Saturday, September 25, 2010

BHS Homecoming 2010

Is it Saturday Morning already?   Wow, this has been a big week....Lots of Homecoming Happenings right here in Bear

Ok, this gets complicated...

For those of you that are not familiar with our school district, our schools are a bit spread out...We have an elementary and an Intermediate here in our town, and then just 10 miles away is the rest of our schools.  Another elementary, another Intermediate, a Jr. High School and the High School...

Shanda teaches at the elementary school here and her youngest son Trey is in the second grade at the same school..
Tori, our oldest granddaughter attends the other elementary.

Trista, our oldest daughter teaches at the Intermediate that is ten miles away, and her youngest son Tucker, and Shanda's oldest son Carson attend that same school....

Let me think for a minute (thinking, thinking, thinking)
Ok....Ty, our son-in-law coaches and teaches at the High School and Tyler is a Freshman in that same school...Taylor is a SENIOR.

......This week was Homecoming week and every school does their own thing....I have taken several random pictures of all of them on different days as their school celebrated in different ways...I hope you will enjoy!

Tori and Carson:  Hair Day!

Tucker, Carson, and Tori........Sunglasses Day!

Shanda and Trey:  Camo Day!

Trista:  Sock Day!

Totally Hair Day....Tucker, Tori, and Carson

Balloon Release Day:   Trey and Shanda's school

Grayson:  Grandson of a very dear friend!  Kindergarten Student

Sock Day....I think these are Tucker's socks!

Trey, Trey..........Balloon Release Day.....

Balloon Day!

Trista and Taylor......Morning of Homecoming Pep Rally

Wonderful Friends......

Taylor and Jessie, BFF's

Shanda, Trey and Mylee.....

Tori, Tucker, and Carson....."No more pictures please"

Trey.....The Man!

Little Friends!

My Dad and Niece

Students at BHS...

Brittney.....Our Niece

Shanda, Amber, Trista, and Carla....good friends!

Tori......after a long day!

And last but not least....the results of Mylee getting
into Shanda's lipstick when no one was looking!!

I have so many pictures of Homecoming 2010.  Hope you have enjoyed sharing this week with me.....

Have a good weekend!


The best things in life are nearest:  Family and Friends are the sweetest things in life!


  1. wonderful pictures...loos like everyone had a fun week!

  2. Great Pictures - Homecoming is always fun!!

  3. Great pictures! What a great week, but I am glad it is over!!! I'm exhausted! :)


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