Thursday, February 28, 2019

Who.........who remembers the days Without a cell phone?   


I know that having cell phones sure makes life a lot easier, but does it Really?   I am expecting a delivery this morning and I am suppose to get a call before the truck comes to our house.   I don't know if my hearing is not as good as it once was or what, but I can't hear my cell phone ring when I'm on one end of the house and my phone is on the other.   

So...what do I do?  I'm toting that little device around today, not wanting to miss my call.  

I think this is a great picture and I'm pretty sure that I have one stored away somewhere in my box of old pictures, of me and and my friends way back in the day.

This is exactly how we rolled.   In the Summer months, we couldn't wait to get up and head out on those bikes.   Having a phone (on the wall with a long cord) was the farthest thing from our minds.  

Many kids today have iPhones and NO BIKE!    Oh my....our bikes were like treasures when I was growing up.  

I will say, I did have many issues with my bike riding.   Small things, like a broken nose....a broken collar bone....lots of bruises and tons of scrapes.

I wish things were this simple for kids growing up today.  Not the broken bones....but just getting outside with no device attached to their hips.   

Here's to hoping you all have a great day.   As for me, I'll just keep guarding this phone until I get the call that my delivery is on it's way.   lol.


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hey Friends.....   More pictures from the wedding came in, and there was one particular one that I wanted to share....

Tyler's Groom's Cake:

This cake was much larger than what it looks here.....Tyler is a big duck hunter!!!!  Actually he loves the outdoors and hunts Turkey's, Deer, Hogs, and just about anything that is in season.   But...Duck hunting is his favorite.   This cake was made by "Dylan's Cakes" and I will was super delicious!   The inside was Red Velvet with a cinnamon cream cheese icing.  YUM!  YUM! YUM!

The duck was made from Rice Krispies.   It was molded and then, painted.    Dylan told me that it took 2 hours to paint the duck.  He had to do it in layers.    Great Work Dylan!


This was Sam and I last evening!    It was pretty chilly outside!!!

Why were we sitting outside in the cold temperatures?

Watching this guy ↓ play baseball.....'s Baseball Season and Carson (# 3 grandson) is super involved in Baseball.    He is a senior this year and after he graduates, he will be going to play baseball at  Csa Prepstar in Mckinny.  


Sam and I have 4 grandkids that are still in school and involved in sports right now...

Carson -Senior......Baseball
Tori - Jr......Tennis and Volleyball
Trey - Soph......Golf
and Mylee Jo - 5th grade......Basketball

All of this going on right the same time!  WHEW!!

I'm glad to see them all involved.....


This is what is going on in my life and I'm excited to read about all your happenings.   Family is important and I love hearing about each of you and your families....


Friday, February 22, 2019

The Gift of Friendship is pure and simple, JOY!!   I can say this because I have some of the Best friends in the world.   

I absolutely cherish the moments that we spend together.   The great thing about our friendships, is that we each bring something different to the circle.  

We don't necessarily all have the same interest in our every day lives, but WE DO HAVE a bond that is so very strong.

One of my Friends has a couple of booths at an antique shop.  She loves the thrill of going to garage sells and buying items that she can stock in her booths.   She also enjoys cooking and baking!

Another friend loves playing games....She plays mahjong each week  with a group of ladies.   She also loves antiquing and spending time with her grandkids.   

I have a friend that loves football.    She enjoys watching the "Dallas Cowboys" and the.... "Rangers."   She enjoys working word puzzles and playing games like sudoku.   

And yet, another sweet friend is a social butterfly.   Not only is she a "Judge"......but she is very involved in the community where she lives.   She attends many gatherings at the clubhouse in her neighborhood.   

And then there is me!  I love journaling, blogging, cooking and taking care of family.   OH....and I love decorating anything and everything.

I suppose my guy friends would be pretty disappointed if I left them out!!!   Oh yes, they are some of the best guy friends you could ask for.    

Two of them are retired, and they both love to cook.  I might add, they are both GREAT cooks!   

and... I have to mention the BEST FRIEND of all....which is my hubby (Sam)!     I love doing life with him.   He is the BEST!!


I love getting together with all of these people.   We have been on a cruise together,  we traveled to Florida during a hurricane (lots of memories on that trip) together, visited Branson MANY times together, have gone to shows, been antiquing, been to Louisiana to eat cajun food,  shared lots of meals together, and just simply have enjoyed each other's company.  Some of us have even made great memories in Mexico together.     And we "Marco Polo" together.

We have also Prayed together and even cried together........

Sometimes, we just need to take time to acknowledge just how much our friends mean to us.      I love all of my wonderful friends and I'm so super thankful for the relationships that we have.  

