Friday, September 24, 2010

Juggling Expectations

Anticipation, Looking forward To, Confident Beliefs, Strong Hope,

Something Expected, Standard Of Conduct.........

These are all words in regards to Expectations.

I can best describe myself as a DREAMER...with many expectations!

I very enthusiastically make plans for myself or for others and many times

these plans prove to be unrealistic expectations.  Take for example a simple

picnic......While most people can plan a picnic based on the principle of 

enjoying a nice spread of food and just relaxing while they enjoy the

beauty of the outdoors, I (have dreams) or expectations on a much Bigger

scale.  I picture picnic basket full of all kinds of foods. 

 I might even feel that in order for the picnic to be complete, or for others to

 enjoy it, we must have family games and relays or perhaps

competitions.   And of course there must

be prizes.  Prizes that make all of the kids look forward to this planned picnic

year after year. 

Then there is the weather.  I would have dreamed that it would be a perfect

day with perfect temperatures and NO clouds or rain......

There are other kind of expectations as well.  I may be remodeling a room

and I picture in my mind exactly what the outcome is suppose to look like.

What I might not have realized is that a piece of furniture does not fit

where I had planned, or that the TV can not be seen and I have to make

adjustments to what I had planned.

I find myself becoming stressed because I either expected too much and

it doesn't work out, or my eyes are filled with tears due to the lack

of excitement that I feel from others. 

I allow myself to see these mental images and most of the time I have

not made the proper preparations in order for my plans to clearly

be followed through.  I need to focus on the simple ways of doing things.

God loves for us to come to him for all of our needs...I need to learn to pray

about my plans and seek God for wisdom in carrying out a project or

for making decisions. 

I love life and I expect others to feel the exact same way that I feel. 

I know that if I would think things through, I would come to realize that

the most fun comes when I am not out of line or stressed!!!

Shug Sez.......

Let the Lord help you with every plan you have...He will never fail us...He will never disappoint us......

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