Thursday, April 29, 2021

We Have A Bear

 We have a Bear!!!

Cheer and Mascot tryouts is a big thing in Texas.....and last week was the big day for Jr. High tryouts at our school.

Mylee enjoyed being a mascot last year, so she decided to try out again for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

So....we have a BEAR!!!   

I'm super proud of MJ.....she worked very hard on her routine and all her props!  She also arranged multiple songs  together in order to make her musical tape.  She created her own moves and her performance was so good!!!

She used a Hawaiian theme, complete with totem poles, 
a beach background, Flamingos, Palm trees, surf board and even a huge (made out of a box) bottle of suntan lotion.  

I would say this was great thinking from a 13 year old.

Congratulations Mylee.....!!!

MJ, Sassy, Mylee Jo........(Just a few of her names) is a super busy young lady.  Not only is she an Honor Student, but she is very active as a student counsel member as well as MANY Sports. 

Love you Sassy and we are so proud of you!



  1. She sure is multi-talented, and will go far in life! Plus being beautiful. My first look at the bear, I thoght it looked so Hawaiian! It is really cool looking, she did such a good job.

  2. Another name for MyleeJo: Your "Mini-Me"..... She looks more like you than any of the others I think... Such a beautiful granddaughter. We have watched her really grow up!!!!!

    Congrats to your precious "Bear"...


  3. Fantastic... and a dreamer too!! Love it!


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