Friday, September 23, 2011

Chasing Talents...

Do you ever dream of seeing your name written on a Billboard?

This just might be something we all need to explore....especially, if you are a

person that

loves being in the highlight of things.....

How about Talents?   Do any of you ever Chase after your talents?

You know...

Seeing yourself becoming a musical artist, or desiring to be a famous


God has given each of us our own set of talents, but yet, we often spend

day after day in search of the talent/talents that WE DESIRE for ourselves....

Take me for example....God has given me the talent of being a wonderful

caregiver.....This is what I do best!  I want everyone to be happy, so

therefore, I do what ever I possibly can to help make others happy.....

But....I often find myself chasing after other talents......And I will admit, that

I find myself sometimes questioning God about the talents that are NOT mine..

Like....why can't I sing??   Why can't I be a talented musician?  Why can't I

be a famous artist?  Why can't I, why can't I, why can't I????

While I am out there chasing the talent's that God has given to others,  I am

neglecting my own......Who knows what God has in store for me, if only

I would be more grateful for what He has already given me in the way of my own talents!!

Perhaps I have talents that I fail to see, because my eyes are always focused

upon something that looks a bit more GLITTER-E.

It is not my desire to be a person that is always chasing after talents, but I would

like to know if I do have other talents within me that are being overlooked.....

Isn't it strange how other people can recognize the talents that we possess, yet

our own eyes are blinded from seeing these things?  I think the reason for this,

is the fact that we possess talents that we don't want or are not interested in.......

The Truth is....God has given each of us these special talents in order for us to use

them for HIS GLORY.....It's not even about's about serving God.

I think it's time that I start being the Best at whatever God chooses to Bless me

with....If God wants me to be the best "Fried chicken cooker" then I need to be

the "BEST" fried chicken cooker.....JUST SAYIN'   we need to strive to be the BEST

at whatever Talent He has given us!!

Hey....I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and GREAT weekend!

Shug ~


  1. Hey Shug...I'll venture a guess that one of your talents is hospitality.. Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy first day of Fall!

  2. What is the place with the sign? Is it near you? You are so RIGHT!!! Well, there are talents, gifts, and fruits of the spirit. But God put each of us here with a special things to do, and no one knows better what we should be doing than our maker! Take a great singer or actor. They may give joy to many people and be gifted to do that, but how can you beat actually being able to care for someone and make a difference in their lives? Jesus said that whoever you do this for, you are doing it for Him.

  3. Encouragement must be another of your talents. Each post gives me a much needed lift.Thanks.

  4. And can you hear a big "AMEN" out here????? It's taken me a lifetime to learn this lesson,believe me!!! It is so hard to say NO! when asked to do things that are just outside my circle of abilities. The "somebody's gotta do it" just doesn't cut it for me. I have found that I cannot do my best at what God has given me the ability to do if I'm running like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do stuff I'm no good at. I get nervous, frazzled, and in the end, nothing gets done very well at all. Thank you for being such an encourager here! It made my day!

  5. Maybe when I was younger, teenage dreaming but now, no. I hate getting all dressed up so I prefer being home in my jeans and t-shirts.

  6. Well, I know in addition to being sweet you're a great decorator! And you always have something positive to say while also sharing God's wisdom. Sometimes our gifts can't always be measured with a paint brush or our bank account, but they touch other people's lives in a profound way.

  7. Shug, you are so right about this. I want to be able to sing like nobody's business. I couldn't carry a tune if you put it in a bucket for me. I can always look around me and see so many wonderful talents and I struggle to see any of my own (that could possible make a difference in anything).

    You are an amazing inspiration with your positive attitude and grateful, loving heart. Know that.

    blessings ~ tanna


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