Sunday, April 4, 2021

 Happy Easter......🐣

  What is your favorite thing about Easter?  

Family get-togethers?    Easter Baskets?

Dressing in your finest clothes?     Egg hunts?

Good Food?      Candy eggs and chocolate Bunnies?

All of the above things are FUN....However, as a Christian, I know the true significance of EASTER>

Jesus is Alive!!!!!   Hallelujah !!!

Jesus was not just any prophet or just any teacher.....He was/is the Son of God...the RISEN savior!!!   Death did not win...Jesus arose and lives forever!!

Can you just imagine how Glorious it must have been on Easter morning, to have seen an empty tomb?  The grave was empty and death had lost it's sting!

Happy Easter my dear friends...🐥


  1. For sure Jesus is my favorie thing about Easter. He IS the reason for Easter. Your eggs are stunning. I bet you're having fun today!

  2. Oh the blessings of serving and trusting the risen Christ!

  3. A beautiful post. Hope you and your family had a nice Easter.


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