Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hey Friends......

Today was a wonderful day for taking in deep breaths and enjoying how great life is.  

This has been a beautiful Sunday!  This morning, Sam suggested that we pack a picnic and head out somewhere quite, to enjoy this wonderful day.  

We packed a few things in a cooler, stopped and  got our daily "Sonic" un-sweet tea, then headed over to a state park to spend the morning.   

Sometimes, we all just need to take time out for a day such as this.  

It was so nice to find a picnic table at the edge of the lake.   We had a great view and were surrounded by so many sounds of nature.

We listened to the sounds of many different kinds of birds and could hear the gentleness of leaves falling to the ground.  In the distance, we could hear the sound of moving water, as kayakers would paddle by.   Over in a different direction, we could hear the soft sound of the floating dock, as people would walk out on it to enjoy casting a few lines in hopes of catching a fish or two. 

   We read scripture, and listened to some good ol' gospel music. 
Guess you could say, we had our own little church service this morning.  

After we ate lunch, we walked down to see the beautiful water......up close!   Then, we followed a hiking trail over to the floating pier where people were fishing.   After following the trail back up the hill, and climbing a few steps along the way, we ended up back at the picnic table.   

We packed up and headed back home........ I am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to enjoy time with the love of my life!!

Later this afternoon, we stopped by Tom and Shanda's house to watch the kids carve pumpkins!!  

Mylee Jo's pumpkin.....check out those crazy teeth.    lol.

Emily's pumpkin!!   Emily is our grandson's (Carson)  beautiful girlfriend....   She is precious!    By the way, we have 2 Emily's and 1 Emalee in the family!  Oldest grandson, Tyler, is married to Emalee.   Grandson Carson has his Emily and another grandson, Tucker has a Emily for his girlfriend.   The other grandson has a girlfriend, but her name is Hannah.   They are all PRECIOUS!!

                                            Carson and Emily....

Mylee's pumpkin, Emily's pumpkin and Carson's pumpkin.

They look great!!

A wonderful day filled with many Blessings!



  1. Looks like you picked the perfect place to picnic. A Sunday to appreciate the beauty that God gave us. The leaf is so perfect that it actually looks painted. And I love what the sun is doing to the leaves on the tree. The pumpkins are all expertly done! I could never carve one this well.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. I smiled as I remembered days like that with my dear Hubby.Precious memories.

  3. Your day sounds perfect to me, Shug, I love spare of the moment outings, they seem to work out so well!.
    The pumpkin carvings are so cute, I haven't carved a pumpkin since our children were home, and that has been quite a while.
    Thanks for sharing, and thank you for visiting me.

  4. A perfect way to spend a Sunday.

    The park looks beautiful.

    M : )

  5. Hi Shug!

    What gorgeous photos, and what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I loved your description of the water, the sounds and the beautiful surroundings, all perfect! I think that's a perfect way to go to church my friend!!

    The pumpkins are adorable, I love the crazy teeth! We have an Emily in our family as well...very popular name!

    Hugs and Love,


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