I am also thankful for all my blogging friends as well!!  


Monday, February 18, 2019

One of the biggest things that I have learned over the years is that I have a 💗 heart that loves deep.    I do believe that there are many different levels of love, and in life, we all experience love in so many different ways.

The deepest level of love can be the BEST, but it can also bring pain.  God's love for his children is so very deep.  Deep enough for HIM to send HIS only begotten son, to live on earth, to die on a cross, in order for us to have Eternal Life.    HE also loves us so very much that it sadly brings pain when we choose sinful living over giving our Best to Him.

Have you ever loved that deep?  Deep enough for you to feel pain?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16


This is what I do when I am in the middle of a storm....I learn to adjust my sails and move forward.   I can assure you that God is there helping me adjust my sails each and every time that they need adjusting.  

 What can we do when we see people in the midst of storms..... ?What can we do when we see people hurting.....?   

We lean in and stand in the gap, and we Pray... for those that are facing all kinds of trials or sickness.   I have so many friends right now, who are going through some very difficult times.  It hurts to see them struggling and in pain.   

Colossians 3:12 reads....

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 

I believe that God gave me an extra portion of compassion!

I want everyone to be Happy!  I don't want anyone to have any worries....and I am very saddened when people are sick.  I'm sure that I am no different from many of you.....I see much kindness and love in each of your post.

You know what I love about having my blog and being able to post 'everyday' if I so choose???   

When I am overwhelmed with joy....I love to write about it
When I am stressed or feeling a little down...I can write my feelings in my post, and it's as if, almost instantly, I feel better!

I am free to share prayer needs and I can pray for the needs that my blogging friends have.   

I am truthfully very THANKFUL for the love that God has placed in my heart for others....

My heart is loaded with compassion for those I love, as well as for people everywhere.........and I know that God placed it there for a reason....I consider this a gift and I want to use this gift to the best of my bring glory to God.   

Hugs to you all...

Friday, February 15, 2019

More wedding pictures......

                                                The Bride...

                                 Groom's mom, the Bride and her mom!
                                       Beautiful ladies....

                                                          Emalee and her dad.

Emalee's dad is a Pastor.    Ron married the two, and Sam was Blessed to be able to help with the ceremony...

Inside the barn at the wedding venue.   Beautiful place!

One of my favorite pictures....Keelan (Emalee's son and Tyler's new step-son)     

Tyler and Emalee leaving the wedding.......

Tyler couldn't take his eyes off of his lovely Bride.

                                                             The Girls.......

                                                  Proud Parents of the Groom!

                                                                The Wedding Party...


                                                                Beautiful Family...

       Open doors at the barn made for a beautiful view......

                                         Tyler...holding back tears.

Love these two...


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It was a rainy day, but nothing stops True Love!

My header picture was just a photo taken from Shanda's phone....but I wanted to go ahead and share the wedding with my friends.  

Emalee was such a Beautiful Bride... 

This past Sunday, was the wedding of our grandson and his gorgeous Bride.    Tyler and Emalee joined their lives together as husband and wife and the wedding was so very pretty....

I can't wait for the photos to be done so I can share them with you.

The two of them are enjoying a warm and sunny Honeymoon on one of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean.     

They will be back next weekend.....but it will be a very short time of us getting to see them.   They load the truck Sunday and head out across the Country to the Military base where Tyler has been stationed for the past year.   Gosh..  I'm going to miss them.  

Much more on the wedding, as soon as the photographer finishes editing the photos.


Tammy and her cousin Bryan.   

Tammy and Bryan attended the "Night to Shine" prom last Friday night...... it was hosted by Tim Tebow and his organization.  

Don't they look so pretty and handsome?  I feel very Blessed for Tammy to be involved with BVT, a Faith Based Community for adults who have mild intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She attends the day program where she is active 3 days a week.  Tammy is on the list to become a resident, and we are keeping the need for her to be accepted as a resident, in our Prayers!


February has certainly been a busy far!
Much more to come this month.   

Hope you all enjoy Valentines Day.....

Every day is a day of Hearts.....but February 14th has a few extra

Hugs, Shug

Friday, February 8, 2019

Ok Friends.   I think I might need your help!!!!

I certainly am not very tech savvy and with all the changes coming from Google.....I'm not sure what I need to do.  

I've had this blog since 2010 and I can truly say that I have learned a whole lot.   However, I don't always understand the language that comes from technology.  I actually am a visual learner rather than understanding when I read.  

Any advice that you all can give me will be greatly appreciated.    What do I do?  What changes do I need to make?  What do you use for your blog?   What changes need to be made for comments?  

Thanks so much in advance.....


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