Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kid Talk

I absolutely love to hear kids talk!  They say the cutest things and they usually speak right from their heart.

Yesterday, I was in my bathroom fixing my hair, and Carson was in there with me just piddling around.  He said "Shug, Your Still Up And Running."  I had to think for a few seconds and then I said, "Well Carson, what does that mean?"  He proceeded to explain to me just exactly what   STILL UP AND RUNNING MEANS...

For those of you who do not know, then let me take a few minutes to explain.  He taught me that it means, Shug and Pops are not like other people our age!  Wow.....that could be good, or it could be bad.

He said that other people our age just sit in their rocking chairs and watch TV.  They don't want to exercise everyday.  (Like Sam and I exercise every single day....NOT)  Other people want to be lazy and they don't get up every morning and cook for their grandchildren.  They sit around and drink coffee every morning that tries to wake them up.  All coffee does is cause you to get fat!  (Now please understand that these are his exact words.  I just happened to have a pen and piece of paper near by and I jotted down what he had to say)

People our age don't care for their grandchildren very much.  All they want to do is play games on the computer and then go back to their old stinky chair.  All they want to do is knit and take a nap....Sometimes they forget to take a shower.  (I can't imagine where on earth he would get something like that)

They don't come to watch their grandchildren play baseball and they don't wear sunglasses.  Sugar, do you know what happens when they don't wear their sunshades?  They get wrinkles and their skin is very white.  They don't get a tan like you and Pops do.

Other people your age just give their grandchildren a dollar for Easter each year and they don't even play games with their grandchildren at Christmas.  They don't want their grandchildren to be happy like you and Pops do.

(This is my favorite one)  Once you get older, you have brain problems and it causes you not to be able to hear and you can't think.  Their brain just tells them to have gas all the time.  They just sit on the couch, they get bigger and bigger...

I love it!!!

Now how bout that......Just think of what all you have learned today and what you have to look forward to in future years.  This 8 year old sure knows his business, but I can truly say that I am so thankful that Pops and Shug are not like all the rest of those people our age.....This made my day and every hour or so I get a real chuckle. 


Want some good laughs?  Set some time aside to have a real conversation with your grandchildren.  They speak the truth!!


Country Dreaming said...

Children do say the funniest things---I love to listen to the neighbor kids talk to each other--they are hysterical!
It's good to know that you don't sit in a "stinky old chair, lose you brain functioning and your hearing AND have gas!"
These things are good to know. HA! Ha!


Trish said...

Sounds to me like he has a pretty good handle on aging! :) That's a cute story.

Mom on the go said...

Loved it. Very funny. You and Pops so youthful.

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