Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a DAY!

Yesterday, Saturday.....was a day in the heat, or was it.  Sam and I get up early to head to the ballpark for Trey's 8:00 game.  We took our lawn chairs and set them in the perfect spot.  The shade would soon be covering us.  It was pretty comfortable until about 8:10 because by that time (IT WAS HOT OUTSIDE.)    Even though we were in the shade, there just was not enough breeze.  So, I sweated!

I came home and took a fresh cool shower and even washed my hair AGAIN.  I wasnt' really feeling well, so I decided to stay home the rest of the day.  WELL, Carson was playing in Mineola and Trey was playing in Edgewood, AND Sam wanted to go to the games!  He somehow convinced me to get dressed and go to Carson's game with him. 

I was keeping Mylee, so that meant she would be going with us.  We start to get everything loaded in the bug and realize that the lawn chairs will not fit in the back of the bug. (just a minor thing) Sam decided that we would stop at walmart and get us a couple of those canvas lawn chairs and they would be the chairs we would take each time we went in the bug.

Ok, it's 11:30 and time for lunch.  We stop and eat at subway.
Time to load up again.  We take off and when we get to Mineola, we have to go further into town to get the chairs than what we thought.  Sam stops at a ACE Hardware.  Last two chairs they had, but we got them.  Oh, and they even have a top on them to keep the sun off of us.  YEA! 

After a couple of turn arounds, we finally find the ballpark.  We pay $5.00 each to get in the park.  Get our stuff unloaded, (including Mylee) and head out to watch the game.  We got to see an inning and a half and then the game was over.  WE WON!   Here we go again.......we load up (including Mylee) and start to leave.  Sam, he stops at the gate and ask the guy if he could sell the tickets back to him since we didn't get to see much of the game.  Guess What?  He bought them back....

Ok.....Trey's game has started, so here we go.....headed to Edgewood.   We get there just in time....(JUST IN TIME FOR THE GAME TO BE OVER)  Can you believe that?  So, that little red bug turns around and we head home.  We make a few stops to let Mylee play at McDonalds while we sip on our favorite beverage.  (Carmel Frappe')  Time to load up again.

Head for home this time......Stop at Mylee's house and let her take a dip in the pool.  I couldn't hardly stand it.  She was in that cool refreshing water and we were sitting there watching her.  I just wanted to jump in, clothes and all!  But I didn't...

Ok, we are finally home and it is time to just relax for a few hours.  I felt like I had fever, so I took my temp. and sure enough, I did.  (Guess that is why I didn't feel good yesterday morning.) Fixed dinner and then guess what?  It's time to head to the ballpark to watch Tyler play against the number one team "Red Storm."  Fever or not, I wasn't going to miss this one! This team has beat us every time we have played them this year, but not last night.....WE WON THE GAME!!

The game was over around 10:00 and even at that time it was hot outside.  I came home and took another shower and washed my hair again.  I should really be clean by this time!
It was finally time for bed and I must say I was so thankful.

Not sure how many hours we spent out in the heat, but I think we spent the equal amount of hours in the car, going from ballpark to ballpark.  I love to watch all of them play ball, but yesterday was the best....Get there just in time to see each of them win their game, and then, to end the night we have the best win for the year.........That's all I've got to say about that!!!


Follow your grandchildren....Let them know how important they are to you......(even if you are hot!)

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Country Dreaming said...

Hope you are feeling better! Not good to have a fever in the summer.
Take it slow and easy!!!


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