Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready for Some Quick Shopping

I am almost positive that I am not the only woman whose husband is not a true shopper...

I had been planning all week to go shopping today (Friday) because there are a couple of baby showers this weekend that I needed to buy for.  I also wanted to see if I could find some jeans for myself.  Yesterday, Sam called and suggested that I go to town last night because it was going to be raining today.  After giving it some thought, I decided that perhaps that would be best.

I sent him a text to see if he was going to go with me.  Sam's response was did I want him too.  You never know with that response if he is saying "Yes, I want to go with you, or I will go if you want me to".  Since he really does not like for me to go by myself at night, I took it as if he was saying...yes, I want to go with you....

We leave around 5:30 and my first stop was the mall to find my jeans.  Sam decides to go out into the middle of the mall and wait while I shop.  I found some cute jeans and head to the fitting room to try them on.  Just as I am in the middle of changing, my phone beeps with a text.  Here I go trying to hold up the pants and grab the phone at the same time....It was Sam....text reads:  Checking on you.  I am smart enough to know that what the text was really saying was:  "How much do you like?"..........I quickly respond "almost finished"....Everyone knows the procedure, get what you think you like and get checked out.  That is exactly what I did.  I thought I better text him and let him know I am on my way down.
Before I even pressed the send button he was there to meet me...

Second stop was Target.....This time he doesn't even get out!  Lets me out at the door...  I can't just go into Target and grab something and come right out....I love to shop in that store.  I make my way to get the items I need and I am thinking (ok, I have enough time to look at this and that).  Checking my watch, I decided I had better go on and check out.
Wouldn't you know it.....I would pick the checker that moves like a snail....So slow!  As I get back into the truck, I can feel Sam wanting to say...."I should have stayed home."

I guess it paid off for me to go to the car show with him on Sunday!  ...Perhaps that is the reason he just smiled and didn't complain.

 I do appreciate him going with me.  There is nothing like getting to be dropped off and picked up at the door.  Saves the time of looking for a parking spot and having to walk in the cold when you shop...Total time we were gone......2 hours and 15 min!  That is some quick shopping...


Mom on the go said...

Next time take your daughters... they love to shop!!!

Craig said...

The difference between a man and a woman: I read "Total time we were gone...2 hours and 15 min" and think, Holy Cow, that is a long time to be out shopping! 2 Hours and 15 minutes is what I spend shopping in a two month period, at most.

Sam should get some kind of award. :)

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