Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movie Experience

This is that time of year when the kids are so active...To miss one of their games is out of the question..When you have 5 out of the 6 six grandchildren playing basketball and baseball, it doesn't leave much time for anything else...I'm not complaining,  it is my choice to go to all these games.  Watching them play in their sports is a lot of fun and to see their faces when they notice I am there is worth everything!

I said all of that to say that Sam and I were able to catch a movie last night.  This is something we love to do, but finding the time is very difficult.  Ok, so we go to see "Crazy Heart" and are very excited to see this movie..  The top row is where we like to sit.  We make our way up the seats and are totally enjoying our popcorn and coke!  There are four seats on the other side of me, and several other seats that were empty  in the theater.  It's just this thing I have about me, but I prefer not to have anyone sitting right next to me, it makes me feel crowded.  The movie is suppose to start at 6:40.  AT 7:10, lights are out and it is time for the movie...Yea, the seat right next to me was still empty.

Bless my heart, at the last minute in comes four people.  Three women and one man.  As you would know it,  they chose the seats on the top row, right next to me..Now who do you think sat in the seat that connected with mine...Yes, it was HIM.

I said to myself :  It is OK...I can do this...Just relax..
Why oh why does it always have to be someone that has strange habits.  I endured the extremely loud crunching of his popcorn as well as listening to him constantly blowing his nose.  Then came the picking of his teeth and to make matters worse his arm completely took over the arm rest and part of my seat. 

About half way through the movie, I kept noticing Sam looking at me..
When we got in the truck to come home after the movie, I ask him why he kept looking at me...He said he thought he could hear me breathing loud.  No, it wasn't me!  It was the man...
He was snorting or making some weird sound all through the movie...

The movie was good and I loved having this special time with Sam.  I can not say that the experience with the partner next to me was very good, but I did survive.  I'm thinking we will just stick to watching the grandchildren play ball and when I do go back to the movie, I think I will purchase an extra ticket so I can reserve the seat next to me.  This will make my movie experience much more pleasurable!

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Mom on the go said...

That must be where I get it from. I find myself being very territorial at the movies (like those are my seats or something). I lay claim to the area around me. I begin watching the theater hoping that no one sees these precious seats beside me. Crazy I know!

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