Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Goodness, goodness.....I just realized that I haven't written a blog post since May 29th.   

School is out.....grandkids and daughters are home for the Summer.
They will all be on vacation in about a week and will be traveling to Orange Beach for a week on the Beach.   Tyler, Emalee and Keelan are going to meet them there.   I know it will be a Fun-filled week for all of them.  

Sam and I were suppose to go with them, but with Sam's surgery this week, we felt like it was best for us to stay home this time.  

Sam had his gallbladder taken out on Monday!  Oh yes...he is definitely sore today and moving a little slow.   He has not felt well in quite some time and I know that removing his "Sick" gallbladder is going to make a huge difference in the way he feels.

                                         Flowerbed News:

I have used Seven Dust and the bugs are still eating my Potato vine.
I'm not too happy about this.   Guess I'll just keep using it and hopefully I can get rid of them.

My cactus is doing well.....Yay!!   I wanted to plant some things this year that don't require so much watering.    We have already had some HOT days here and by July and will be in the 100's.    


Just want to throw this in here.........  Prayer is so very important!!
We all need to have a strong prayer life each and every day.   I was so tired last night when we got in bed and even though I started praying, I soon found myself dozing off.  I remember waking up a couple of times and thinking...."I need to pray about this and I need to pray for this person," but I would fall off back to sleep.

This is just one of the reasons that I am thankful for a strong prayer life.  God knows when we are exhausted.  HE knows our heart and our intentions.   I'm so thankful that anytime of the day, I can pray!
I'm thankful that my prayer life isn't on a time schedule and if I miss it, then toooooo Bad for those that I needed to lift up in Prayer.   

Same goes for spending time Praising and Worshipping the Lord.  I can do this anytime of the day or night.....I'm not limited to a particular day, time or hour.   I can sing Praises or I can spend time thanking God for who HE is!!    God is so good!

Here's to hoping you all have a blessed day.  



Melinda said...

Glad to hear that Sam is on the mend.
Gallbladder surgery is not fun at all,
I was not at all impressed. Hope his recovery
goes smoothly. Sending prayers for you both.

Enjoy your weather before it get too HOT, love your

M : )

Sandi said...

I just googled Seven Dust. Apparently, it is a rock band. Ha ha...I bet that was not good for your plants!


Is it like diatomaceous earth?

Ruth Hiebert said...

Yes,we can and should be praying and praising throughout the day. Hope that Sam is well on his way to feeling good again.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I totally agree about our prayer life! In fact, I am the prayer lady at church! I LOVE the yellow and blue yard decoration in your yard!!! I'm thinking it spins around in the wind.

Pam said...

Sounds like a busy time for your family. Beach time sounds great. Hope Sam is feeling better now. I had GB surgery too and it absolutely made a huge difference. I know it's nice and warm down your way, send it this way, please! Chilly, in 50's and 60's, more rain and thunderstorms today. Love your cactus! You're right, prayer is important and it's a part of my daily routine, at any time!

Sue said...

Prayers for a quick recovery for Sam, good luck with your gardening, your flowers are so pretty , potato vines are one of my favorite plants.
Your thoughts are exactly how I feel about prayers, walking with God means exactly that to me, I find that I can call on Him at any time of day or night, He is always there.
Thank you for sharing.

Henny Penny said...

Oh wow! You have such a beautiful place! Your potato vine looks like my eggplants in the garden. These tiny little black bugs keep eating holes in the leaves. All of your plants are pretty and I like that cactus. Normally I don't care for cactus, but that is very pretty. I love what you said about prayer and praising God...that there is no set time. I like that.

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