Monday, January 31, 2011

Shhhh Shug Doesn't know I'm On Her Blog...

Bad day for Shug, fun day for Sam.   What do I mean a by a bad day for Shug?  She is in surgery getting her wrist fixed.  Don't expect anything inspirational or heartfelt..

Alright, fun day for Sam.  since we have been on a diet, and shug is in the operating room knocked out cold, I intend on slipping out of here and I'm going go down to the local donut shop. Gonna eat me a huge cinnamon roll and apple fritter.  To finish it off, a big glass of chocolate milk. If I have enough time, I'm gonna slip off to bass pro shop and hope I don't get caught up in the hunting and fishing depts so I don't get back too late to pick her up.  She would be really upset (seriously now) if I was late to pick her up like I was late for her surgery after our second daughter was born, you know like where they tie up all those lines where you can't have another baby.  Believe me she has not forgotten that boomdoggle that I did.  but really now, I had been up all night with her trying to pull that little crumb snatcher out and I was dead tired and just had to go home and take a shower.  Also thought a ten minute nap would not hurt.  But ten minutes turned into four hours and needless to say I wasn't there for the surgery.  Believe me that will never happen again because I haven't ever heard the end of it.

I guess I better get on up and get to the donut shop because that cute little nurse keeps coming into the waiting area and this old man thinks she is making eyes at him.  Shug would not be happy.  You know wife's don't like their husbands looking or their husbands being looked at.  so here I go.

Finally here.    Yum Yum.  Sugar heaven.  Oh my I feel a sugar rush coming on.  I had better get out of here and head down to the hunting store. .

Whew wee look at all the hunting and fishing stuff.  down stairs to the boats in a big hurry and I would love to have that big bass boat. only 129.00 dollars a month for the next 20 years
look at this.  all kinds of rifles and pistols shot guns knifes ammo. ok over to fishing dept rods reels tackle boxes anything to catch anything.  boy I can't wait to get on the lake.  By the way.  What time is it?

Here I am and she is not sitting here so I guess I am safe.  Here comes that little nurse she doesn't look real happy. let me listen to what she is saying:  "Mr. Pollard where have you been"  as I hang my head I know I am in trouble.  I replied to her "Is shug ok" I had to go to the bathroom and it took me a really long time.  Is she ready to go.  the nurse replies.  Well yes and she is not happy.  she has been waiting 30 min. Not sure the little nurse believed it, but shug will cause she is on the highest pain meds availble.  Ok here we go home.  Shug is sound asleep. Hmmm there is a gun shop in Wills Point. she will be asleep for two or three hours.  If I stop and leave her in the car, she will never know it.  ........................What ya think?

Sam says Shug Sez
You can't fool me


  1. Inspiring post, to say the least!!!!

  2. LOL- Blessings and Prayers Shug for a speedy recovery...

  3. Be good to Shug - Don't think she's going to like you blogging for her.

  4. Glad Shug got through the surgery fine and best wishes for a quick recovery! Cute post, but Sam might be thinking about stopping at a flower shop for something really pretty to cheer Shug up after making her wait yet again...LOL.

  5. I hope she's comfortable! Good job being sneaky!! She'll never know!

  6. i dont beleive it for a minit,,,sam aint gonna keep shug waitin,,,this is counterfit, a blog-a-scam,,,i know my buddy sam is stronger than to let a little old donut cause him to mistreat nita lynn..
    joe said it


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