Sunday, April 18, 2021

 Once again....we have had a cool weekend.  It rained here on Thursday and Friday of this past week, and there was little to NO sunshine on Saturday.  Today, the sun has made it's appearance even though we have a lot of clouds in the sky.

Sam and I were going to go see the Bluebonnets yesterday, but with such cloudy weather, we decided to stay around here and visit a couple of flower nurseries to pick up a few plants that I have been looking for to plant in my flowerbeds.

This is actually a hanging basket....

A few coleus and some fountain grass...
also, some mystic blue salvia.

Mexican heather, hydrangeas, and some flowering moss.

And of course, in the Texas always need a few lantana plants.

I sure have a lot of work ahead of me this next week!!

Shug 🌷


  1. Beautiful flowers. Your Lantana reminded me that I really need to get some this year again.I missed out last summer.

  2. they are all so pretty, especially the Blue Salvia. I love the flowerpot gardener!! I am assuming you found him at a nursery, and he was not for sale.

  3. I purchased a lantana for the first time last summer. I wintered it over in the house. I LOVE it! Mine is orange.

  4. I love the flower pot guy. The flowers are gorgeous.
    We had snow yesterday (see post), thankfully most
    of our flowers are in containers and the other things
    aren't planted yet.
    We will warm up soon.

    Enjoy your flowers.

    M : )


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