Thursday, November 30, 2023

God's Grace is Amazing.

 God's Grace is absolutely Amazing!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different choices that God allows us to make each and every day?

We wake up with decisions to make.  Am I hungry and do I plan on eating?  Do I feel like going before God today and seeking His will for my life?  What do I plan to wear today? Am I going to eat lunch at home or invite someone to meet me at a nice restaurant?

We are able to make hundreds of decisions or choices (whatever you want to call them) every single day.

I can tell you for certain, that I do not make all the RIGHT choices that I need to make.  I can choose to be kind to others, or I can allow my sometimes "bad mood" to rare its big head.  

This has happened in my life and as hard as I try, it might possibly happen again....... God allows me to make choices.  

I had a situation just recently come up, where I was asked to help someone.  Normally, this would be an instant thing for me.  Sure, I am always willing to help people in need.  However, this was a bit different.   I had a somewhat bitter heart and making the correct decision was not looking that great on my part.  But I knew I needed to do what would be pleasing to God.   

Many years ago, I had a friend....not a close, close friend, but someone that I considered to be my friend.  Little did I know, (even though we had known each other for YEARS" .....that their apparent definition of friendship was not the same as mine.  

This was not a TRUE friend.  

Here I was, with the opportunity in front of me, to help this person, as life has been a little difficult for them.  My very first thoughts were not so good.  I thought, NO WAY am I going to go out of my way to help someone who in the past, thought so little of our friendship.  

A few days later, I found myself constantly thinking about this situation.  I could not find peace in my heart with the choice I was making.  I asked God to guide my heart and help me to rid myself of selfish thoughts of hurt and anger.......To help me to do what was right.

God's Grace is Amazing!!!  I'm going to say this again.

God's Grace is Amazing.

Even when we allow ourselves to dwell on the things that has hurt us in the past, God beautifully appears in our souls and can instantly wipe the hurt away, and change our hearts to do good.  

This is GRACE!  HIS grace is sufficient for all my needs. Even when I am tempted to walk away from what I know is right, and selfishly try to get revenge for past hurts, God gives me Grace and leads me to the right path.  

Blessings My Friends...


* I am thankful that God led me to do the right thing and I did do what was right.  We never know who we may have (unintentionally Perhaps) hurt in the past.....and we never know when WE might very well be a person in NEED.   


  1. So...What did you do?

    Reading this reminds me of certain people in my life. Unforgiveness is a bigger problem than whatever happened between us. Giving to someone or doing something for them causes a miraculous letting go of grudges. It really does.

  2. Hi Shug~ We are all sooo human! It can be soooo hard to do serve someone, especially when we feel like we were wronged by that person. You listened to the Spirit, you did the right thing, and that takes courage and faith.

    To answer your question about having a real tree. No, it's an artificial tree, but it really does look realistic! I haven't had a real tree for many years!

    Happy December to you, Shug!! Hugs, Barb

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. God Bless You!


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