Thursday, February 28, 2019

Who.........who remembers the days Without a cell phone?   


I know that having cell phones sure makes life a lot easier, but does it Really?   I am expecting a delivery this morning and I am suppose to get a call before the truck comes to our house.   I don't know if my hearing is not as good as it once was or what, but I can't hear my cell phone ring when I'm on one end of the house and my phone is on the other.   

So...what do I do?  I'm toting that little device around today, not wanting to miss my call.  

I think this is a great picture and I'm pretty sure that I have one stored away somewhere in my box of old pictures, of me and and my friends way back in the day.

This is exactly how we rolled.   In the Summer months, we couldn't wait to get up and head out on those bikes.   Having a phone (on the wall with a long cord) was the farthest thing from our minds.  

Many kids today have iPhones and NO BIKE!    Oh my....our bikes were like treasures when I was growing up.  

I will say, I did have many issues with my bike riding.   Small things, like a broken nose....a broken collar bone....lots of bruises and tons of scrapes.

I wish things were this simple for kids growing up today.  Not the broken bones....but just getting outside with no device attached to their hips.   

Here's to hoping you all have a great day.   As for me, I'll just keep guarding this phone until I get the call that my delivery is on it's way.   lol.



  1. Ha ha!! Love that pic.

    I look forward to the times a storm blows through and the power goes out. It's like going back in time to when there were no phones to carry around!

  2. That photo could be of me and my friends back in the day. Nary an iPhone or bike lock or bike helmet in sight. In summer and on weekends we rode as far and as wide as we could, great fun.

  3. I hope your delivery came and was uneventful. I do think so many kids miss out on the beautiful and simple things of life because they are focused on their phones, or iPads.

  4. Hi Shug~

    The good ole days!! Like you, I was on my bike from sunup to sundown, no phone in sight! I don't know about where you live, but where I live, I wouldn't dare let my kids out on the roads on a bike. Not only because of the drivers, but also the creepy people that I sometimes see going up and down my road, and I live in the country...very scary. I really miss those days! Most of the time when I go to town, I forget my phone. When I have it with me I don't need it, when I forget it, I need it all the time!

    gorgeous header photo!!

    Hugs and Love,

  5. The cell phone can be a blessing , but also a curse. At this point, it's the only phone I haves it is important to me, but aI also know that they can take up too much of our time.

  6. I so long for these days. Soooo much
    simpler. Out the door to not return
    except for dinner and then back out
    till dark.
    I wlll admit, I would probably be
    lost without my phone. But I do
    not like hauling around the house
    with me. Hope you got your call.

    M : )


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