Monday, June 28, 2010

Why do we wait?

It is a part of God's plan that we all shall die.......

Just a couple of days ago my uncle J.C. Moffeit took that journey that we all must take.  God called him home.

Uncle J.C. was my mom's oldest brother.  He was my uncle and my friend. 

Through the years, Life has it's way of separating us from relatives we once knew very well.  In our hearts we know that somewhere deep down there is that family bond, yet we sometimes allow ourselves to become way too busy to visit or to make a simple phone call just to say "Hello, or "I'm thinking of you today."

I was reminded of this last night as we attended the family visitation at the funeral home.  I was so apprehensive to open those doors, because I knew that on the other side was a family that I barely knew.  

I was re-introduced to several of my first cousins.  These are cousins that I have memories of from when I was young, but days have passed and many years have come and gone since we last saw each other.  I would say close to 40 years to be exact.

Even though this time was meant for showing respect and for comforting my uncle's family, it was also a quite, gracious reunion that my heart welcomed.  Not only was it great to see my uncle's family that I have not seen in all these years, but it was also great to visit with other family members that I seldom have the chance to sit and talk with.   

During this short visit, I could see the faces that spoke of sadness for the loss of this husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend.  But, I also saw faces filled with a smiling thankfulness of love for one another.  Every word shared, every memory of times past, seemed to bring a comforting joy to each of us. 

Why do we wait so late?  Why do we put off this time of fellowship with our cousins, aunt's, and uncle's?  Why must we only gather at the death of a loved one?  This brings a tear of sadness to my face.  I want to know these people now.  I don't want to wait until death comes and we are brought together once again to say goodby to another loved one.   Why should we allow life to separate us from having that family bond that so many long for?  

Life is for the living and we must take the time to know one another and to be proud that we are family!  Even if time only allowed us to get together once ever two years or so, then this is something that we all should do. 

We all need to take the time to reconnect with one another.  We  never know when there may be a time of need in each of our lives.  It would be great to know that we had each other to lean on and that we were that family that stood beside each other no matter what.   

My uncle lived a very quite life, and I am sad that he now is gone, but I am sure it would have brought him great happiness in knowing that we all were together again.............

The world may never notice If a flower never blooms, or even pause to wonder if a petal falls too soon.  But every life that ever forms, or even came to be, touches the world in some small way, for  all eternity.


Don't let time pass us by, grab hold of tomorrow and lean close to your family..........Blessings


  1. Life and it's many activities just have a tendency to get in the way.
    When my Mom passed away almost three years ago, I had some of the same feelings regarding
    the family members who would come and some friends from the past.
    I have tried to stay in contact with some
    of these folks but it goes both ways.
    Time goes by-so does life and we need to
    make of it what we can.

    Have a great day see you soon!


  2. Well spoken. This is the time to cherish one another.


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