Friday, May 12, 2023

Hot Button....Stay Positive

I am pretty sure that    Everyone has a HOT  button,

Including me! 

So.....who or What is causing your heart rate to go UP↑↑↑↑↑

For me.....It is Health Insurance!
I have recently learned so many things in dealing with Tammy's Health issues. Things I had no knowledge of. 

Just thought this would be good information to pass along.

1. Certain Supplemental Insurances become your primary insurance, therefore....YOU DO NOT HAVE your Supplemental insurance and Medicare that you thought you had.  The supplemental Insurance REPLACES your Medicare!! Yep..just found this out!  Not All supplementals are this way.  Be sure to check and see if yours is.  

2.  It is not your Doctor that completely decides if you get and MRI or other test that are very much needed.  NO...Your Doctor has to send the request to your insurance company and they ultimately make the decision...Not even knowing if you have a life or death situation going on.  

3.  In many cases, it is a hospitalist who decides what care you get and if you need to be admitted into the hospital.  They also decide when you will be going home! You might not ever see the hospitalist....they follow your CHART!

4.  Many of the hospitals and Rehab facilities have staffing shortages.  
Seriously...every patient needs a family member to HELP take care of the them.  I feel bad for those who have no one to help with even the small things.  
Hope this has helped....I wish I had known some of these things.  You assume that when you have insurance and you pay BIG premiums each month, that your Health Care needs will be met and covered.  It is make sure you read every word...large print as well as the fine print. 

I have learned SO much!




  1. The health insurance situations you describe sound like they can be majorly frustrating. I agree, everyone needs an advocate, and many people do not have one as they age.

  2. Yes, it is sad that the insurance companies are deciding on our medical tests!! These are important things to know, as well. Also, when you are choosing a supplemental, most of them have a list of doctors and you can only chose from the ones on the list!

  3. Hi Shug...this is so sad! I found out a lot about what insurance will NOT do for you when I had my recent surgery. You are so right, read the large and small print. Sometimes the insurance company assumes what your medical needs are instead of listening to the Dr. I think is terrible that our medical needs are in the hands of non- medical workers. Thank you for bringing this info to our attention. I
    Wishing the best for Tammy, and keeping her in my prayers. Hugs, Barb

  4. Thank you for the tips. Yes, the whole thing is a RACKET!!!
    In fact we had a friend who was denied a surgery by an insurance company!


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