Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Party Time....

Good Early Morning Y'all!!

I really should be sleeping in this morning, but NOPE, I am up making "Breakfast Bread"
for all my young-N's.

Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

So.....why do I have a picture of a piece of crock ware that says Sugar on it?
Because....I found it and it had my name on it, and that is why!

SHUG....SUGAR...SUGAR BOOGER......  my names!!

Now that I have given you a short lesson about my name, let me get on with my thoughts..

The title of my post is "Party Time." 

Party is what it has felt like around here this week for me....

I have been living in a world filled with entertainment and I'm not sure this body of mine can keep up

with all the action and fun...

Civic Theater.....Saturday night, 
 Walmart.....Sunday night, (wow....this really was a party in its on way)
Book club.....Monday night, 
and "Pokeno" ...Tuesday night.....

I've already told you about the Civic Theater, so lets move forward to Walmart night.

This truly is like attending a Comedy Play and believe me, there are always a LOT of
There I was....standing in line...(You know, only 4 checkers and people with their buggies backed up 4 and 5 deep in each line) .....I am now next in line and the person in front of me just happens to have a buggy full of groceries and STUFF.....about a forth of the way through, this person announces that they forgot one item, could they just run back and pick it up......I kid you not, when they returned, they returned with a brand new red bra....size BIG!  The rest of us waiting patiently in line while one goes back to find this Big RED bra!!!

See....I told you it was comedy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday night book club was wonderful.....We are reading the book "The True Measure of a WOMAN" by Lisa Bevere.    This is a Great Book!

We have a group of ladies that meet at our church on Monday nights and we basically go over (in detail) the chapters for the week.   This book is teaching us how to discover our own individual value.

I am one of those 9:00 go to bed people, and I am usually watching the clock, starting around 8:00.
But....I can honestly say that I was not ready for our meeting to come to a close Monday night...

These ladies are wonderful and each of them have such beautiful and sincere hearts.   They make me laugh, they make me cry, and through their words and actions, they are teaching me about my own strengths and my own values...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last night it was "POKENO" night!

I have never played this before, but I had a FABULOUS time!  Do any of you play pokeno?
It is very similar to Bingo, with the exception of a few rules and different kinds of cards...

Sorry ladies....I had to alter the picture some what.....second thought, I should have left the picture as it was.....If I had posted the original picture, then lets just say, I am almost positive that at the next Pokeno meeting, you all would  be leaving MY gifts alone....Next time I'll bring my GOOD camera!!

This group of ladies are something else.....they too kept me laughing all evening...Their rules are kinda CRAZY if you ask me....for example.

If you win and you get to shout out Pokeno (however, I always yelled out ME, ME, ME) then you get to go select a gift....After all the gifts have been opened, then the rules get crazy...

If you win, you can go take some one's gift from them.   So, a person could actually leave with several gifts, one gift or as in my case NO GIFTS.

I did get this beautiful white pumpkin, but someone, not to mention their name (KAY) took it away from me....
These girls are (Hilarious) not to mention LOUD!

I'm still not sure how they did it, but it seems that Kelli and Shellie would call out Pokeno at every other calling....We all were a bit suspicious about their cards... How can two people win every other time?? 

I had a GREAT time and all I've got to say is, they better be on guard for next time....I'll have my camera and notepad in hand at all times...

BTW...did I mention that the food was Sooo Goood??

If you're looking for some fun...stop by my place!
I'll take you straight to the action!!

Walmart ???

I don't think so......

Hope you all have a fun filled crazy day....
I know I will!!

Shug ~


  1. Sounds like you are having a swinging time - good for you!

  2. You honestly CRACK ME UP!!! You are just so funny Sugar Booger!
    I can see why your social calendar is full:)

  3. Never a dull moment.I just have to question,how could you forget a red bra?Oh well,it takes all kinds.

  4. What a fun post this is, I enjoyed reading about all your happenings. I have never heard of Pokeno! It sounds really cool!! Have you ever heard of "Seeing Jesus In Wal-Mart"? I think it was my pastor who told me about this. Spend one hour in Wal-Mart, observing, then tell how you saw Jesus.

  5. Wow! Your book club makes our book club look dead! A red bra??? She forgot a red bra?

  6. Tell Sam I appreciate the thumbs up! Ben said he had been quiet on FB this week....did he get in trouble either at home or with his church? Just wondering!

  7. Oh No, no, no....The red bra goes with the Walmart outing....It was the lady at the check out counter in front of me...In the middle of her checking out,I guess she remembered she needed a red bra... wasn't the book club!!


  8. It sounds like you are having a fun, wild and kooky kind of time!
    Keep it up.



  9. What is it about is the same everywhere. We live close to one in our small town and it is the easiest place to run to for "whatever". However, I always dread it when I go in the door. It takes forever, kids are always screaming and by the time I check out I'm so hot I think I'm going to grab one of the sodas from the little frig thing at the checkout and pour it on my head!


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