Thursday, October 24, 2019

                                                         Happy Birthday

                                     To this guy right here ↓

I have not clue what was going on yesterday, but I could not get my blog to post.   

My sweetie turned 67 yesterday, and he celebrated a very fun filled day!   

The kids all met us for dinner last night and not only did he enjoy the dinner, but he absolutely loved all of his gifts!!  

They fixed him up good.   

He is most definitely the Love of my life and I pray he is Blessed with many more Birthday celebrations.   


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hey Friends......

Today was a wonderful day for taking in deep breaths and enjoying how great life is.  

This has been a beautiful Sunday!  This morning, Sam suggested that we pack a picnic and head out somewhere quite, to enjoy this wonderful day.  

We packed a few things in a cooler, stopped and  got our daily "Sonic" un-sweet tea, then headed over to a state park to spend the morning.   

Sometimes, we all just need to take time out for a day such as this.  

It was so nice to find a picnic table at the edge of the lake.   We had a great view and were surrounded by so many sounds of nature.

We listened to the sounds of many different kinds of birds and could hear the gentleness of leaves falling to the ground.  In the distance, we could hear the sound of moving water, as kayakers would paddle by.   Over in a different direction, we could hear the soft sound of the floating dock, as people would walk out on it to enjoy casting a few lines in hopes of catching a fish or two. 

   We read scripture, and listened to some good ol' gospel music. 
Guess you could say, we had our own little church service this morning.  

After we ate lunch, we walked down to see the beautiful water......up close!   Then, we followed a hiking trail over to the floating pier where people were fishing.   After following the trail back up the hill, and climbing a few steps along the way, we ended up back at the picnic table.   

We packed up and headed back home........ I am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to enjoy time with the love of my life!!

Later this afternoon, we stopped by Tom and Shanda's house to watch the kids carve pumpkins!!  

Mylee Jo's pumpkin.....check out those crazy teeth.    lol.

Emily's pumpkin!!   Emily is our grandson's (Carson)  beautiful girlfriend....   She is precious!    By the way, we have 2 Emily's and 1 Emalee in the family!  Oldest grandson, Tyler, is married to Emalee.   Grandson Carson has his Emily and another grandson, Tucker has a Emily for his girlfriend.   The other grandson has a girlfriend, but her name is Hannah.   They are all PRECIOUS!!

                                            Carson and Emily....

Mylee's pumpkin, Emily's pumpkin and Carson's pumpkin.

They look great!!

A wonderful day filled with many Blessings!


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

............. As I sit here this morning, drinking my coffee, I've been thinking about my day.   I have plans to go watch our grandson play baseball today.   I will probably run into a few people I know, as well as many people that I have never seen before.   

What will my words be like today?  Will they encourage others, or will there be a chance that what I speak, can somehow hurt someone?   It is my desire to always speak Blessings into the lives of those I come in contact with.   

We should all wake up each and every day, asking God to let our words be pleasing unto HIM.   Asking God to help us to breath life into the lives of those around us.  After all.....this is exactly what I want others to do for me.  

The words that we speak are very powerful.  I hope that the words that I speak will bring a smile to a friends face, and even a smile to a stranger that I might meet.   

Today is going to be a great day......may each hour of your day bring about love and kind words!!


Monday, October 14, 2019

It has been an interesting past two weeks!!!   Sam and I took a couple of weeks and did a little business as well as some side trips for a mini vacation.   

We left on September 28th and headed EAST.   We made a couple of business stops on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, before heading over to see our kiddos in South Carolina.   We made a stop at the Air Force Base to pick them up,  and then it was off to Myrtle Beach.  

This is one of my favorite pictures.   I love how I "accidentally"
captured Tyler and Emalee's reflection on the beach!  

We had never been to the East Coast before.......usually, if we go to the beach, we go to Florida.  It was very interesting to see the difference in  beach sands as well as the water.   

Tyler and K spending some quality time at the pool.

The above picture was taken at a Seafood buffet!  Oh my goodness, it was so good!   Tyler and Emalee knew I was snapping a picture of them! They tricked me with their expressions!  ha!  lol...

 Yes, my friends....this is a picture of Sam's ice cream bowl.  A whole lot of ice cream!!!

A little Putt Putt time with family....  the picture is a bit blurry, but just to let you know, we had a great time!


 NEW announcement:   They (Tyler, Emalee, Keelan ) are MOVING to California!!   He has to be at his new base by January 31st!   I am super excited for them and believe me....I've already checked prices on flights to Cali.   

After leaving the grands behind.....Sam and I traveled into North Carolina and eventually into Tennessee.   The best part of the second half of our trip, was that we had NO PLANS.   Nothing was planned out and so we stopped when we wanted to and visited places that we had no idea we were going to visit.

This was in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee.   I always love visiting this area in the Fall.   

A picture as we were driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains...

A gorgeous Falls in North Carolina...  I think it was Fall Creek Falls.

 Our un-planned HIKE.....   This was a first for us, as we are not really hikers.   The funny thing about this hike was.....I had on my famous flip flops that I love to wear all throughout the year....and Sam had on some comfy shoes that are not made for hiking.   I even had my purse on my shoulder and beads around my neck!  LOL.   But....we decided to hike this mile long trail.   It was so much fun, even if the other hikers looked at us as if they knew we did not look like your typical hikers...

It was well worth the hike.....even including the 75 plus step that we climbed.   

This fire was perfect because the temps had changed and it was really cool outside...

Sam at  Chimney Rock Mountain.   You can't really tell from this picture, but this was WAY UP THERE!!   To high for me!!   I did do the drive up the mountain and then I went with Sam up the 26 story elevator, but I just could not climb these stairs for fear of heights.

There was so much beauty all around us.   

We ended the second week with a few more business stops, but even those stops were Blessings as well.....  

I love these kind of trips...


PS......I forgot to tell you all about all my goodies that I purchased on this trip.  LOTS of Christmas ornaments and even a tree.   My sweetie never complained about all of those little bells and ornaments RATTLING ALL THE WAY HOME!!  

Sunday, October 13, 2019

I have always been a big fan of "Gus"......better known as Robert Duvall.   I'm also a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones (Captain Woodrow F. Call)    Yep...   "LONESOME DOVE"  is most definitely one of my favorites!

My sweetie just happened to find out that LD was going to be showing on one of the channels that WE DO NOT GET.......but that was certainly not a problem for him.   He called our carrier and ordered the channel.  Not only did he order this specific channel, but he ordered several other "WESTERN" channels.  

Looks like many of our Winter days just might be spent watching channel 583.   LOL.


I am thrilled to be back in East Texas, after 2 weeks on the road, traveling.   Sam and I took a week of vacation and one week for a business trip!  I have much to share as soon as I get my photos edited.   

Hope everyone has enjoyed a beautiful weekend....


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