who answer the calls need a few lessons in conduct.

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

It aggravates me that the answering service was being so robotic! After a while I thought maybe she was located in another time zone. Well, glad you got it all straightened out and just drove out there. Happy it's not serious. Mercy, what a workout on your patience though! lol

Michelle said...

So very glad that is was nothing serious!

Ginny said...

I am so glad for you, Shug!! I had to have an emergency eye doctor appt. about a month ago, TOO! Turned out to be the same thing. Phil and I both have gel that is turning to liquid, it happens with age. Only mine has a little part that is tugging really hard, we have to watch it. I am glad you just WENT!!

Ginny said...

P.s. the leaves, the way they look and the texture, they look like a painting!!!

Terri Buster said...

Goodness, how crazy! I would have begun to worry that all my clocks were wrong! Glad it wasn't a torn retina..hope it heals quickly!

Debbie said...

I sure am glad that your problem was solved. Trying to get into the doc's office can be interesting at times.
When I went for my exam last year, I was diagnosed with a torn retina. I wondered what those little fireworks in the dark were. I went to a surgeon and he kept tabs on me till it healed itself. Little tests to do several times a day, that sort of thing. I am thankful for good opthomologists.Our eye health is very important.

Mary Callan said...

Good thing you went - but I know what you mean - you start wondering if you're crazy or everyone else is - everyone else is!!!
Mary x

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