Tuesday, December 21, 2021

 It's Christmas week and I want to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  

As you can see in my header photo, I have posted a picture of our youngest grandson.  Trey was in a bad car accident two weeks ago tonight.  He was thrown from the truck and a portion of the truck landed on top of him.  We are very Thankful that he is alive.  Thank you Lord.

I'm sure that those who are friends with me on Facebook, have been keeping up with his progress.  He is home, but is not able to stand.  He is in a lift chair and sleeps in a recliner.  We are super Thankful for NO head injury, however, he has multiple injuries in the rest of his body.

He has two messed up shoulders, broken ribs, had a dislocated hip which is now back in place, two fractures in his back, and a huge (over 60 stitches) cut on his leg.  

He is unable to stand, due to the hip, the cut and the fractures in his back.  Looking at possibly 8 weeks before he can stand.  Shanda has had her hands full, taking care of meds, blood thinner shots, and making sure Trey's pain level is controlled.   His dad and brother  have to help him move from the wheel chair to the potty chair and back to the recliner.    215 pounds is a little too much for our small Shanda to handle.  

So many people have been praying for him, and we have seen some improvement.  There is great Power in Prayer. I would just ask each of you to pray and to specifically pray for his back and his cut on the leg.  We are praying for healing of the back and NO infection in the leg.  

Needless to say, the month of December has gone by fast and my mind has been far from gifts and Christmas cooking.  It has taken all of us (his family) to keep things running smooth and to keep him comfortable.  

Trey has had a good attitude even with all the pain and trauma.  He is a great young 18 year old man.

I do hope each of you enjoy your families this Christmas Season and that your lives will be rich in God's love.



  1. Oh NO, I am SO sorry!! YES, I will be praying for him, I am the Prayer Lady at our church. Please keep us posted.

  2. The Lord bless you and keep you, Trey.

    Praying for healing. 💙

  3. Hi Shug~

    Oh my goodness, prayers will be said for Trey and your entire family. Many blessings for a quick and complete recovery. Thank you for so much for the opportunity to pray for this special young man.

    Gentle hugs, dear friend.

  4. How is Trey? We have been praying here.


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