Thursday, December 7, 2023

Christmas Traditions

 Christmas Traditions!  I Love Christmas Traditions!   🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Throughout the years, our family has made many lasting memories built on Traditions.

Most of these are simple little things that require nothing but a happy attitude!  The fortunate thing for us is that most of us live in the same town, so we are able to spread these traditions out during the month of December.  

This will forever be one of my favorite things. 
1.  A family picture at Christmas!
Our family has doubled in size since this photo, but it is always fun, planning new photos each year.

Seriously....I have the Best crew! They are so very agreeable on doing whatever it is that I come up with for the year!

This next one is one of my kiddos favorites.  
2.  We all wear Pajamas on Christmas Eve!

3.  Decorating Christmas Cookies.  We even have a trophy for the person who receives the most votes on the best decorated cookie.  My competitive crew works hard to be the one whose name is added each year.

4. Christmas Games!  Bingo (every year)
Christmas Family Feud, White elephant (we change the rules on this from time to time.  sometimes funny gifts, sometimes useable gifts)...... minute to win it games and anything new that we can come up with. 

Sometimes you get picked to be Rudolph!

5.  FOOD!  
Yes....we take our Christmas Eve menu very serious!
Stuffed Quail....Sausage Balls....
These are two of the favorites, but we stick with finger foods.  This way, we have plenty of time to get on with the celebration.  

6.  Reading God's Word! 

Up until the grandkids got old enough to read, Sam would always read from the Bible.  Now, the grandkids take turns each year, reading and talking about the Birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

After all.....Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas.  

Read:  Luke 2: 8-14

Spending time with Family is such a Blessing and one that I am extremely thankful for.  I truly miss getting to spend Christmas with our Air Force family, but thank goodness we are somewhat tech savvy and can FaceTime with each other.  



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  1. So much much fun and happiness in this post. Wishing you the best festive time.


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