Thursday, September 23, 2021

 Is it August still?   My calendar shows that we are already in September, but I have no idea where all of these days have gone.  We are already 23 days in to September and it honestly feels like it should just now be the end of August. 

This is what happens when one is super busy working on projects, and busy enjoying family that you haven't seen in a year.   

We enjoyed 10 great days with our Air Force family during the first part of September.  Keelan (our 6 year old) and Emma (our 18 month old) have grown so much and it was awesome getting to hug on them every day.  Tyler and Emalee We enjoyed a few evenings, getting to visit with old friends.  We had a big family fish fry and the pool was still warm enough for the kids to swim everyday.  

I've been making Homecoming mums for Mylee as well as working on decorations for Mine and Sam's 50th High School Class Reunion.   Our Reunion is this coming Saturday evening and we are super excited to see OLD Classmates and friends.  I'll show the table decorations in my next post...

We are fixing (Texas slang word) to head out to a football game where Mylee Jo will be doing her BEAR mascot cheers.  I love watching her...    Tomorrow night, we will be at "Friday Night Lights" (HS football game) and this will be special because, it is HOMECOMING!!

Reunion Saturday night........and then, I am going to take next week OFF and do nothing!!!

Just a quick update on what is happening in East Texas...



  1. Thanks for checking in with us, it's good to know all is well. Sounds like you've been having a ball! I can't wait to see your Mums!

  2. Hi Shug! You have been a busy girl, but it sounds like the best kind of busy! Have fun at your reunion!!

  3. Good to hear from you, Shug. Sounds like busy times, but those are usually the best ones!

  4. I hope you very much enjoy all the upcoming events. I am sure the decorations will be wonderful. You are so talented.


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