Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, May 30, 2011

Generations of Americans!

"Memorial Day....2011"

On this Memorial Day, May 30th....2011

Let us give Honor to the generations of Americans that have died serving our Country....

May we pay our respect and may we acknowledge to the families how grateful we are that their loved ones fought and sacrificed for our freedom!
They will not be FORGOTTEN!

                          {Borrowed Picture}

{Borrowed Picture}

For some, Memorial Weekend is the kick off to a great Summer Season....We celebrate by having cookouts, going to the opening day at the pool, taking the family out to the lake and sometimes by taking a "MINI" vacation.   These things are all great and I think it is great to spend time with our family.....

BUT....Memorial also a day of paying respect and honoring our Military!

I would like to ask each of us to Pause at some point during the day, to think about the men and women that have given their lives and for those that are serving our Country today in order that we might have FREEDOM!!!  We need to lift them up in Prayer and ask God to protect each of them....

Enjoy this day......stay safe......and please pray!

Shug ~


Linda Stubbs said...

I hope this gets put up as a comment. It says Google error and server error on your comment area??????? . Anyway. Thank you for your beautiful post. Praying with!!!!!

Thank you for always leaving such precious comments on my blog. I wish I had the time to leave comments like I wish..........Hugs from my farm, Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble too, Linda,, (try unclicking the box that says keep signed in on the google account) I did that and it went through,,,, such a lovely post as always,,

Ginny said...

Your pictures are just stunning and really drive this point home. I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend, and also get some rest.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous post. Thanks so much. We don't ever need to stop thanking those service men and women who did (and are doing) so much for OUR FREEDOM. God Bless them ALL.

Happy Memorial Day.

gbearden125 said...

Really enjoyed did a great job! All of us take too much for granted in this great country we live in.

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