Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Only as High as I can reach, can I grow...
Only as far as I can seek, can I go....
Only as deep as I look, can I see....
Only as much as I dream, can I be....


I love this picture, and it is even more precious with the words written on it!

Does this mean that I still might grow?  At 5'4", I would love to still have hopes of growing a bit Taller....  I guess you could say, that I like what I see when I wear hills that make me the height of 5"7".....

No, I don't really think I'll be getting any taller, but you know what, I can still reach for the stars..  I can reach for more of God's wisdom....

Only as far as I can seek, can I go......Not to worry with this one, because I am always seeking and I am always on the GO!!
It is up to each of us as to what we are truly seeking in life...I am seeking God's direction for me and I hope to walk daily in the path that he has planned for me....

Only as deep as I look, can I see.....This is so true!  I must look beyond the outer core of life and see the truth....see the simple.....see the beauty that God has set before me...

Dreams....what would life be like without dreams?  Through our dreams, we are setting goals to reach...we are constantly seeking the happiness of life, and we are searching for a deeper understanding of our purpose.  Dreams are important!!

(the enemy was testing me this morning.....I had this post completely written and when I went to publish the post.....only the first four lines were published.  So, you are getting a more simplified version of the original post)  sorry!

I love life!!

Sweet Blessings..
shug ~


  1. A woman's reach should always exceed her grasp!!

  2. I read this last night when it was only a few lines, then cut off!! Well, I thought you had not finished it yet, and accidentally hit the Publish button. Really good thoughts, and I love the picture as well!

  3. Well, score one for you. The enemy did not win. What you reposted was perfect and hit the spot.

    I like the deeper part best. I find it particularly true when I dig DEEPER into God's Word than just what I might read at first.

    Great post, and I do like that picture too.

  4. Nice thoughts there about stretching past your ability! sandie

  5. That IS the way it goes sometimes. :)

    Happy Fall!



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