Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mylee Is Three.....

Princess Mylee Jo is turning 3.......

Oh My...It is so hard to believe that our baby granddaughter is turning 3
Her birthday is Monday, January 31st and Shug will not be here for her
big day.  (Monday is my Surgery Day)

I took her shopping last Thursday and it is a good thing that we were in the little Red Bug.
This tiny little girl wanted everything.   Swing Set, Table and Chairs, Dolls, Boy trucks, new bicycle, Balls, books, baby stroller (for herself), Barbie, Dora, swimming pool, those big things that blow up and the kids slide down through the water, bubbles, play toys.......
If I had been in the truck, I think she would have tried loading all this stuff herself in the back end.  

Oh....I can't forget about the CROWN!  This is the main item!

She has been talking about a crown and a princess birthday since September....
If we ask her what she wants, she gets upset if we don't voice that we know she wants a crown!

Do they really have to grow up?  Can't my babies just stay little for a few more years? I keep her every day through the school year, while Shanda teaches and  I love for her to come in every morning and yell:  "Sugar, I here."  She says it every single morning, and I never get tired of hearing that tiny little voice. 

She has really been singing a lot this past week.  The other day, Sam, Mylee and I were on our way home from Tyler and we heard her singing from the back seat.  "Jesus loves me this I know, for bi tells me so."  I guess she hasn't quite learned how to say Bible!

To hear the sweet sound of Mylee singing a song to God, brought tears to my eyes. They are so innocent and pure at this age....I love it!

She is rotten and I know exactly who makes her this way......They say it is Me, but it is really all of us. 

I know that she is going to have the best Birthday and next week she will talk my ears off of me about all the fun she had..... 

Happy Birthday Miss Mylee Jo...

You are our little  "Princess"

Shug Sez.........

Love them while you can....Spoil them if you want to!


  1. Happy Birthday to the little Princess!!

    I think i missed that you are having surgery.
    Wishing you well with this and a speedy recovery.


  2. Happy birthday to sweet princess, Mylee Jo! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping you in my prayers. Get lots of rest so you can get those hands back in tip-top shape.

  3. This is such a special post today mom. Mylee is so precious to all of us with her big blue eyes and adorable smile. Her party this afternoon was incredible. As she played with all her sweet little friends, my heart was filled with joy immeasurable.

    Mom praying for the best with your surgery tomorrow. Loves


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