Saturday, November 25, 2023

Family Traditions

 Family Traditions...

Most all of us have some kind of family traditions that we do each year at the Holidays.  

We have a few of these that take place at  Thanksgiving, and a lot of traditions at Christmas.

Of course, the main tradition as for many, is Turkey and Dressing for our Thanksgiving meal.  🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃. Even though I am not a fan of Turkey, this big ol' bird is a must at our dinner table.  

Eat, Talk about all the many things we are Thankful for, sleep and eat some more is what fills our Thanksgiving day!

Then comes Black Friday!!  Shopping for the girls and hanging the outdoor lights for the guys.

This picture ↑↑↑ came up on my timeline yesterday and I still think it is funny! 😁

This is when we shopped from about 3:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night.  WOO..too much for me now days!

Here are a couple of pictures from our shopping this year!

Me, Shan and Mylee Jo

Mylee, Trista, Shanda and Emily

The store we were at in the above photo, had the cutest Christmas Decorations.  I think maybe we were in this particular store for quite some time!

After all the shopping, it was time to meet the guys.  We always go to the Jalepeno Tree for Mexican Food.  Family Tradition!!!

I was waiting on us to be seated when I took this picture of the Aquarium, and the top of my head.

After a long day of shopping, it feels great to sit and rest the feet.

We had many laughs as the waitress was getting our drinks placed in front of us.  
Mylee spilled her Dr. Pepper and about 5 min after we got it cleaned up, she spilled the second glass of Dr Pepper.  Our little waitress was so sweet and helped us get the table cleaned up again.  

And finally we were all settled.  

What kind of traditions do you all enjoy at Thanksgiving?  

Shug 💛

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  1. It was great to see your family!!! Our tradition is to put up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend.


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